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  1. Ruddman20

    Gateway LT41P05u no bootable device

    Hello. I've been trying to re-install windows or even Linux on this thing and have never seen anything like this. I've tried numerous times and numerous ways to create a bootable USB drive to install on here to no avail. It's like it doesn't even seen see the USB thumb drive or even my USB...
  2. E

    coffee was spilled on my gateway keyboard. Cleaned the inside and out side, but the sound keeps going out. It will work fine

    Trying to get my Gateway sound to work. Coffee was spilled on my keyboard. Cleaned the inside and out side, but sound keeps going out it will work fine then it will just go down untill there is no sound
  3. C

    Diagnosing Laptop Shutdown

    I have an old Gateway W350A that used to run Windows Vista. I purchased a new Laptop and a few years ago I converted this to Linux Lxle, a build designed for older laptops with limited resources. Worked fine for a little while and, though I didn't use it as my daily laptop, I would power it up...
  4. A

    I have enter the gateway number 1312349810 129

    I have enter the gateway number 1312349810 129 and pressed update it won't do anything, then I press refresh then ping test then it said IP addr not reachable .... someone please help me !
  5. F

    Solved! Window reboot download for windows 7

    I have a gateway laptop it says the operating system is gone
  6. L

    Lost recovery disc 2 for a gateway m-7301u-VHP model number is M-7801m

    I lost my recovery disc 2 and now i can't find out how to fix it has bootmgr missing and won't go any further. it wn't allow me to put my win 7 on it because it's not gateway. this is a vista and apparently bought after ACER had bought the company out please help
  7. R

    I got a gateway laptop model MX 6920 or MA 7 when I have it plugged in the charging indicated it's charging then the lite turn

    I have a I got a gateway laptop model MX 6920 or MA 7 when I have it plugged in the charging indicated it's charging then the lite turns blue as it's charged but is there a lite that suppose to be on around the On and off button if so it's not coming on either is the laptop can someone please help
  8. B

    hdmi wont connect

    my gateway computer wont connect to my magnavox tv using hdmi cord, what can i possibly do. my laptop dcreen is broke so this
  9. P

    My gateway desktop says reboot select proper vitals

    Gateway desktop states REBOOT & select proper boot devices Or insert boot media in selected boot device & press key
  10. R

    To how much I can go from 1.4 ghz to what in a Gateway SX2110G PC ?

    To how much can I go from 1.4 ghz to what (ghz) in a Gateway SX2110G pc ?
  11. mrmike16

    Can I use a 12V, 1000mA plug for speakers that use 15V DC, 800mA?

    Hi, so I moved countries and I am trying to find replacement cables for my speakers rather than use transformers. I found one for my Dell speakers, but not my old Gateway2000 speakers from Altec Lansing which are so much better than modern speakers. These are computer speakers I am talking...
  12. elliscooper29

    Install windows 7 with USB tool

    I have a Gateway NV570P02h that I am trying to install win 7. I hate win 8 and 10. With NO DVD rom I am trying to use the USB/DVD tool but cannot get it to boot from the usb drive. I have gone into the bios and set it to USB but no luck. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you
  13. C

    Replacment Motherboard for my Gateway Laptop?

    Hello, My laptop broke months ago and I am trying hard to find a replacement motherboard. My model is the Gateway NV57H17u I have been searching for months but there are no NV57H17u models online for sale. My question is will...
  14. D

    How do I unfreeze mouse on desktop?

    Gateway desktop. How do I unfreeze the mouse?
  15. W

    Looking problem solution of screen brightness

    Hi am using gateway ne46rs1 model acer notepad but my screen did not increasing or decreasing .what the problem for my laptop .am tried all the above methods it cant work. Please give me solution. Thank you.
  16. T

    ns41i driver help?

    GATEWAY NS41I DRIVERS? Basically i deleted my wifi drivers off my laptop so now i can't go on the internet but i've got memory stick and a pc. I can't seem to find the drivers i need i've looked everywhere i can think of. Can someone link me or something?
  17. K

    How can i track my stolen laptop ..

    My laptop gateway stolen today in my how can i track alwaz login in my laptop can i find my laptop
  18. M

    Can I remove the battery from the back of my gateway NE71B laptop to reset it? And if so can you tell me how to do it

    My gateway NE71B laptop is password locked and I dont know password. I've tried every suggestion on Google from pushing f8 to pushing alt and f 8 at the same time. I haven't tried one suggestion about taking the battery out. Does that work and how do I do it
  19. A

    Gateway zg5 and acer zg5

    So I have this weird problem, what is the difference between the two? They look very similar. I have the gateway one and Im trying to take the hard drive out but cant seem to find any disassembly tutorials on it. Whenever I search for the model the acer one appears
  20. G

    May I borrow your Gateway DX4831-01e Application & Driver Disks?

