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  1. S

    Keyboard command question

    On the num pad, how do I turn my numbers back on? It is set so that the directional keys, Home, End, PG Up, and PG Down are on.
  2. A

    Microsoft Office 2016 Command Prompt Pop-up Randomly

    Hello, For the past few weeks I've been facing this strange issue where every few minutes, a command prompt shows up and disappear within less than a second. It often tabbed me out of any programs that was using full screen, and make windows inactive which interrupting my typing. This is quite...
  3. S

    Command Host Popup or something else?

    After I downloaded a language add on for Microsoft Word, I deleted it soon afterwards since I realize I didn't need it. Then this box pops up for a split second, I think it's the command host box. I do not have time to read it since it pops up randomly and disappears. I thought it would stop...
  4. C

    Stuck on Logo

    Tried repair option. Can't repair. Can't restore or refresh. In command prompt. Not online. What commands can I enter to fix this problem? Laptop won't go past Acer logo after turning on. All started after an unsuccessful recovery.
  5. A

    ipconfig done, cmd comes

    I have problem in my pc... not long ago.. my command prompt open suddenly and close immediately. It said Ipconfig.exe . then i found how to get rid of it. i deleted the ipconfig.exe and it all solved. BUT in the next DAY, a Complete Blank Cmd.exe suddenly popping. sometimes they popping like...
  6. M

    The suggested Fn+SHIFT 1,5,3,2,4 is not working for my Dell Precision M6600

    My Dell Precision M6600 CPU and GPU temperatures are floating around 55 deg C. Need to bring them down but IK8FAN app wouldnt do it. The command you suggested is also not making any effect or giving any screen options like the one you have shown. Best Regards
  7. A

    microsoft office 16 cmd prompt pop up!! i need help about this

    guys i need help about this microsoft office its always pop up like this about 25x in different days , i just want to know what is this its very very annoying and uncomfortable .
  8. E

    secondhand laptop test

    hi i want to buy a secondhand laptop from a shop . but my friend's say never buy a secondhand laptop .it's so risky because there is no guarantee(only 3 day for test ) and if laptop repaired (changed ram or fans or etc ) or have a problem in heavy works you can't do anything and you waste...
  9. C

    Stuck on logo

    After an unsuccessful recovery, my Acer Chromebook is stuck on logo. What do I enter for a command when I am in safe mode?
  10. S

    What is the command key to turn on Wi-fi on a Lenovo laptop?

    I need to turn on the wifi on a Lenovo laptop
  11. K

    How to find my windows7 password?

    Can i find my windows7 password? Please help. I don't want to reset my windows7 hdd. ( Additionly, i don't have a windows7 cd. ) I found many google blog posts, And conclusionly, i think it is so difficult for me this problems. Password blue setup screen is not changed... And i want to find...
  12. P

    Samsung magician troubles

    I have four HDD`s in my system and one Samsung 840 EVO SSD. The SSD with win 7 on stopped booting and I have installed Win 10 on another drive which boots up fine. I installed Samsung Magician to erase the SSD in the hope of moving 10 to that.I selected safe erase made a bootable USB as per...
  13. K

    batch help plz

    I am working on this batch file and i need some help to complete it... Here it is and what it does. First it would copy a file to a remote computer, using (pclist.txt), second it start the psexec on the remote computer and changes directory (windows/temp) folder. Fially it suppose to execute the...
  14. A

    CMD Window popping up randomly?

    Dear Community, I am currently experiancing a little CMD window what pops up every now and then. It's super rare when it happens and only happens when im watching walking dead on vlc player lol.. I have malware anti-bytes installed and it did find one threat but removed it. Any suggestions...
  15. Corn Philips

    Command Key Makes Shift Key Stick

    I've recently come into a 2012 15" MacBook Pro with some water damage. The only issues I've seen so far after a fresh install of Sierra is that it boots into Safe Mode if I don't hold down option, broken left shift, and an interesting phenomenon I can't find anywhere else with the left command...
  16. A

    Restore MacBook to Factory settings?

