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  1. D

    Cool down laptop chipset

    Dear all, Based on your experience i would like to ask whether is it possible to cool down the chipset on an old toshiba sattelite A300 laptop. I opened it and cleaned the fan and all but still the chipset when in an idle state is around 60 degrees. (Room temperature is around 30-35 degrees)...
  2. E

    which graphic card suitable for my chipset

    I have a laptop with ; Intel Mobile HM67 Express Chipset my graphic card is not working properly and fixing not possible.. which graphic cards suitable for my chipset i use clevo p170hm and my old graphic card is gtx 485m.. thx
  3. H

    How can I determine the speed of my PCI Express slot?

    My laptop Elitebook 8640p has a Express card slot. But i dont know version of this Pci-e slot. Please help me detect version of this PIC-e slot (ver 1.0 or ver 2.0). This is result of PC-wizard ************************** PCI-Express Information : Number of connectors : 1 Bus PCI-Express ...
  4. DjTony

    Pavilion G7 2004SD intel chipset problem

    I have SmBus driver NOT INSTALLED.... i try to install intel chipset drivers but i take this error even from installer or from device manager with inf file... i take ACCESS DENIED error... any help ? I have windows 7 x64 and i have admin rights...
  5. MacDonals

    Chipset Thermal pad replacement on Lenovo SL400

    This laptop is pretty old (5+ years), and I'm using it as an Ubuntu server. It works great, but the laptop was getting VERY hot. The hard drive was at 46°C ambient temperature and the CPUs were at 69°C idle. I opened it up, cleaned the CPU and GPU dies with Arcticlean. I then applied Arctic...
  6. P

    Does Dell n5420 with i7-3612QM and HM77 express chipset support 16gb RAM?

    I am planning to buy a dell inspiron n5420 laptop(i7-3612QM,8GB, HM77 express chipset). Can it's RAM be upgraded to 16gb? Does the laptop support it? Experts, please respond soon on my query.
  7. R

    notebook TRIPLE CHANNEL? with hm87 chipset and a 24GB of RAM (3x8) with i7-4810MQ

    I will buy a notebook with hm87 chipset and a 24GB of RAM (3x8) with i7-4810MQ. IT WILL FUNCTIONAL IN A TRIPLE CHANE, the notebook have just 3 slots for RAM 24 GB DDR3 (1600 MHZ) / ( 3x 8 GB)
  8. D

    Which one to buy : Sager or HP ... Budget Value for Money

    Sager N8265 - 4700MQ(2.4GHZ) 16GB DDR3 RAM 770M (3gb) HP Envy 15-j133TX - Processor Core i7 (4th Gen) Variant 4702MQ Chipset Mobile HM87 Brand Intel Clock Speed 2.2 GHz with Turbo Boost Upto 3.2 GHz Cache 6 MB 8 GB DDR3 Dedicated Graphics Memory Type DDR3 Dedicated Graphics Memory...
  9. H

    Can I swap my laptop motherboard for a high end series one with better graphics?

    Hi guys I'll keep this short, basically I am after the system board in my laptop series which has a better graphics chipset. I think I have the 2nd best system board in terms of graphics issued for the dv6 3000 series which is the radeon AMD Radeon HD 6370m... but the best one has a 6550m...
  10. K

    Asus Vivobook s500 - How can I be sure if SSD is used for caching

    Hi all, I am not sure if I'm at the right place here, but I didn't find an Asus specific solution yet (if there's any). I have recently bought an Asus vivobook s500, to which I have installed Windows 8.1 myself. It has an 500 GB HDD + 24 GB SSD. How can I be sure if the 24 GB SSD is used for...
  11. melampo_

    AMD chipset driver: a mess

    I'm currently using an old HP Pavillion DV5 1102EL: the motherboard model should be something like Quanta 3600, on which a AMD Turion X2 RM-72 is mounted, along with 4 gigs of DDR2 RAM. I came to the conclusion that the chipset - AMD calls it northbridge chip - I'm using is the 780g. The OS is...
  12. mpdahaxing

    Lenovo g550 can be upgraded with intel T9300 CPU!

    Hey guys, I just slapped a T9300 into my g550 with the GL40 chipset, and it works. Despite the odd upgrade-path chart from intel, the T9300 can be put in here. Note that the T9800 and any other 1066 FSB CPU cant be used with the GL40 chipset (believe me, I tried). Just wanted to let you...
  13. M

    Intel I r Ivy Bridge chipset for laptop

    Intel I 5 Ivy Bridge chip in laptop quarry
  14. attacus

    Acer 6935 4GB to 8GB ram upgrade possible?

