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  1. J

    How to use voice command from the lock screen on an Android Marshmallow phone

    Previous versions of Android allowed you to access the dialer from the lock screen by swiping up from the bottom left corner. Android Marshmallow changed that to Google Now, allowing users to quickly access voice commands without having to unlock the phone first. If you want to use voice command...
  2. B

    Intel graphics 520

    What games can be played, enjoy Command and Conquer Generals
  3. ChaoticWolf

    Any way I can start a file in a batch file when running it as administrator?

    I don't know why, but if you run a batch file as administrator and it attempts to run something using the start command, it says that it can't find it, even though its in the location. Is there a work around this?
  4. PoisonousDeath

    is it possible to locate a phone number with cmd?

    if so, I would like to know how. thank you
  5. K

    You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU.

    I recently had problems with my laptop. Windows 8.1 is 'not activated'. I entered the sfc/scannow command in cmd, rebooted the thing and got a black screen. So I brought it somewhere and got Windows reinstalled (it was currently 64bit 8.1 Pro), but when I checked the NVIDIA settings it says that...
  6. B

    mac book pro

    mac pro locked up, both passwords don't work and in command s they are stuck in caps
  7. A

    Mac book pro

    My mac book pro was stolen I got it back when I push command a padlock come up than I'll ressrt and push command s and a picture of a file with question mark pops up what does this mean my Apple mac book is no good no more
  8. B

    How to create a list of folders, but without files

    I need to make a list of directories (only) of my hdd, even without files in them. TotalCommander can do it only for a specified number of folders and subfolders. The last folder (files), I don't need. Can do it another utility or os command? Thanks for any advice Peter
  9. Eriks Abzinovs

    GOZI VIrus - Help

    Good Morning. I am in seek for help in urgent matter. It seems that One of the machines has been infected with GOZI virus judging by CBL report. I have run Spohos scans on all of then but it seems that with unsuccessful results. Please help me get rid of it as it is causing me to have massive...
  10. C

    Aver aspire 5920 can't restore to factory default Takes me to the screen with the option but won't restore

    Tried alt f10 altf12 altf8 all take me to screen to reset but does nothing after pressing the command
  11. nathanstrainrocks

    Concerning my laptop's battery life.

    I have acquired and set up an old hp laptop. I went into the command prompt and generated a battery report. as the laptop always says it is at 100% and never has a calculation. Can I trust the report? Is it time for a new battery? Thanks- Nathan Battery report is linked below...
  12. M

    Saving output from cmd while executing a loop

    Trying to dump the contents of this command into a file Get-Service -DisplayName Corr* | ForEach-Object{Write-Host $_.Status : $_.Name} We get the output to the screen Stopped : ???? Stopped : ??? but can't get the output written to a file. Been searching the forum but haven't come across...
  13. L

    Is it a virus ?

    Random cmd pops up and closes for less than a second.. When i play game like cs i alt+tabs the game.Could it be a virus? Please help.
  14. M

    Command Prompt (CMD) Show Off's

    Anyways, I have No Idea where I should Ask This Question, So I looked to my Fellow Comrades in Toms Hardware. I use to think that cmd was like Ultimate hackers tool and shit back then, Now I just look at it as a helpful tool to edit files and change passwords if Im stuck, that sort of thing etc...