    I want to restore my MacBook to factory settings. After I follow the suggested "Command R" and Disk Utility steps, when I try to reinstall OS X (10.10) it says "an error occurred while preparing the installation" and I am prompted to try again. Why is this and how do I fix it?
  17. L

    how can i force my windows 10 that wont boot into command prompt if no cd can be read

    windows 10 wont boot don't know password to get into command prompt. wont read recovery or media tool . took out hard drive reset it took out battery did scan all test passes cant do fsc scan because cant get into command prompt . did all oin recovery factory reset try to repair start up ,set...
  18. S

    mine is readind at the top entering dnxmode waiting for fastboot command

    thats all reast is black
  19. T

    Remote Open Program

    HELP PLEASE! Ok here is my situation.. I purchased the new apple TV and for some reason almost everytime I go to watch a movie in my Library my Library has been disconnected and I need to walk upstairs, close ITUNES then reopen it, then back downstairs and all is good. I have been looking for...
  20. I

    VIRUS or just me?

    I did full scans on AVAST (free), Malwarebytes Pro, SuperAntiSpyware (free), & nothing popped up. While playing games it tabs me out, runs command prompt within a second or 2 & closes out instantly. As I was typing this a window from Malwarebyts Pro popped up that said something about...
  21. W

    Can't do anything in my laptop

    I dont know what happened to my pc i cant open anything, can open prebuilt in things like sticky note settings and win+r but i cant run any command at all i can get into safe mode ( thank god) but besides that if i try to run a command the message "The file does not have a program associated...
  22. D

    double click opens run command and sends me to unwanted webpage...

    I am having a problem where when I click the double click button on my mouse it brings up the run command and autotypes and go to the webpage. This temporarily disables my mouse (I have to click and wiggle it around to get it to respond again). I have searched and searched for a fix...
  23. L

    Re-activate touchpad on Medion Akoya P6658 laptop

    The other day the touch pad on my pc stoped working. I have already tried using the command Fn F9 without any luck. I've also tried to look for updates for the driver through mouse>advanced>driver>update_driver , but it says i've got the newest driver. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  24. M

    Microsoft Office Problem - "There was a problem while sending the command to the program"

    Hey there everyone, I recently purchased Microsoft Office, but i'm actually having issues with it and i can't figure out the problem. Basically whenever I open up a document, I get the following message "There was a problem while sending the command to the program". I've done some research, and...
  25. R

    The System Cannot Find the Path Specified

    *Not sure if right category* I'm currently trying to Change Directory in Cmd to C:\Users\Jake\Desktop\JavaScriptP5 (And the file is Hello(.js)) but when I try to "cd" this into Cmd it brings the error "The System Cannot Find the Path Specified" but it is typed correctly. I've tried all sorts of...
  26. C file problem

    Hey, i have a problem with cmd.exe I deleted file from Prefetch Folder. When i opened cmd.exe the file doesn't appear in Prefetch again. What is the problem?
  27. M

    Terminal emulator question

    I have a Samsung cellphone running a terminal emulator program. What command should I enter to see the SD card?
  28. G

    Command Prompt Popping Up

    A few days ago I attempted to download a freeware program. I don't remember the site it was on. As I was installing it it was taking a long time and I got suspicious so I stopped it. My suspicions were correct. There was a bunch of new programs installed on my computer. Because of the amount of...
  29. A

    You do not have the permission to enable or disable device wake

    1st Step: Device Manager -> USB Input Device -> Power Management -> Allow device to wake the computer. The option was greyed out. No Matter. 2nd Step: CMD -> Run as Administrator -> powercfg /deviceenablewake “USB Input Device” You do not have the permission to enable or disable device wake...
  30. H

    Hacking/Command Line - like Program To Be Used In Short-Film

    Hello, this may be an absurd request but i'm working on a small project with some people where we're trying to create a short film about "hacking". I'm looking for a program that can generate a lot of command lines worth of text,numbers and symbols (doesnt need to make sense... it's just for...
  31. R

