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    How to Customize or Add Keyboard Shortcuts On MacBook Pro

    Keyboard shortcuts allow you to launch your favorite apps or frequently used options within them quickly and easily. The fact is, every time you take your fingers off the keyboard to use mouse or trackpad, some amount of time is wasted in the process. Also, when you use trackpad or mouse to...
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    Virtualenv: Command not found

    I am using this flask tutorial for learning flask. Everything goes fine until I try to create virtual environment using the following command: $ virtualenv env No command 'virtualen' found, did you mean: Command 'virtualenv' from package 'virtualenv' (universe) virtualen: command not found...
  3. O

    I screwed up

    Ok so I was given what I believe to be a windows surface 64 gb says envy on the right corner beats on the left Anyways I was resetting the device and got the bitlocker key page I didnt have the page so I used the cmd prompt to delete partition 1 4 and 6 when I excited cmd prompt and restarted...
  4. L

    Browser crashes on specific searches

    Hi, I have a problem with every browser crashing when I search for specific keywords like "adw", "adware" or "rogue" for example. It happens to every browser and I can't seem to find the problem. I can't open cmd or adwcleaner in normal mode but I've run then in safe mode. I've used...
  5. K

    Command Prompt Pops Up?

    I was playing on my computer when command prompt (cmd/system32) popped up all of a sudden. I closed it because I had no time reading it. I have not downloaded anything in the past 3 weeks at least. What could have been it? (windows7)
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    Command promp ? comming through ip address

    My computer was hacked my ip address and now I'm seeing command prompts flashing on a brand new computer. I closed my old email account a Trojan horse and a malicious fake tech support company calling themselves Code Red.hacked my computer and installed malware. I put the old computer in...
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    WiFi prompt denied access

    I have windows ten and an acer aspire- I’ve tried pretty much everything, diagnostics, prompt commands, reinstalling, resetting, restarting, making my own IP address, making it the most important pc on the network- everything google has confirmed to be a solution other than entirely factory...
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    CMD popup Window 10 Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows

    Lately I've been experiencing CMD popup Window 10 Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\(random characters). I've tried removing it with SMADAV, Spybot Search and Destroy and AdwCleaner even using ESET one timer tool to remove it but it still exist. I'm not really good at computer so I...
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    Command Prompt Popping Up

    I mistakenly download some files and after i run it, it downloaded some unauthorized app in my pc and the cmd popping up, after that i run some chkdsk, malwarebytes also sfc scan now, and all the malware and virus are deleted but then command prompt suddenly popping up with something windows...
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    I need good antivirus/antimalware protection for my PC...

    So idk but my pc has a lot of issues like being slow and win 7 sometimes tells me that I have a virus in that and that directory and command prompt shows on startup (shows and disappears) and friend of mine told me that I possibly have a pretty bad virus or more than one so I need to know how...
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    The Find Command on an IPad Pro.

    I have a math textbook that I have downloaded into Notes on my iPad Pro. I would like to use the find command to go to a specific page but I am unable to figure how to do it. Any ideas?
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    Tab 2 wont hard rest

    Have a tab 2 10.1 can get all the way in to the hard rest and do all the steps but when i get to the yes and no screen and hit yes it says cant not be done and under the android it says no command and willnot reboot at all
  13. K

    Rca tablet rct6103w46

    Rca tablet rct6103w46 says no command factory reset didn't work
  14. M

    Really curious if my PC is getting hacked or something

    So randomly command prompt appeared on my screen while watching a video on yt(I had steam open and pubg update was running in background + bnet application).. It said something like "Win32 unsolicated" at top.. it dissapeard so fast so I couldn't react in time to make a screenshot or anything...
  15. D

    corrupted memory card

    I bought 64 GB Samsung memory card from eBay which is corrupted and having a virus in it. I had raised claim but they rejected my claim. my problem is I have tried all methods to format card but all methods fail to fromat it. like: cmd method changing label method used esus partition manager...
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    MSI Afterburner fail

    Essentially I'm using a laptop with an amd A10 9600p (APU) and I fiddled with some settings with afterburner and i must have left apply overclocking at startup ticked. I can no longer boot into windows, I can get into the troubleshoot thing which is entire useless as every command I put in...
  17. T

    Dell Inspiron 15 5000 doesn’t load chrome, does ping to in cmd???

