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  1. G

    HTML/ScrInject.B trojan ESET warning on Wikipedia link The above link is to an article associated with China's foreign debt policies. The Wikipedia article is fine, going to that page is safe. However, if you search down into the footnotes you will find that I edited in a warning that one...
  2. mwalker9888

    Solved! Avast Internet Security or Eset NOD32 Internet Security?

    My Avast license is expiring soon and was thinking of switching to Eset. Avast has been okay for me but recently, they have been giving me popups about apps "slowing down" my pc. Although there is a don't show again option, I never enabled popups to begin with and do not want that happening...
  3. tumex81

    Solved! Problem with Router,packet was blocked by IDS

    Hello all, i have a problem and not sure how to solve it. My ESET Nod warned me about something called "Detected ARP cache poisoning attack'' never saw that before. So I searched on the internet and found a solution. According to eset I should do DNS Flush so I did. It said that if its any other...
  4. F

    I accidentally ran a virus exe

    As I said I accidentally ran a virus exe.After that I deleted everything about it with ESET Antivirus then I scanned my pc and no threats.(I am really scared now).after doing these I learned that that virus was a trojan.I checked ESET quarantine I saw an other trojan from my usb stick long time...
  5. S

    ESET blocking discord

    I've uninstalled ESET Internet security, and discord worked like a charm. I need an antivirus software, but it's really annoying! Before uninstalling it, discord won't work most of the time but somehow it can manage to let me talk for a while, and then ICE checking, disconnected, RTC connecting...
  6. K

    Eset nod32 Antivirus notification

    Whenever i play Player's Unknown Battlegrouds eset sends me a notification in the right down windows 10 notifications section which says:Eset wants your attention in this message : ckick to view more.I dont know what is this notification,i ran smart scans but nothing i dont know what is going on
  7. DiamondxCrafting

    Eset Or Bitdefender? Which One Should I Get?

    Which antivirus should I use? Eset Smart Security Premium 10 or Bitdefender Total Security 2018 Ignoring the prices, which is the winner overall?
  8. valeman2012

    Webroot vs Eset Smart Security 10

    Webroot vs Eset Smart Security 10 Which is better?
  9. K

    How to download cheat engine witch eset nod 32 antivirus (It says website blocked)

    bit.43/Trojan32/jj/CleFF and it says close can help?
  10. S

    Kaspersky Total security VS Eset Internet security 2017 and Eset Smart Security Premium?

    I am a little bit confused to choose a best antivirus. I don't know which one will be best among Kaspersky Total security and Eset Internet security 2017 and Eset Smart Security Premium.
  11. L

    Help Choose Antivirus

    Which of these 6 antiviruses is better for use ?, Kaspersky Norton Avast Eset Bitdefender Quickheal my os: win10 pro
  12. S

    What is the best free antivirus for Windows 10 Pro?

    i have currently Eset Nod32 and i was thinking to go for a free antivirus what is the best antivirus? I heard Avira and Avast are the best what are you suggesting me?
  13. S

    what can i do?

    hi , i want to ask a question? can i use eset smart security 9 and malwarebytes both at same time?
  14. M


    I recently installed a software called ESET (Basically its known to be a antivirus, internet security kinda thing) so right after I installed, my whole laptop crashed. I tried to restart and it took forever to get me to the login page. After I logged in, the flies on my desktop and even the...
  15. R

    ESET Smart Security best partner

    Good days guys. Which Anti Malware best fit with ESET Smart Seciruty 9? I have Malwarebytes and Zemana installed. What made me ask is that when I had a problem on my browser(automatically launches weird websites instead of google webpage) Malwarebytes wasn't able to fix it but Zemana did...
  16. C

    Comodo vs ESET Firewall Security

    I have trial version of ESET installed on my computer I also have the basic version of COMODO installed. I want to ask that is it ok to enable firewall of ESET or should I switch it off because they might clash with each other and turn out to be counter-productive. Also which firewall is...
  17. C

    Very persistent Virus won't go even after Scan!

    In normal mode Virus was not letting Norton Security scan so used RKill and Malware Bytes and Esett whose sections turn black I mean the way you see in confidential Files. So I switched to Safe Mode this time around Norton Security scanned and removed some 6 infections so I felt better and...
  18. V

    can i access my pendrive when my antivirus is scanning it?

    my eset smart security scans any external device when i connected to my pc. now when its scanning my pendrive, during the process, is it safe to access my pendrive, open documents, run programs in it or wait for the scan to finish, clean any Trojans, if any, and then proceed?
  19. S

    ESET says some VLC website mirrors are on filtered website list/contain malware???

    So, I was reinstalling Windows 10 on a computer, and this computer has ESET Smart Security 8 on it. When I went to download VLC player (from I got an popup from ESET complaining that some of the mirrors that VLC uses are on their "filtered website" list (basically means that...
  20. C

    Which Anti-Virus Software to Choose: BitDefender or Eset

    Hello, I have just finished building myself a new gaming computer and I will be installing my Operating System today. Once I have that I would like to install a robust Anti-Virus to go along with it. The two softwares that I am choosing from are Bitdefender Internet Security or ESET Smart...
  21. M

    Need Help with uninstalling ESET

    Hello guy's and girl's, I have one question. I installed Windows 8.1 and I didn't know that you get Microsoft Anti-Virus. But I installed ESET SMART SECURITY and I want to uninstall it, but I don't want if I just uninstall it maybe there be some leftovers, so you could help me? What should I...
  22. M

    windows 8.1 and eset uninstall

    So, I installed recently Windows 8.1 and i installed ESET SMART SECURITY, but then i get it that windows 8.1 has his own AV, so my question is if I uninstall ESET, can it harm my pc, because of uninstalling their program and as av ?
  23. T

    Best antivirus besides Bitdefender (It can cost a lot of money if it needs too)

    Hey guys, i am wondering what is the best anti-virus for the upcoming year (2016 if you are unaware) just help me out here i have ESET Smart security Beta 9, and i am wondering what is the best, Thanks guys
  24. N

    Whatever happened to "eset smart security 9 non beta the full release" there was no release yet.