    MS DOS Shutdown command

    Hey, Recently my teacher asked me to find out a command to shutdown MS DOS OS(not the command prompt in windows OS) I Googled it many times but I did'nt get the answer Thus please help me
  32. D

    Random command prompts pop up

    When i'm on my computer, sometimes, a random command prompt will pop up for half a second then delete itself. it gets super annoying sometimes especially when i run a game because it automatically alt tabs out of the game. is it possible to run some kind of app so that i know excatly which file...
  33. CaptainCrape

    Weird Downloading issues

    So, recently I was having problems with YouTube videos buffering. Some videos would play at 1080p the whole time with no problems, others couldn't even load in 144p. So, I found a guide on how to remedy this, it said to block this specific IP address in cmd that google outsources data to, and it...
  34. G

    Help with Syskey to troll Scammers

    Okay,so since I saw quite a few videos of our dear "Microsoft Support" scammers from India getting trolled hard when trying to syskey computers via remote support,I decided to ask you guys on how to exactly: 1.Disable their access to syskey command from the RUN box. 2.Create a custom message...
  35. A

    Malware Stopping Windows 10 from Installing

    I spent 12 hours of my last day off trying to reboot my laptop because of a virus / malware. Whatever it is it causes the command prompt box to quickly flash on the screen sometimes it is just the outline of a box that happens to be the same size as the command prompt box, so I assume that is...
  36. R

    Cataylst Command Center duplicating displays

    I am using the command center to make the displays all one group so i can have a program displayed across 3 monitors. For some reason every time i try to do this it ends up duplicating all 3 displays. It goes into the screen rez settings on windows 7 to do this. This has always worked but all of...
  37. G

    Command prompt window opening and closing(split second) a few times every hour

    So last week, I downloaded something that turned out to be to be pretty nasty and chalk full of malware. I immediately opened up Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro and started cleaning the gunk out, and ran 5-6 followup scans to be extra safe and thorough. I cleaned it up pretty good and eventually the...
  38. C

    Can i use any command keys on my dell inspiron laptop to unfreeze it? I can't get to log in or windows10.

    TMy dell inspiron 1500 appears to be frozen. I cannot access anything. Just one of my photos on screen with date and time.
  39. F

    Asus TF103CX not working

    Was frozen on "no command" status. Carried out factory reset & now it won't open beyond "Welcome/set up screen" HELP, please!!!!!
  40. Z

    My laptop randomly froze today twice (both instances during a game of league)

    Some preface - the device in question is a laptop; specifically the HP G4 250. I've owned this for about 2 months, and this has never happened before. So, I started reading online, and I came to the conclusion I should run a CHSDK on an admin cmd. Rebooted my laptop - the check was stuck at...
  41. K

    Auto repair fix

    Im stuck on Autorepair loop on my laptop I have tried everything from using the command prompt to Start-up repair please help
  42. H

    wifi problem in asus zenfone 5

    wifi is not turning in my asus zenfone 5,when I tried to hard reset the mobile it is showing no command found.some please help me.Thanks
  43. R

    speech to text app which uses pause=3 command?

    I found some old files, which have been carefully formatted for use with a text to speech app which I cannot identify.the pause command is pause=3,pause-2 etc.I would be most grateful for any help.
  44. R

    How to pass Y in batch file

    I am trying to automate a process that spans several servers and am using batch files and PSEXEC to accomplish that. I have it all working but am running into one issue. I am running a command remotely that requires a Y to confirm the action. There is no quiet mode, /y flag, or any other...
  45. W

    Strange virus / windows feature

    Hey guys! I have recently noticed that usually 2 command prompt windows pop open for a split second. Whenever I see these command prompt windows I look at the clock and it seems that they open only on perfect hours (E.x. 6:00, 12:00). Could this be a virus or a windows 10 feature?
  46. S

    how to make your sd card the default storge location on the Galaxy J5

    The SM Command does not work. How to use the SD card as a storage as after the update of Marshmallow 6.0.1, only 811 mb is now free while using only whatsapp as all other apps are default with the J5
  47. C

