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  1. D

    How do i get into my microsoft gateway laptop

    Gateway laptop is not working
  2. X

    gateway amd e1-1500 apu 1.48ghz

    i was wondering if i can do a processor upgrade? is it better to get a new computer or get a processor? its really really slow and its 3 years old already. i want to upgrade up to 2.4ghz to make it faster.. amd e1-1500 apu with radeon hd graphics
  3. D

    laptop gateway nv53a can not install windows.

    gateway nv53a Can not install windows. When installing Windows 7 load the first windows logo and the freeze Screen Size 15.60 " Storage Size 500 GB sata Standard Memory 4 GB ddr 3 Processor Manufacturer AMD Phenom II Vga Radeon HD 4250 according to the specification supports windows 7...
  4. C

    How do I get into my laptop gateway lt4010u Model ze7 I am locked out and can not even pull up safe mode or boot screen

    locked out of my gateway laptop lt4010u
  5. J

    Fix Laptop After User Reversed DC Polarity

    I'm trying to fix a Gateway NE71B laptop. The owner bought a universal ac adapter, the kind with changeable tips that can easily reverse DC polarity (the tip has two prongs on the bottom -- easy to reverse). Long story short, he plugged the tip in backwards (reversing polarity) and plugged the...
  6. D

    gateway laptop M320x replaced hard drive

    now all i get is a flashing c:\ - I changed bios to load from CD but nothing - any su
  7. N

    gateway nv76r31u , No Bootable Device, Hit any Key

    My gateway nv76r31u is displaying No Bootable Device, Hit any key. When i hit enter it goes to the boot manager but there are no option listed there. I tried access the bios using f1, f2, del but no of them worked. Can someone please assist. Thanks
  8. X

    Vintage Gateway Laptop Having Power Issues

    Hello, I have a vintage Gateway Solo 2500 laptop that I was planning on using as a light vintage gaming system with Windows 98. The computer all together runs great and is in near perfect condition for how old it is ( 20 years, I think ), but I'm having issues with the computer trying to run it...
  9. E

    Gateway NV52 new hard drive setup

    do i have to set up my old gateway system on my new hard drive? i've got new win 7 os can i use it?
  10. A

    Gateway ML6721 CPU and memory upgrade.

    I have a Gateway ML6721 with an Intel Pentium dual-core T2310 (1.46 GHz) 1 GB Memory 160 GB HDD. The P/N on the ram slot is 31MA8MB0030, the imprinted P/N on the underside of the MB is DA0MA8MB6DO, and the rev number is PCB MA8 M/B(6L,257*215,REV: D). My question is: can I put an Intel Core...
  11. D

    Looking to upgrade laptop

    Soooo... i just got a Gateway NE51B18u. I do alot of audio editing and recording which ik takes a lot of ram and i learned this laptop isnt too great for that.. sooooo, i wanna rip out watever it is i need to and replace wit better stuff... also, a better picture would be nice.... can u tell me...
  12. C

    Screen messed up

    I have a Gateway NE56R41U. I have not used it n a while. The screen is messed up on it looks like it's cracked on the inside. How can I get a new screen for it
  13. C

    Laptop Stuck in Start Loop

    Gateway NV510 shut down and has never been able to turn back on. Stuck in loop. Nothing on the screen. Can hear the fans start and the lights show the battery is working and it's starting then about 5 seconds later it shuts off only to start the cycle all over again. Any suggestions?
  14. J

    Gateway laptop power supply from 2 different model laptops

    Need to know if I can use a different power supply from another gateway model laptop
  15. T

    Boots into Bios then Black Screen

    I have an old Gateway M465-E MA6 laptop that is pretty old. I have had this computer for good part of 5 years. (It has sat up for about 2 of those years)Though I know that it is towards the end of its life span I recently wanted to pull it down and give it a new OS and give it to my girlfriend...
  16. R

    Laptop screen with pink tint or doesn't come on at all

    I have a gateway mx6124. when I turn it on sometimes the screen has a pinkish tint. Other times the screen won't come on at all. When I connect an external monitor to and the laptop screen comes on and is pink, the external monitor colors are fine. When the laptop screen doesn't come on...
  17. W