    Hello. I have an issue with my laptop for the past few days. It isn’t loading me internet on chrome, but the WiFi say it’s good and when I ping on cmd it goes perfect. But chrome doesn’t load me, just a few times. But it’s unstable. It only happens with WiFi, with the cable...
  18. A

    CMD opening and closing

    I did a driver update with slim drivers and installed some new ones and updated some others. I now have Intel Rapid Storage and I dont know if that is causing this issue. Every now and then i get tabbed out of what im doing and a cmd panel is there and immediately closes. It has text on it but i...
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    ]]]] keeps appearing and won’t stop

    My pc runs on Windows 7 and suddenly the ] sign keeps appearing on the command field. It won’t stop. I checked my key board and confirm the key ] is not stuck. Pls tell me what is wrong
  20. G

    xcopy not copying over a number of files.

    Attempting to move data from smaller MicroSD to Larger MicroSD capacity card on Android. I have searched and searched for something that could do this definitively to now avail. Last attempt was an xcopy command run on Windows10 systems with SD Card connected via adapter using the following...
  21. K

    CMD Opened and started downloading this file

    When my computer started up, the CMD prompt opened up and then started downloading this file. I got this one on screenshot, but there are other times when the file is different. Immediately afterwards, my antivirus malwarebytes quarantines a file. This happens every time I restart my computer or...
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    Solved! Auto opening browser with ad and random CMD open

    I don't know exacly what i did but I have tried AdwCleaner, CCleaner, HitManPro, Zemana and Malwarebytes and Uninstalled programs that i don't know but nothing fixed the problems. So here they are: 1) When the PC is working and i'm not doing anything i mean even AFK the Browser (Chrome) just...
  23. S

    Daily BITS popup window after restoring WMI won't go away

    After System Mechanic decided to corrupt my WMI, I had to rebuild it with some online program. Ever since, however, I get a daily, usually right after booting up, Command Prompt-window, that downloads some mysterious numbers.exe files - a new one each time. None of them can be googled. Sometimes...
  24. H

    MSI Command Center

    Hi I am experiencing freezes when I open MSI Command Center.. Is there any ways to fix this problem? When I change the fan speed 100 to 50 , the setting at 100% stays for a while then it moves to 75% and ofcourse the fan slowing down delays too. Everything responds slow in MSI Command Center...
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    How to get rid of comand promp poping up and adds?

    I have problem where is opening CMD every 1h and ads( in exsplorer). i had this problems when i downloaded file trouhgt medifire. i ussualy dont get viruses or utc. trought medifire. i had some russian files to (Mail.rus) and when i opened chrome. but i deleted those files and i have only...
  26. B Powersheel AdminBit CMD downloads

    Hey so installed on my pc. I instantlly deleted it delleted all browsers and run MalwerByte and ToolWiz Carw scane Removed all mallwer found. But one problem keept showing. CMD started to pop up at first didnt nptice it but then i noticed it showed that it cant download something. I know...
  27. P

    format sd card

    I have 16gb Samsung SD card i tried to format like cmd, windows it is not formatted it show all content pls solve it
  28. chunli

    Cmd pops up after deleting a virus

    My computer got virus from something i downloaded, it installed some extentions to Chrome named and a few more. I deleted them with AVG antivirus and uninstalled them from control panel. After restarting my pc,a command prompt window popped up looking like this. Is this something the...
  29. W

    Hp pavillion 15 unusable after factory reset

    So I have factory reset my laptop (Hp pavillion 15), erasing all the files. I did this due to the fact that I installed a virus that slowed down my laptop. So after I did this, I tried to login and it was successful, but all I saw was a cmd program called "C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe" and one...
  30. 6