    Acer's website says that the 6935 and 6935g have a limit of 4GB ddr3 1066Mhz ram. However, the P45 chipset takes 8GB. Is there a surefire way to know if I can upgrade the ram without actually buying it? I have an unlocked bios version 1.20. The pictures shows a list of the menus that come with...
  15. E

    Toshiba A300 CPU and WiFi upgrades - compatibility questions

    Hello there, I have a questions about how to recognize which CPUs are compatible with my current laptop. The exact model is Toshiba A300-15E. As I understood I have to check three things before starting: motherboard, chipset and BIOS version. So, how to do this? When I type "sudo lshw |...
  16. N

    How to know all the drivers I need?

    Since there's a lot of drivers, for motherboard, chipsets, audio, keyboard, SATA, processor, etc., how to know all the drivers I need? PC works great with only the video drivers, even sound's 5.1, keyboard, monitor, mouse, everything works great with any games or software I've ever used...
  17. Prince101

    Cannot Find Driver for Intel(R)Ironlake Mobile Graphics Chipset Accelerated VGA BIOS

    Hello friends,I have a Toshiba Satellite C640 Laptop.I am having a hard time finding the 'Intel(R)Ironlake Mobile Graphics Chipset Accelerated VGA BIOS' driver for windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.I googled it,searched it everywhere[Even on Intel's Official site],but couldn't find the driver.I would...
  18. N

    Intel Mobile HM65 Chipset

    Hi everybody, Presently i own a Samsung laptop which equipped with, Intel HM65 Chipset, Intel Pentium Processor, a S-ATA II Hard Drive (5400RPM), DDR3 System Memory at 1,333MHz, and with Intel HD Graphics. For your kind reference of product, NP300E5Z-A0TIN I have come to know after some search...
  19. N

    Well, I need a browser

    I have an old PC with Intel P4 Northwood and Intel 845G chipset. Doing even little tasks such as web browsing take a lot of CPU. I don't have any crap running in background. -I love Firefox, but it's quite laggy and puts the CPU to 100% most of the time. -IE9, ewww. It's unimaginably laggy and...
  20. J

    Unlock AMD CPU cores on 4gjjt motherboard w/ 785 chipset

    Hello, Is it possible to unlock the 6 MB L3 cache, and the third and fourth cores of an AMD Athlon II x2 "Deneb" on a Dell 4gjjt motherboard with an AMD 785 chipset? I believe the chip-set does not have an associated suffix, "785G" for example, it is just the "785." Thank you, Jarblater
  21. B

    Unlock the bios

    Hi Dell studio 1555 with phoenix BIOS is disabled with an error code. warranty is finished. Can any body help me in resetting or getting password to enter into BIOS? thanks powler.
  22. V

    Compatiblity GS45 chipset

    Hi, i'd to know the best options of processors compatible with the Intel GS45 chipset.
  23. R

    No chipset driver support for Win Server 2008 R2

    Hello, currently my mobo is a Gigabyte GA-a75m-d2h. My problem is that the setup works fine with winXP x64 and Linux distros, but when installing windows server 2008 the USB ports won't work. It seems that the chipset drivers aren't supported? A USB keyboard is recognized, but i can't get a...
  24. X

    [Help] Flashing Bios to Unlock vBios

    I'm on an alienware m14x r2 and i'm attempting to flash it to unlock the bios in order to overclock my keplar gpu at higher frequencies instead of being capped at +135 Mhz. I referred to this thread here as a starting point...
  25. majestic1805

    Is it bad I miss chipset updates?

    Last night I put together a new machine which included a new, modern motherboard and Windows 8. I was actually saddened there was no chipset driver that needed installed to discover all the motherboard devices. I miss those esoteric days and watching Windows rejoice at "new device found." It...
  26. F

    Grahpics: intel965 express chipset vs. ati 1400

    so guys, i have 2 laptops i can choose from to use. either a laptop that has intel 965 express chipset video card or a laptop with ati 1400 graphics. which would u choose. looking for mild gaming yes i know either of them can play high end games. just looking for some games i can play. the...
  27. M


    I need the chipset driver for my acer aspire 5920g. the device name is: Intel(R) ICH8M-E LPC Interface Controller - 2815 vendor id: 8086 device id:2815 in windows 7 64 bit it does not work and causes bsod and screen flicker problems. (note that a live session in ubuntu 12.05 64bit worked...
  28. M

    Which CPU to upgrade Acer Aspire 5732ZG?