    Gateway NE56R49u keeps overheating

    Hello everyone, Me and my girlfriend are trying to get back into WoW after playing Warcraft, but her laptop has an issue that makes it impossible for us to play together. Her laptop, for some reason overheats and just turns off at seemingly random times. AFAIK, she has neglected the laptop over...
  18. W

    Need help booting my Gateway LT41P06u

    When I turn on the laptop I get the Gateway screen and the working circle below it but I cannot access the boot screen no matter what button I press. Then it goes to a blue screen that that gives me this message INACCESABLE_BOOT_DEVICE. It will then restart and repeat until I hold the power...
  19. T

    Laptop shuts off randomly after 3-10 seconds of use

    I have a gateway laptop that shuts off soon after booting it up, always after about 3-10 seconds. The fan shuts off shortly before the laptop does, and it "clicks" when it shuts off. It has a ssd in it too. It seems like a thermal issue but I don't understand/can't find out why the fan keeps...
  20. A

    Why would I have a slow down in Gateway NV53 after replacing hard drive with Toshiba 250gig SSD

    Performance degraded when processing larger files after SSD swap for HD. Why would I have a slow down in Gateway NV53 after replacing hard drive with Toshiba 250gig SSD? My cpu is being occupied up to 100% and RAM is fully booked when I use the laptop with my Epson scanner (after about 10-15...
  21. S

    Help connecting to internet

    I have a gateway laptop with windows 7 in not sure of the model but it has letters next to gateway nv79 not sure if that helps I'm able to connect to wifi but cannot connect to the internet I have tried other solutions with help on different brands of laptops which I'm sure that doesn't help...
  22. T

    Mic not working on laptop, neither internal nor external

    Hello! I have a Gateway laptop that I bought a few years ago, but due to some problems I had with win8 I had to downgrade it to win7. My internal mic used to work just fine but it just suddenly stopped working. I thought it was a problem with my laptop so I bought a headset and I was able to...
  23. M

    Gateway Laptop Keyboard Presses 'Enter' By Itself

    Hello Tech geeks! I was given a Gateway NV55C with an Intel Core i3-370M processor. It is currently running Windows 7, but I plan to wipe it and install Windows 10. I cannot enter the BIOS, as pressing F2 does nothing. It may be related to the real problem I'm having with it... The 'Enter'...
  24. R

    Gateway computer will not boot.

    Gateway computer will not boot. It was hung up on Windows "Welcome" screen after I tried to login. I had to power down and restart. Now it will not boot. After the "Gateway" screen it says: Broadcom UNDI PXE-2.1 v12.2.0 Copyright (C) 2000-2009 Broadcom Corporation Copyright (C) 1997-2000...
  25. sparker781

    Gateway NV55c Hard Drive Caddy

    anyone know the screw size for the hard drive caddy? I lost the originals and wanted to shoot over to the hardware store to pick up some more. Thanks
  26. A

    Board inside my Gateway M7305U laptop

    Hello, I have a laptop from 2008. I am going to swap out the 2 RAM boards to speed it up. My question doesn't concern the RAM though. When I opened up the back to investigate, I found another board that's by itself, next to a slot that's clearly ready for that board's partner. I wish I could...
  27. R

    Gateway NV52 black screen on startup

    I have a gateway NV52 that when I turn it on, it goes to a black screen and doesn't post The fan and CD drive make noise but the hdd activity led doesn't blink This started after the laptop died. I have tried Reseating the ram Reseating the hdd Removing battery and unplugging it from the...
  28. B

    Maximum RAM upgrade for Gateway LT2106u netbook

    Hello: Can anyone tell me if the Gateway LT2106u netbook can be upgraded to 4gb RAM? I realize this is an old machine, but I just installed an SSD with Windows 10, and it's very snappy and useable for my needs. I read somewhere that the motherboard does support 4gb, I'm just wondering if...
  29. G

    Laptop turns on and shuts down after 5 seconds

    Hello Guys! So i have this problem with my laptop where it shuts down after 5 seconds,and i think i caused this. So i was doing a laptop screen change but during the screen change i touched the back of the screen board where it says "DO NOT TOUCH" and then my laptop turned off, after that it...
  30. C