    Windows apps not working

    So For some reason everytime I try to open a windows app like Weather, Store, etc, they do wierd things. for example 'Weather' crashes while launching, 'Store' crashes when clicking on an app. Anyone have any ideas? I have tried: running this command in PowerShell: powershell -ExecutionPolicy...
  48. A

    hijacked web browser I have been hijacked by some adware that opens the website linked above every boot cycle. I also see the cmd pop up for a split second every half an hour or so, barely even noticeable but it's there. I have tried avast, malwarebytes and a couple other antiviruses but no...
  49. K

    I need too make a command on my computer. I enter into the desk top but every command from there on cease's? (note) AVG windo

    I cannot access any programmes; browser's, Firefox, explorer, chrome... And Photoshop & so on...
  50. J

    Task Manager, Regedit, AntiVirus, CMD Disabled by virus!!

    Hi! :) My name is jim. I have a problem here on my laptop, yesterday i click a link in the facebook that my friend shared (that was my stupid mistake). First nothing happen, so i think it was a normal site, but my browser is force closed and my laptop suddenly lagging. I tried to open task...
  51. J

    How can i turn off a key on mac?

    I spilled water on my keyboard and now every time i type cmd, x, c, v, b, n, m, ,',', '.' or - it automatical type 'z' afterwards. So how can i turn the 'z' off so it will stop this??
  52. R

    How to eject CD from laptop using command prompt

    Hello, I have a CD inside a friend's laptop but the problem is that his laptop windows was broken and needs to format and his CD rom doesn't have an eject button, but never less we can open the command prompt when booting. So is there someway to eject the CD from the cmd? Thanks
  53. Z

    Command prompt randomly running

    Hi community! I'm currently running on windows 10 and for some reason command prompt (cmd) randomly opens, runs a command and then closes all in around a split second! I ran 2 full scans using different anti-virus softwares (malwarebytes and AVG) and both have said that my pc has no threats. I...
  54. R

    CMD command (if,goto) I need help

    if not exist 1.txt goto :1 if not exist 2.txt goto :2 if not exist 3.txt goto :3 if not exist 4.txt goto :4 if not exist 5.txt goto :5 :1 "ffmpeg.exe" -i "1.avs" -f yuv4mpegpipe -pix_fmt yuv420p -loglevel error - | "x265_ml.exe" --output-depth 8 --weightb --lookahead-slices 0 --preset slow...
  55. C

    Subwoofers and Bass.

    Hello! This question is not for a problem, but to prevent one! :ange:. I have a stero system that I recently put together, its a mess kinda, but it works great! I have 4 speakers, 1 center and a subwoofer playing at my command. My main question about my subwoofer, and getting a new and better...
  56. N

    HP-star wars special edition's star wars command center not working

    i have hp starwars special edition notebook. yesterday i performed a clean windows 10 installation, but after that star wars command center isnt working its saying-"this system is not supported" is there any way to make that work? or is there any way to recover my hp customized OS(i have that 25...
  57. H

    email outlook express windows xp

    What is the keyboard command for sending an e-mail using Outlook Express in Windows XP ?
  58. I

    File record segment ##### is unreadable

    From my previous post, I finally got myself into installation media and opened up command prompt to do a chkdsk drive: /r and I got these messages in the process, after a few googling it's a failing hdd. What can I...
  59. U

    can anyone tell me how to make my laptop sleep after every 25 mins in a loop. that is i want to sleep regardless if i am using

    auto sleep loop every 25th min help with command needed. I dont want to use power options because that will make it sleep if my laptop is in active. I want to make my laptop sleep every 25mins regardless if i am using the computer or not. This has to be without me setting a timer every 25min...
  60. G

    samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 auto turn on

    Hey i need help with my samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 after i turn it off it auto turns back on also in the recovery it says no command then says error after i try a setting i bough this off a guy awhile ago so i dont know its history and im not sure if its been changed but anyway to stop this...