    Your PC ran into a problem.

    hello. All of a sudden a blue screen poped up with a disturbing sound. Nothing could be there. Keyboard didn't provide any command. From that sound I turned off the PC shortly after this screen started. Now it doesn't boot up. Not at all. The fans start for like 4 seconds, and stop, and restart...
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    i have an error named atribute utility in my pc. In this website (TomsHardvare) its asking to run command promt

    In this website (TomsHardvare) its asking to run command promt and type sfc/scannow but its showing that you must be an administrator running a console session inorder to use the sfc utility. What should I do? I'm not a computer expert just a boy playing video games.
  32. G

    cmd opens up from time to time

    my cmd opens up from at times and ifa starts transferring files is this bad? here's a pic of it i cancelled it everytime cuz i dont know what it is..
  33. S

    Cmd trouble with my laptop

    My laptop keeps saying in cmd "No operation can be performed on Local Area Connection while it has its media disconnected"?? What does that mean?? Because im trying to connect to my internet but its not working
  34. C

    Computer Will not open executable jar files

    When ever I double click a executable jar file command prompt opens for 1 second and closes and nothing happens. What should I do?
  35. L

    Help! Files not deleting!

    Hi, Someone decided to play a prank on me and made 76 copies of the same file onto the desktop. I then tried to delete them all at once, which then resulted in the error that it couldn't find said files anywhere. I went into CMD and tried to delete the files with the command rd /S "\\?\Exact...
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    how i can over to command iduring start laptoop

    How to start my laptop during coomand
  37. B

    Random command prompt windows popping up after downloading CryptoPrevent

    After downloading CryptoPrevent, which is a program that prevents ransomware, I've soon realized that there were these black windows that pop up like every 1 or 2 minutes. They basically look like the usual command prompt window. It gets annoying later on especially when I'm playing a game. One...
  38. G

    Keyboard Typing Itself

    Recently my keyboard started typing random (or maybe not so random) things. First it was just one or two numbers/characters. I didnt put any attention to it, since i thought it was my mistake. But i realised something was wrong when it typed a command from game. After that I noticed it didnt...
  39. J

    Macbook bricked completely

    Was trying to update to the latest version of OS Sierra (10.12.6) and Mac suddenly shut down. It gives me question mark on a file when trying to boot. Power and then command - opt - R gives nothing, the same question mark. Power and then command gives mouse cursor only. What to do next?
  40. V

    X120B stuck at setup utility and I've tried these remedy and none work

    After I hit f10 it takes me to a enter password then a master password and straight back to keeps repeating and I need to get it to reboot to get to command
  41. T

    Command prompt popup

    When I start up my laptop, a command prompt pops up and tries to connect to the internet to install something. Before this i downloaded free software and had to use Malwarebytes to get rid of some malware. But this command prompt has not gone away.
  42. B

    HELP!!!!! my sd card is broken!!!!!

    HELP!!!!! my sd card is blank. when i reboot my phone its still doesnt read. i tried to put it in and out but its still not working. my phone wants me to REBOOT IT. then i use a laptop because i think it will solved my problem. but it just gets worse. my laptop cant read the sd card too. the...
  43. knanan

    Windows 10 Unsupported Disk Layout for UEFI Error

    A common problem that Windows users have encountered when trying to update Windows 10 is the “Unsupported Disk Layout for UEFI Firmware” error. This error basically means that the partition structure of your hard drive is not supported by the version of Windows 10 that you want to upgrade to...
  44. B

    enable system protection in win7 from cmd prompt

    I have a ASUS G60JX that won't run windows. It trys to start but won't. at system restore it says I must enable system protection for this drive.I will have to do this from CMD. How
  45. K

    Laptop won't POST after reboot/restart command

    Hi, I have a brand new Lenovo Flex 5 and it won't reboot from Windows 10. It goes to a black screen and the fans running on high. I don't think it is posting. For example, any time there is a Windows automatic update it gets stuck on the reboot. It also won't reboot smoothly all the time if I...
  46. G