    Windows Vista. On Gateway P6312-Password not working

    I have a Gateway P6312 which has been very faithful. Now I cannot get past the password access my Windows Vista, I forgot the password. My screen went blank after a large crackling thunder & lightning sequence during a major storm. I live on the top floor in an apt. My laptop was on a...
  31. R

    Gateway laptop shuts off while rebooting

    Hello folks, I hope someone could share some knowledge to fix this issue. I tried to service my gateway laptop by cleaning the fan. I had to basically disassemble the entire thing. Cleaned the fan, replace the thermal compound and reassembled the laptop. When I turn it on, it came on and ran...
  32. J

    Gateway NV77h05u Power Issues

    Recently, I have been experiencing power issues with my gateway laptop. I didn't notice that it had stopped charging during use and the battery died, now the laptop won't charge or turn on. I have tried replacing the dc in jack, hard/atx reset, a different charging cord, and am now lost as to...
  33. M

    free windows vista password recovery usb download for gateway nv 52

    Needing a password recovery program for windows vista.....please help
  34. B

    My laptop displays a white screen when turned on - Gateway NV57H58U

    My laptop, a gateway NV57H58U, displays a white screen when turned on. I can still hear it start up, and I can use it normally by plugging it into my TV via HDMI. I checked the connection between the motherboard and the screen on both ends, unplugged and re-plugged, and still no dice. The...
  35. C

    Sound disappeared on Gateway NV55S

    Initially, I thought this was a Windows 10 issue, but after following the Microsoft steps, the problem sill exists. No audio.
  36. P

    Have a laptop with removed screen assembly, wondering how to find out if a different one i have will be compatible?

    Average tech knowledge guy here. I have a laptop (Gateway NE56R34u) which is missing the entire screen assembly( the screen assembly and hinges were removed), I have a different non-working laptop (Toshiba Satellite A135-S4527) and wanted to know if the screen on this one could be installed on...
  37. C

    Gateway P-7811FX sound driver solution for WinXP-Pro (32bit)

    Well, I've been from one side of the internet to the other and can't find a solution or any downloadable resources on this. There have been forum threads and links to drivers, but they have since disappeared and cannot be found. I have a Gateway P-7811FX gaming laptop and am using WinXP on it...
  38. sparker781

    Firmware Update Help

    I have an old Gateway NV55c....Is it even possible to upgrade the firmware? Since Gateway isn't around per se, How can I get it if its even available Thanks
  39. D

    Gateway laptop screen flashes, external monitor ok

    Gateway W7 32bit laptop screen flashes redish signal then turns black, I see screen signal with lamp. External monitor works good. I think the backlight is bad, but why does it flash?
  40. S

    Gateway Nv53 magnetic lid switch problem.Screen not to remove Hall effect sensor?

    My gateway nv53 laptop screen will not turn on .Last time this happened I went on this site and read that if I squeeze the left bottom screen where magnet will turn on screen and that worked and haven't had a problem until now.This will not work anymore even when using a different magnet...
  41. M

    Gateway laptop, wifi wont turn on, fn keys not working.

    Im going out of my mind trying to fix this laptop. Yesterday i got my gateway laptop, believe the model is NE56R52u, to a reset and set it up to be my own. It had windows 10 on it and it was working fine. Today the wifi wouldn't turn on. I looked around and i reinstalled the windows 7 i got with...
  42. J

    Is the gateway NV55S laptop good/decent for secondary and post secondary education? *own it, I'd like to know if it's good

    AMD A6 3420M APU Quad Core 6 GB RAM 500ish GB Storage Windows 7 Home Premium upgraded to Windows 10 Home 64 bit 14 inch screen Any...
  43. E

    Do questions get any harder? p7811fx miniPCIe SSD ?

    OK I will try to stump everyone lol. I have a p7811fx (gateway laptop). It has 2 of what are described as miniPCIe slots. It's unknown to me (despite quite some effort) what exactly they actually are/to the system, and if they are the same. (miniPCIe is often confused, even 'officially' with...
  44. P

    Inaccurate battery "time left"

    Hi, I have a gateway E-295C. I got a new battery which is working good and certainly giving good backup. But the problem is, it shows false time remaining. If I check now, it shows "35% and 33 min remaining", after sometime "30% and 45 min remaining". Windows is displaying no message about...
  45. C

    Will an old case work for new components?