    Hi i'm wondering what happened to eset smart security 9 the full release i looked it up on line i could only find eset smart security 9 beta version i have only seen from now through about 2 months ago spanning 100's of links within that time frame and couldn't find anything on it so i'm...
  25. S

    eset smart security 8

    Hey! I really like eset smar security. And because there are no good cracks for it i decide that im gonna buy it. I was looking at some indian site called My question is. Can i buy a licence on that site and still use it in europe ? Or does the licence only appy in...
  26. S

    What'd be the best Antivirus?

    If you've seen my last thread, you'll know why I'm asking this. I bought ESET Smart Security 8 for $60 and it was a total waste of money. While ESET failed to solve a virus as simple as Shortcut Virus, Avast did it for free. In your opinion, what'd be the best anti-virus.?
  27. Asulia

    [serious] Why would I not crack an antivirus key?

    What are cons to cracking an ESET NOD32 key?
  28. M

    antiviruses gaming problem

    hi.i'm used to play games on my laptop and i've got problem with ESET antivirus,because it deletes my cracked files for games,and i should turn off the ESET protection completely whenever i want to play the game.can you recommend a good antivirus to me to be more compatible with gaming please?
  29. A

    bitdefender/ eset / avast /avg /kaspersky antivirus?

    im looking for the best security for my pc which uses minimum of resources and provides the maximum of security regardless of the price....need help choosing the best.....
  30. 5hadowking115

    Help identifying/removing particular adware on Chrome. (Banners, pop ups, Ali Express, War Thunder, Russian Websites)

    So, for the past month, there's been this virus that I'm not even sure how I got (I visit a few shady sites, so that's probably it, though I don't know specifics) it. I've compiled a few research pieces to analyze, but I don't even know where to begin. Here's a link with several files that I...
  31. Ozrocksz

    Installed Eset Antivirus and now i'm having Windows and Internet Issues

    So, basically it's what the title says. After installing Eset, at first i was having internet issues, like disconections, no internet at all and i couldn't even restore the system because it gave an error (0xc0000022). So after rebooting my pc, now windows is not starting properly. It says...
  32. valeman2012

    Eset Smart Security 8 or Bitdefender Total Security

    Eset Smart Security 8 or Bitdefender Total Security Which one is more reliable and friendly
  33. C

    ESET Antivirus 8 Preventing Downloads? "Unknown Network Error"

    I've been having difficulty downloading files from the internet with my antivirus enabled, I always receive a "Unknown Network Error". I was able to troubleshoot a bit with the following: http:// All the downloads hit 100% (some momentarily before failing), but it's only completed when the...
  34. T

    Kaspersky versus ESET

    I've had great success with Kaspersky. I'm wondering if there's anything better at present. Ph.,and please don't suggest Norton's. I despise them. What's the maximum lockdown application? Kaspersky seems pretty tough to beat in my opinion.How about yours? Thanks, Tommy
  35. I

    What anti virus should I get

    Hey all! Right now I am somewhat confused to what antivirus I should get. Before I used bit defender, but my time for it is running out soon. Right now I'm really looking at eset's stuff as it seems very light, compared to others, and does the job well, but It hasn't gotten as much support and...
  36. C

    How Can You Add A Wildcard In Eset Smart Security 8 To Exclude Specific Files And Folders

    I just upgraded to the latest version of ESET SMART SECURITY 8. I want exclude a specific drive's contents. I have not seen any tutorials on this version. Help please!...
  37. detroitwillfall

    Help configuring Nod32 AV 8 w/ Comodo Firewall?

    im currently using free versions of nod and comodo and was wondering which features/execeptions do i need to configure to not conflict comodo with eset?
  38. KantaGaming

    Is it ok to have Malwarebytes and ESET NOD?

    Is it ok to have Malwarebytes and ESET NOD?
  39. T

    P C Protection

    I read a thread on here already that is about a year old on Antivirus protection. Came across this list searching through google. I was wondering if Anyone has used/ heard of these antivirus programs. F-Secure Internet Security ESET Smart Security Avira Internet security K7 Total Security...
  40. W

    Secret Window, Unknown Profile and Yellow Security Warning symbol

    Yesterday I noticed a yellow caution symbol where my ESET security logo usually is, but when I clicked on it, nothing was wrong. I decided to do a Restart, and when my desktop was closing there was a screen labeled "Secret Window" shutting down. When I got to the User Profile screen there was...
  41. anoori9000

    What are really good, free anti-virus software?

    I have ESET on my computer, but im going to build one so i don't want to buy another one. What are good free ones that have good protection, and can scan your computer?
  42. anoori9000

    If I bu one year of Anti-Virus for 3 pc's can i use it on 1 pc for 3 years?

    I am thinking of getting ESET because thatch what i have used and newegg's got a good deal. Its 3 pc's for 1 year. Another question, what happens when the 1 year ends? Does it stop protecting your computer?
  43. XiRw

    Bitdefender slowing down internet

    Alright so here is my problem. I originally got from another forum what I thought at the time was a legit ESET user name and password from a "friend" that didn't want it but an update today turned out to be pirated. I uninstalled ESET and installed my BDTS13. I know a lot of people have had...