    How do I reset my MacBook Air to factory

    Command and R doesn't bring up Utilities to do so
  47. K

    Windows CMD keeps popping up

    I remembered I downloaded a wrong file that confirmed containing either a virus or a malware It started yesterday and I run things from Google search like hitmanpro but it pops up again. I run sfc/scannow but it still pops up I can't play my games because it will auto alt tab out I disabled all...
  48. A

    Reading files in Python

    I recently decided to learn Python from scratch and already encountered an issue that's hard to solve or find a decent answer to solve it. To be precise, it regards the '[Ernno 2] No such file or directory' error that pops up all the time i try to open any .py file i make. Ive been trying to...
  49. P

    Mode dial error

    How to fix please? Nikon D5200 command dial and mode dial not displaying all settings.
  50. M

    CMD window keeps poping up randomly and immediately disappears

    One of the posts had a solution, and the writer said to type these 2 codes: First type: Get-BitsTransfer -AllUsers | select -ExpandProperty FileList | Select -ExpandProperty RemoteName Second type: Get-BitsTransfer -AllUsers | Remove-BitsTransfer and that all what I got...
  51. A

    Is svchost.exe Hacked?

    Look, a long time ago, I went to check if my computer was being hacked. I deleted all the possible files that are spyware or malware, but this I just don't know if it is safe or not. Google said it is. The file is called svhost.exe. I did the tutorials by typing cmd on the search bar with my...
  52. D

    Lenovo ideapad stuck in repair guide loop. I can access command prompts but that is it.. I have run health scan and repair hea

    Lenovo ideapad stuck in repair guide loop. I can access command prompts but that is it.. I have run health scan and repair health and all other command prompts and fixes..... Nothing Fixing it yet
  53. R

    I get message saying "SD Contents Package sd-seap Access Denied" following stepsto transfer filesfrom one SD card to another

    When following the steps to transfer files from one SD card to another as below, I get a message saying "SD Contents Package sd-seap Access Denied." Click on the Start button on your desktop. In the search window, type: Command Prompt — and then press the Enter key to open the Command Prompt...
  54. D

    cmd.exe pops up multiple times

    So I've had this kind of issue before, but that issue was for some ipconfig.exe, which I solved somehow. That was years ago too. Now suddenly, without me installing any new software or anything, I'm getting random pop ups of cmd.exe and in the screenshot I took, it shows the path to the cmd.exe...
  55. E

    Dell Vostro 1015 Speed up: RAM & SSD?

    Currently it has 1 piece of 2GB RAM module, I plan to buy another one, for this RAM: I also plan on changing to SSD. May I trust eg Crucial's site for choosing compatible parts? Thanx.
  56. T

    Laptop turns on then shuts off on asus logo

    Hey in command prompt which is located in advanced startup options i have entered bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd and after i restarted my laptop keeps turning on and off on asus logo
  57. S

    In need of a program that records other programs opening and closing

    (Making a new thread about this because I put last one as answer only instead of discussion) Okay this might sound a bit stupid to a lot of people if not all, but is there a program that monitors all other programs that open/close and records them? Because I am currently suffering from a pop-up...
  58. J

    Command prompt is randomly opening and closing

    So I've been reading many similar occurrences, command prompt opens and closes before I can read it , and it could be anything from malware to some random program updating, and it irks me. My current strategy is to use a screen recorder, and hope I catch it, but this isn't optimal as its eating...
  59. L

    Command prompt sometimes appears, and disappears within a second for no reason.

    Hello everyone. As the title says, for about a week I believe I see the command prompt box pop up for half a second then suddenly disappear. This hasn't been happening often as far as I can tell, but unfortunately I use my computer more for YT videos, and music for background noise than anything...
  60. A

    Avast Antivirus and Command prompt popping up

    I am not very good with computers (I'm using windows 8) but I recently installed Avast Antivirus and I didn't like it so I uninstalled it from the control panel. I'm not sure if it has been fully uninstalled but I went to my Windows (C: ) Program files and there was this file that says Avast...