    My DX4831-01e desktop is probably ten years old. The hard drive was replaced long ago. The good news is I did burn my recovery disks. The bad news is I can only find about half of them. I have the correct COEM ISO for the OS, but would really appreciate if someone could help reduce the time and...
  21. I

    Need help with gateway laptop

    Anytime i start my laptop it shows me a black screen and it says. Yukon PXE v6.1.2 (beta) (20080407) (C)copyright 2003-2008 marvell(r). All rights reserved Pre-boot eXectution enviroment (pxe) v2.1 (C) copyright 1997-2000 intel corporation PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable PXE-M0F...
  22. N

    Gateway Model NE56r41u

    Does this model of laptop require the battery to be in to operate with ac adapter, or can I operate it without battery being in ? Running Windows 8.
  23. L

    No support? No audio?

    Ok, a lot has happened since this all began. Please bear with me. I tried to keep things as straightforward and simple as possible. 1. My stepfather is NOT tech savvy and will often not listen to what I have to say or will do things on his own terms. 2. He has a Gateway MX6438 whose serial...
  24. D

    Hard drive mk6476gsx

    Would a Toshiba mk6476gsx be compatible to replace my old mk6465gsk hard drive on my gateway laptop
  25. K

    Gatewayeg70 cpu upgrade

    I have a gateway eg70 4 quad 16gb 1tb and want to what would be the upgrade for ram cpu. Thank you
  26. A

    my laptop gateway no suport mouse

    my laptop gateway company is not suport mouse any solution
  27. P

    Solved! Gateway NV57H26u vertical lines on LCD but works fine on external monitor

    I have a gateway NV57H26u laptop Windows 7 Home Premium, service pack 1, 64 bit, Intel 2.30 GHz. My screen cracked and I replaced the LCD screen. However after replacing. The screen turns on only to display color vertical lines. When I connected my external monitor via VGA cable. I can see the...
  28. J

    My gateway nv5 laptop turns on but screen is black is there a solution to fix it?

    My laptop turns on but the screen is black what can I do to fix?
  29. C

    Gateway laptop screen not coming on

    My Gateway laptop hibernated, & now it turns on, but nothing comes up on screen, at all. I can see the power light on, & hear it running, so I know it's just the screen not working. Any way to fix this, without replacing the screen?
  30. S

    Wifi is not enable

    My wifi is not enabling in acer gateway 4250s my friend uses a shortcut key but the key I don't know
  31. A

    gatway no screen

    I have. a gateway laptop it don't have a screen on it got busted out awhile Barack and took out to replace but started using t.v or a computer monitor screen and now nothing shows up like my hdmi the pc spot or the usb.what do I do
  32. W

    Gateway laptop broken screen to reboot

    How to reboot with a broken screen
  33. J

    Connecting gateway laptop to tv using Vega cable

    I am trying to connect a gateway laptop a tv using a vga cable I used the monitor connector thing f something and nothing what do I do?
  34. G

    gateway ne56r41u laptop stuck on screen from when it went to sleep mode

    Laptop was working fine. I closed the lid to put it in sleep mode. When I came back hours later, the screen was frozen. Tried CTRL/ALT/DEL which did nothing. Tried holding ON/OFF button down with no effect. Disconnected power and removed battery to shut down. Replaced battery and power cord...
  35. T

    can not restore

    my daughter accidently restored my gateway NE56R and I can not do any thing with it, I get the black gateway screen and no function keys work
  36. D

    user profile service service failed the sign-in windows 10

    I created user profile for my wife on my sister's gateway laptop but I can't log into it. I keep getting the message "user profile service service failed the sign-in". But I can log into my & my sister's profile.
  37. D

    Can Gateway ZX4250 All-In-One's AMD E-300 APU 1.3Ghz Processor Be Upgraded?

    Hello. I need minimum 2.6 Ghz speed processor because of some Powerpoint-based software I installed. My current processor is only 1.3 Ghz, so I need double what I have. :ouch: Is it possible to install a faster processor in my Gateway? And if so, what would be compatible? Thanks.
  38. M

    Hdd password reset

    Gateway won't boot how to retrieve password m285 or reboot from hard drive gateway pc tablet
  39. D

    I have gateway NE46Rs and i dont know how to go to BIOS configuration

    i have a long password so typing that is time taking
  40. G

    help with bios

    after 3 bios password attempts on gateway laptop,screen froze,removed powersupply and battery, now wont turn on ???
  41. ragnarok94

    Cheaper alternatives to Mtn. Mod's Motherboard tray

    Im about to start working on a sleeper project, converting an old Gateway Performance E4200. The back is proprietary, so Id like to install a modular atx/matx motherboard tray and backplate. moutain mods is ridiculously expensive, but I haven't found a lot of other metal options, nor do I have...
  42. M