    I have a 2005 gateway computer. It has Windows Xp :( yikes. I'm doing an overhaul and I'm gonna do a new mother board, apu, hard drive, and graphics card. Can I do all this and still use the same case?
  46. S

    Gateway laptop cannot access BIOS

    I have a Gateway NV57H44u Core i5-2430m 4gb RAM Intel HD Graphics 3000 I tried all keys to go into BIOS so that I could increase my dedicated VRAM (which is 128mb) It just boots normally nothing else. I have tried f1,f2,del... SO what is the correct key to access bios and how should I press it...
  47. M

    Gateway Laptop Problems

    ((I don't know the exact name of the laptop, its a gateway and its fairly old though)) I've been having troubles with the laptop, it'll shut down randomly and when I try to turn it back on again it beeps loudly, and its just one long beep. Almost all the time when I try to play games, it runs...
  48. K

    my touchpad scrolling stopped working on my gateway after i installed windows 10, how do i fix it?

    i updated to windows 10 on my gateway laptop and the touchpad scrolling stopped working. everything seems to be fine and its driving me crazy, can someone help?
  49. L

    Notebook Gateway P-8705u FX only works with battery

    LIke the title says, when the AC/DC adapter is plugged in the laptop power on and presents a bios error with one long beep and two short beeps (presumably video card problems), lights and coolers on but no video. When on battery alone it works and enters Windows like it should do...
  50. T

    Laptop CPU swap blackscreen

    I own a Gateway NV55S03u and it started to be slow. I noticed that it could do an upgrade to the CPU. So, I got an A8-3500m to replace the old A4 3300m. It all went fine and then I went to start it. It turned on but I got no video. No BIOS. Nothing. Just black. Before I did the swap, I did a...
  51. N

    Laptop Black screen

    My gateway NV53 fails to boot up. I get a black screen. It is not back-lit, no cursor,no bios , no gateway or windows logo, and no beeping. I noticed that the clickable icons above my keyboard do not light up. Not even the hard drive icon, but when I raise the volume it does light up. I've been...
  52. N

    Laptop Fails To Boot. Urgent :(

    My gateway NV53 fails to boot up. I get a black screen. It is not back-lit, no cursor,no bios , no gateway or windows logo, and no beeping. I noticed that the clickable icons above my keyboard do not light up. Not even the hard drive icon, but when I raise the volume it does light up. I've been...
  53. Viperonic

    Can't boot Laptop Because of BIOS Update

    Hey Guys i'm having a problem with my laptop, recently i was wanting to update all my drivers and all that for my Gateway NE522 Series Laptop and i tried updating my BIOS too but now i cant even access my laptop cause it keeps saying "Default boot-drive missing or boot failed"
  54. Barty1884

    CANADA. Shaw Cable TV. Add additional Arris Portal in

    Hi all, absolutely no idea where I should post this thread, so I'm trying under Home Theatre. I'm in Canada, and have Shaw Cable. There's a Arris Gateway HDPVR in the basement, which feeds 3 "portal" boxes at each tv. 4 Rooms currently have Coax cables running to wall outlets (the master...
  55. R

    Gateway laptop randomly shuts off when not connecte to cable (could be a soon as cable is out or 30 min later)

    Hi, Its an old Gateway NV 52 series laptop . It shows the battery fully charged and then it shows the battery draining when its not connected to the power cord. Te problem its its just turns off randomly , it could right after i take out the cord or minutes later, it doesn't go tough the...
  56. A

    What connector is this???

    I have an old Gateway laptop, its probably the first gen i7 and i thought i bring some life in to it with an ssd in what at first looked like a normal sata drive bay. Now i cant figure out what it is. First, its upright and not facing forward???? Second, the cut out are in the wrong spot...
  57. Benkberg97

    Gateway Laptop: Random BSODs after drop

    Hi all, I have a Gateway E-155-C model laptop PC. Recently, the system fell off of my bed while it was in use. The system was undamaged and since it has an SSD, no hard disk damage was done. However, when I picked it up, it had rebooted. The system works fine until you push a key on the keyboard...
  58. N

    Gateway NE56R41U Keyboard install

    I have replaced my Laptop keyboard however only the Number pad is working. I am not sure what I'm missing. Can anyone help?