    Upgrading from Intel T4400, which is the best cpu that is supported? A problem is that i cannot specify the intel chipsets exact model, cause the Intel's chipset identification utility does not support my win7 64bit. so i cant find the supported cpu models...
  29. B

    Can this mobo unlock 4th core

    Is the GIGABYTE GA-78LMT capable of unlocking the 4th core on the AMD Athlon II X3 445 Was wondering since i had seen these two for a cheap price
  30. G

    My z77-g45 wont let me overclock?

    In the click bios when i get into the oc section some parts are grayed out and it wont let me select them. Is there anyway to unlock those features?
  31. 6688846993


    Hi :) My friend wants an AM3+ motherboard but has asked me to ask the community as which one to get. He has a budget of £80 and he has a 960t that he wants to unlock to 6 cores(he has unlocked it stabily before) so a 140W TDP motherboard would be required. any recomendations would be helpful :)
  32. L

    External GPU (ViDock)

    Hey, i have a HP Pavilion G6-1325TU Notebook and using PC Wizard (i think) i found out i have 3 pci-e slots Manufacturer : Hewlett-Packard Mainboard : HP 166F Bios : Hewlett-Packard Chipset : Intel HM65 Physical Memory : 2048MB DDR3-SDRAM LPC bus : Yes PCI Bus : Yes Bus PCI-Express : Yes USB Bus...
  33. Bean007

    Driver Programs

    How good are these driver programs that you see on the web? I tried Driver Reviver and it's telling me that my Intel(R) Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset SATA RAID Controller is out of date and there was one updated on the 02/01/2012. Isn't this covered under the chipset update and if...
  34. S

    Unlocking amd 960t thuban chip.

    hi again. i just have a few question. i unlock a amd athlon 2 x3 450 to four cores with ga -970a-ud3. but when i try to unlock the amd 960t window will not start after the 1 st start up. i have to reboot it again to make window start up. when i check to see if i had 6 core in cpu-z, i only saw...
  35. xhackell

    [BIOS] Will updating the bios unlock new features?

    hello thr, i overclocked my e2200 to 3Ghz but im expecting 3.2Ghz... when i prime95 it on 3Ghz, in around 5-10min it turns blue screen saying windows haf shutdown to prevent damage to the com... which i guess is cpu voltage too little and i dont c any options to change it in the bios.will...
  36. S

    How to unlock camera memory card

    how i unlock my memory card of sony digital camera dsc-w320
  37. T

    Intel mobile intel(r) 915gm/gms 910gml express chipset family

    I need driver for windows 7 on older laptop Intel Mobile intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family
  38. C

    Asus K50ID-X1 CPU Upgrade

    Hello I was curious about my Asus K50ID-X1 would the chipset on the motherboard be able to take a quad core like the one below or should I just put in a Core 2 Duo? Both of the processors are socket P and I just want to double check my research and see if its possible. Chipset/Southbridge...
  39. T

    Best choice for gaming

    hi, can you tell me which would be the best choice for gaming: #1 15.6" Intel Core i5 2430M 2,4 GHz Chipset HM65 NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M 2048 MB #2 15.6" Intel Core i7 2670QM 2,2 GHz Chipset HM67 NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M 1024 MB #3 15.6" AMD A4 2,1 GHz Chipset RS880M AMD Radeon HD 6750M...
  40. H

    [Solved] Intel(R) G33/G31 Express chipset family

    i need updater/installer intel g33/g31 express chipset family where can i download it? give me a link :D thank guys
  41. R

    How to recover lost radeon chipset

    Hello, i have hp pavilion dv6 6121tx with switchable graphics. until today it was working all fine but accidently i deleted my ati folder which was containing ati chipset. now m unable to switch to high performance gpu and in device manager under display adapter i see der only intel hd graphics...
  42. U

    Any way to unlock bios?

    Motherboard: Acer Aspire G7750 Bios: American Megatrends Inc. P01-A3 04/22/2010 Trying to unlock "as cpu-tweaker calls it" "MC_CFG_space Locked." so my i7 950 can utilize the full capabilities of my ram. "1333mhz 7-7-7-20" Is there any way around the bios, or am i stuck at 1066mhz 8-8-8-24?
  43. C

    Is Gigabyte core unlocker now disabled?

