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  1. C

    lg aristo contact ring tones

    i have the lg aristo and i sure would like to set up ringtones for each person in my list. it would be nice if i could get each contact to have a seperate ringtone. i got the app zedge and made a bunch of favorites and i see some of them are downloaded. i went into the wifes contact page and...
  2. Graybush

    What's your favorite social media platform, and why?

    I'm curious to see what type of platforms that the group prefers over others. For example, I find it very easy to use and lurk on Instagram, especially because they give such visual responses. However, I'm not a huge fan of twitter mainly because of the way they present their main tweets along...
  3. W

    Lost cw channel

    I have used an antenna for years. Now I have lost my CW channel. Have I missed something? It was working just fine. It one of my favorites.
  4. susannahlee

    What's your favorite Match 3 Game?

    I just downloaded Tofu Heroes and I think it's pretty awesome. All the usual fun of match-3 with the added excitement of actually having to defeat the Tofu Villains. I love match-3 games and always on the look out for more. What are your favorites?
  5. T

    Need Program Guide & Favorites List

    I'm thinking of cutting the cord now that ESPN and other sports are available but my wife is concerned about a program guide. She likes to sit down and scroll thru her favorites (HGTV etc.) to see whats playing. Anybody that can help with that ???
  6. H

    how to transfer photos, marked as favorites, from ipad to windows

    I recently uploaded nearly 4000 photos to my ipad (from my camera) while on a one month trip. During the trip I painstakingly went through all the photos and marked those that were my "favorites". I got the 4000 photos down to my favorite 1000 photos. Now that I am home, I ONLY want transfer...
  7. G

    Switching from internet explorer

    ok so don't laugh im still using internet explorer but im recently starting to have problems so im looking for an alternative browser any suggestions would be great, but I need it to do a few things have a favorites bar all so to be able to set the bookmarks to icons only be able to import my...
  8. W

    favorites list is lost to me

    I had some online work by Upton? and I need my favorites list from internet exployer, I now have Google put on by Upton and they said not to logon to internet exployer, I have some much needed info on favorites, "HELP" wayne at wayne1944@carolina.rr.com
  9. G

    16 Tips for the Microsoft Office 2013 Preview

    You can try out Office 2013 for free during the Customer Preview. There are more than 15 good reasons why you’ll want to but here are our favorites, like the way you can open PDF files – and edit them. Not only does the PDF conversion do a mostly excellen 16 Tips for the Microsoft Office 2013...
  10. G

    Favorites toolbar and my input info. is missing.

    my favorites toolbar has gone missing
  11. M

    Restoring firefox favorites option

    Favorites option on Firefox abruptly disappeared. How can it be restored?
  12. G

    How do I install favorites on my laptop?

    How do I install Favorites on my laptop computer?
  13. G

    20 Tablet Pens For Notes and Drawing

    Mightier than the sword? Big or small, a tablet stylus can make writing, drawing and plain old scribbling more fun and accurate. Here are our favorites. 20 Tablet Pens For Notes and Drawing : Read more
  14. S


  15. exfileme

    Hulu Parters with Facebook, Offers Free Month

    Facebook is helping Hulu in getting more social by combining both accounts so that users can share captions and TV favorites with friends. Hulu Parters with Facebook, Offers Free Month : Read more
  16. A


    Hello, how do you delete FAVORITES off of an ipod???
  17. S

    Favorites toolbar

    Hello, I can't install my favorites bar
  18. R

    Favorites toolbar and my input info. is missing.

    Hello, my favorites toolbar and info I entered on it are missing from windows 7. when internet expl. is hit google comes up missing my favorite bar and my input information is missing from favorites.
  19. B

    Dell tool bar

    Hello,I had a toolbar that had a gold star for favorites and when MSN and google installed ther new home page all the good stuff disappeared and I want it back period.
  20. L

    Saving pictures to favorites on a kodak camera m8931s

    Hello, on an kodak easy share camera how do i transfer internal pictures to my sd card?
  21. Marcus Yam

    ''Super Mario Galaxy 2,'' ''Metroid: Other M'' Dated

    Listen up hardcore Wii gamers, your franchise favorites are nearly back! ''Super Mario Galaxy 2,'' ''Metroid: Other M'' Dated : Read more
  22. G

    20 Android Apps: Our Favorites

    After our look at upcoming Android smart phones, here are some apps for the platform and a comparison to iPhone and Windows Mobile alternatives. 20 Android Apps: Our Favorites : Read more
  23. G

    Our Favorite Free iPhone Apps

    More than 3 months after the App Store's launch, and we've found our favorites, including Tris, Shazam, and Stanza. Don't agree? Weigh in. Our Favorite Free iPhone Apps : Read more
  24. G

    Direct tampering with favorites

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.tivo (More info?) I have a Direct TV TiVo and six other receivers. Two of the receivers are older style Hughes. One of those is HD. I have 4 newer style D10-200 receivers that are about a month old now. The problem is that when I set the favorites list...
  25. G

    AGAIN, please critique

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital (More info?) Hi all... I took heed to all of the great info that I was given last week, especially about my large gallery full of "cruft" wasting everyone's time. I spent the weekend reading up on photo editing and have been working non-stop ever since...
  26. G


    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) I have nearly purchased a 4DTV receiver on several occasions, only to hold back to wait and see where the analog channels were going. The wait is still ongoing. Nothing would please me more than to continue using the BUD for my...
  27. G

    High Quality Christmas Recordings...?

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.high-end (More info?) I picked up Chris Isaak's Christmase CD and it was a bit retro Elvis-meets-Johnny-Mathis but fun - what struck me was the recording quality was pretty good, unlike a lot of Christmas recordings. Does anyone have any favorites recordings...
  28. N

    favoritte password organizer

    I would like to know what everyone thinks is the best password organizer/keeper. I have used Password Agent, and it is pretty good. Any favorites? thanks, <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?id=22270" target="_new">nausicaa</A> meet me at the stick<A...