    Windows Vista Problem

    I have an old Gateway computer with Windows Vista that I am unable to start up.
  43. C

    Gateway windows 8 not booting up

    I have a Gateway laptop with Windows 8. The other day I was using it when suddenly the screen went dark except for the date and time box. I put it to sleep and tried to restart but only get a gray screen- even though the mouse pointer shows up and the little blue light is blinking fast like it...
  44. M

    gateway laptop no wifi

    gateway LT4004u laptop show wifi under device manager and under drivers but will not hook up to wifi says no wifi avialable plug in cable it all works checked drivers and device manager shows all is there but no sites why?
  45. L

    Gateway restore zx4800

    My friends computer somehow had a lot of the windows program files deleted and we could not even get into the control panel, there was no files or programs and when it did show a program it only displayed (empty). So he tried to reinstall Windows 7 home premium via USB and it did install but now...
  46. P

    Gateway turned into Chromebook?

    I'm trying to turn my Gateway into a Chromebook, but it doesn't seem to work. Anyone know how to do that or how I can speed this thing up? It's SO slow now!
  47. V

    both shift keys stopped working, and the sticky keys box is unticked.

    i've had this laptop for a while, its a gateway laptop. and one day both shift keys just stopped working i tried looking for answers but the only one i've seen was untick the sticky keys box but that wasn't the problem. any other solutions [question mark]
  48. D

    Solved! Gateway Laptop NV77H23u will not power on

    I noticed it's been freezing up sometimes just to note. I shut it down about 2 weeks ago it wouldn't turn back on. The blue power light blinked a few times and then nothing. So I unplugged it, took out the battery and held the power button down for 30 secs and put the battery back in plugged it...
  49. R

    Can I upgrade my prossesor I have a m-1634u gateway ?

    Can I upgrade my prossesor I have a m-1634u gateway ?
  50. F

    gateway zx6971 computer processor upgrade from an i3 to i5

    I want to change my processor from an i3 to an i5 on a gateway ZX6971 All in one PC. also the graphic card if possible, i am a gamer and my PC can't handle some of the newer games
  51. T

    What is best video card for Gateway DX4375-UR22 connected to Samsung 40" 4K Ultra HD LED LCD TV UN40KU6290

    What is best video card for Gateway DX4375-UR22 connected to Samsung 40" 4K Ultra HD LED LCD TV UN40KU6290. I read GTX 750 Ti, but it says: Max Resolution: 2560 x 1600 Pixels and the TV we bought is max resolution: 3840 x 2160. My pc is Gateway DX4375-UR22 and I am upgrading the ram with 2 x...
  52. 0

    Laptop Upgrade from the Dark Ages

    Good morning Ladies and Gents A little background on me. I am in my early 30s, I am a big gamer. Mainly first person shooters online multiplayers like counter strike and such where fps is very important. I do occasionally travel for work and I am in college but I'm doing it online right now...
  53. T

    unlock bios,reset cmos password. Gateway Lt4008u laptop

    directly after power on screen says"gateway" and "press f2 to go to set up" when i press f2 it asks for a password that i do not know. if i wait a second it says " an operating system was not found" conventional cmos reset techniques don't work -soldered in batt/no dip switch/no jumpers/ or...
  54. J

    Gateway laptop won't boot windows 7

    I have tried everything on here to reset it got to edit boot options and their isn't any HDD option just /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN any help would be greatly appreciated
  55. L

    Gateway NV54 help

    Laptop won't connect to internet, haven't had it running on about 3 or 4 years, only watched dvd movies on it, help anyone.
  56. D

    4 pin power swtch connector on motherboard

    The 4 pin power connector came off of the motherboard and I can't find where it goes it is the power switch from the front panel to start the computer. Gateway DX4200 serial no. 82905042327. The numbers that I have off the motherboard are ULVE 82700180 PC RS78OMO3G1 8EKRS2HM
  57. J

    gateway laptop wont turn on

    My Gateway laptop won't charge or turn on. It is dead. Can this be fixed or does it need to be replaced?
  58. R

    How to unlock HDD password since I forgot it on my gateway laptop

    I forgot HDD password to my gateway laptop
  59. E

    Gateway Nv52L06u Goes To Blank Screen

    I have a Gateway NV52L06u that I've had for 4 years now One night it was working perfectly fine and when I went to use it the next day it would start with the Gateway loading windows when it acts like it is about to go to my sign in page it goes to another Gateway loading page followed by a...
  60. M

    Should I recycle my Gateway NV52

    My gateway nv52 would not power up tried everything I could find on different threads, I thought maybe the power button. When I opened it I saw there were some damaged wires were the hinge to the screen is and another thin wire completely sheared off. Should I take it to get repaired or just put...