    I'm running an AMD Phenom II X2 555 BE processor on a Gigabyte GMA-880-UD2h Revision 2.0 board. This is my second GMA-880-UD2H Rev 2.0 board. On the first board, I was able to unlock all 4 cores on my 555 BE processor, stable, no problems. The first board however, after about 4 months, ended up...
  44. F

    Why can I unlock cores Phenom 560?

    Hello, I have an ASUS M4A77TD mobo paired with a AMD Phenom ii 560 Black edition. I have tried and tried to go to unleashing mode, but computer doesnt boot up afterwards. What am I doing wrong?
  45. N

    Anyone know what is QM65 chipset?!??

    Hello, I'm planing to buy a new laptop , I sow a couple of lenovo that have QM65 chipset But I cant seem to find any information about this chipset... Can anyone help me?
  46. A

    Adding graphics card probook 4320

    I wanted to know if I can add a discrete graphics card to my HP probook 4320s. The chipset is Mobile Intel HM57 Express Chipset and the processor is intel i5 M480 (with integrated intel HD graphics) Thanks
  47. B

    Does 2nd gen I3 laptop really need graphics chipset

    Does 2nd gen I3 laptop really need graphics chipset ? Primary use surfing, music & photos - secondary use: some CAD and video editing, minimal gaming...
  48. mercury80

    Chipset: HM55 or HM65

    I'm about to buy a notebook. Probably an Asus U36SD or U36JC. The difference is the chipset (HM65/ HM55), graphics card (GeForce GT 520M/ 310M) and the memory frequency (1333 MHz/ 1066 MHz). If I assume I will never need the better graphics card, what will I be missing with HM55? Got this...
  49. D

    How to unlock phenom II x2 555 be on GA-MA74GM-S2 rev 4.1 mobo

    hi all, ive been googling and googling but nothing seems to work.ive been trying to unlock my phenom ii x2 555be to quad but i have no idea what im doing it possible my chip cant be unlocked or my mobo is not capable of unlocking it even i have ACC capabilities or my bios version is...
  50. 1

    If my laptop has vga what is max screen resolution

  51. G

    Intel Chipset and Core 2 Processor

    HelLO.. Can the Intel Mombile GM45 chipset support an intel core 2 duo E7300 processor?
  52. M

    How to unlock a locked bios??????

    I have purchased a second hand laptop of Dell i.e.D 620 Lattitude.......and i have found that it's bios is locked.......Is there a way to unlock it using software or any other method?????? thanks
  53. robojin

    Is HM55 chipset compatible with desktop processors?

    i just found out that my laptop is using an LGA 1156 desktop processor socket. I'm planning to buy core i5-661 desktop processor to upgrade my laptop cpu but I'm wary of how will it work with HM55 chipset. and uh... as i see from intels website, i3-330M is for BGA 1288 mobile socket. kinda...
  54. X

    Question on sandybridge laptops

    Hi Some While ago I heard that there are some problems with sandybridge chipsets , whereas there are alot of laptops with sandybridge so would i might face a prob if i choose them?
  55. AnshulBains

    AMD Phenom II X3 720be Core unlock HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my amd phenom II x3 720be is modeled : 0906 EPMW and according to various forums it must get its 4th core unlocked but unfortunately with my MSI 790GX-G65 im able to unlock it but cant use it coz pc breezes on booting pls help with your suggestions what to do to run it stable?
  56. AnshulBains

    [b]Phenom II X3 720be Core unlock pls help !!!![/b]

    my amd phenom II x3 720be is modeled : 0906 EPMW and according to various forums it must get its 4th core unlocked but unfortunately with my MSI 790GX-G65 im able to unlock it but cant use it coz pc breezes on booting pls help with your suggestions what to do to run it stable?
  57. Dark Lord of Tech

    Unlock an AMD Sempron 145 on an hp 785G chipset?

    Is it possible for me to unlock a single core amd sempron 145 and make it 2 cores?It is an hp 785g chipset motherboard!
  58. B

    Installation ga-880 motherboard

    Hello, how do u unlock the post test screen,to get into bios setup?
  59. JMcEntegart

    Some Galaxy S IIs Will Have Tegra 2 Chipsets

    Forget about Tegra 2-powered tablets, what about those Tegra 2-powered superphones? Some Galaxy S IIs Will Have Tegra 2 Chipsets : Read more
  60. F

    For those waiting for SandyBridge Fix.,12184.html There's the article from Toms that some may have overlooked. So it looks like, if the chips do start shipping Monday, people may not have to wait until the end of March or mid...