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  1. J

    Solved! Why isn't my fire cube action button working?

    My fire cube isn't responding to voice control unless I press the voice button on my remote. Even pressing the action button on the cube elicits no response.
  2. G

    Solved! how can i connect my hp detachable laptop to epson projector

    HP x2 Detachable 10-p019TU Intel x5-Z8350 Quad Core Windows 10 Touchscreen Notebook (Natural Silver). The view says undetectable.source not found everytime i connect to projector using usb. I use usb because its the only available port in my laptop.
  3. C

    Solved! Help regarding Sound issues with Samsung TV

    I have recently plugged my PC (win 7) with USB but no HDMI ports to my samsung TV with HDMI. Graphics work fine but with no sound. I know I need to get a HDMI cable for the TV but which adaptor do I need for the PC which has a HDMI port. There are loads out there but dont want to waste my money...
  4. S

    Solved! How to get Roku to work without internet

    My friend has no internet but wants to use his netflix
  5. M

    Solved! no sound on tv when streaming films from a laptop

    hi i play films via a laptop to a tv vid hd cable i carnt increase the volume sound on the tv so have to be very quiet and hear via the laptop never happened before im stuck appreciate any help
  6. J

    Stb for cable

    Hello I bought Vizio E50x-E1 TV and I didn't realize that it was a home theater display it doesn't have a place to plug in my cable. My cable company Salem Cablevision doesn't use set top boxes on there cable. What do I need to do so I can hook up my cable from my cable service. Please help...
  7. T

    firestick tv doesnt work on ten year old non smart vizio.

    Hi all. A little of a tech tard here. I have a ten year old Vizio. Put firestick into proper input and nothing happens. Advice please
  8. B

    VLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///D:/'.

    Disc is DVD-R plays on standalone player but not on laptop.
  9. L

    Solved! Netflix audio on projector

    Hi. I’ve seen a few topics related to this but nothing that resolves it. I’m using the official Apple lightning to HDMI adaptor to connect my iPad to a projector. Everything seems to work ok apart from when trying to watch Netflix. Older shows and films on Netflix work fine but newer things...
  10. S

    Solved! 8 omes to 3 omes?

    I recently got a 7.1 surround sound setup but the receiver had no hdmi in ports so basically it was a over powered DVD player. So I was looking at getting a Harman Kardon AVR-347 second hand but the ports for the speakers say "speakers 8 omes" but my speakers that I have say "rated impedance :3...
  11. B

    Solved! How can I connect my TTUSB Ion turntable to my smart tv

    How do I connect my TTUSB ION turntable to my smart tv?
  12. M

    Solved! Stupid Question that I can't find an answer to, hoping someone can help.

    I also am not sure if it should be under here or CPU's considering my concern. I use my TV as a monitor and decided I wanted to use something else on the same TV. If I switched sources on the TV to use the other device while my CPU is running on the same device would it cause a problem? This...
  13. S

    Solved! How to connect Sony audio with Samsung 6 series?

    I have a Sony hcd-bx7 to be connected with Samsung un55mu6290f? It’s not working any solutions please?
  14. J

    Vizio TV blinking issues

    So I have a Vizio 55" 1080p smart TV. Model number E55-d0. When I turn it on the whole picture blinks every second or so. Everything else works just fine. It's a rather new tv as well. I have the back cover off and all the capacitors look good. But there Is a slight small burn on one of the...
  15. W

    Solved! Does model year matter if specs are identical?

    You recommend the TCL Roku TV 55p607. Best Buy is selling 2017 version of 65", same specs except screen size, at $499. Is there any reason to think the 2017 model wouldn't be just as good? It's called the "4 Series" versus the "6 Series" in the model you recommended. Thanks much
  16. J

    Solved! My TV only keeps receiving the same six channels, Sony crime Sony movies and a few cartoon channels, and nothing else, no matt

    TV and ariel. Keeps receiving same six channels, Sony crime Sony movies and some cartoon channels, it doesn't matter where I situate my TV and indoor ariel it keeps tuning the same 6 channels and I've taken it to a Freinds home to see if it was my TV or indoor ariel at fault but it wasn't as it...
  17. C

    How Do you hook up a JVC dvd player to a JVC tv,without cable tv?

    I hooked up my JVC dvd player to my JVC tv.I have video but no sound.My tv does not have cable tv.
  18. P

    Black Screen on TV

    Remote turns on red power light on Westinghouse smart TV but screen stays black. What can we do ?
  19. D

    Solved! How to connect my Samsung UN65ES8000 to wireless net

    Looking for fix to connect Samsung to wireless network.
  20. A

    Solved! How to merge Bluetooth for two same sound systems ?

    Hi geeks I have two exact same brand small audio systems each one has its own Bluetooth receiver , what I want is a way how to connect my phone to the two systems via any one of the two Bluetooth receivers so both systems works at the same time? FYI ( i dont have multy Bluetooth connect in my...
  21. S

    Solved! I want to stream events - how to

    Dear community, I have never streamed before. I would like to stream one kind of events - arena 20 x 50 meters. I have computer powerful enough to do it. What I am newbie in is streaming equipment I need to buy on budget. I would like to have 4 cameras which stream video to my computer and then...
  22. Y

    Solved! How to set my Sony smart TV and Samsung BD-player to make the hdmi-ARC work? Current there is no sound. I am already using a h

    Is the problem with Sony tv or the bd-player? Btw, I tried to output digital audio from this TV using optical cable, and switch bd-player to D.in, still no sound. Anyone has met similar problem before?
  23. S

    new router helps

    DHCP can't assign IP address so I have added a new router in between and it helped. But even when I have statically assigned IP address through MAC adress of the box it had no connection.
  24. D

    Solved! Connected TV to PC with HDMI to USB cable nothing

    I'm trying to watch my movies from PC to TV. I bought a cable that has HDMI one side and USB the other side as my PC has no female HDMI input?
  25. B

    Solved! How to get 5.1 audio in my Home theatre

    Help me how to get 5.1 audio. I have Onida LEO32HRZ 81 cm (32) LED TV (Non Smart), Tata sky TV setup box and Philips spa8000b/94 5.1 Home theatre. Home theatre doesn’t have HDMI or Optical ports. Only RCA ports available. Tatasky setup box has both HDMI and Optical cable options. Please...
  26. M

    Solved! How can I connect my xbox360 tp my samsung UHDtv series 7( nu7090?) the tv doesnt have jack ports.

    How can I connect my xbox360 to my samsung UHDtv series 7 (nu7090)? The tv doesn’t have the jack ports
  27. curoius

    Solved! What happens when I connect a Full HD set top box to a 720p TV ?

    Hi, I am using this TV http:// This is a "HD Ready TV" aka 720p. My local cable operator has given me a Full HD set top box. When I switch on the TV with the STB connected it says "HDMI 1080i" I am a bit confused. What resolution am I getting ? What happens when I connect a Full HD set...
  28. R

    Solved! Screen for lg

    How much is the led screen of LG 43LH511A it was broken and I need to replace it. Phillippines, Tarlac
  29. B

    Solved! O have a sharp Aqous tv. I need to get headphones and tv speakers to work simultaneously

    I wear hearing aids and need to find a neck and portable speaker that allows me to listen to the speaker while my husband listens to tv speakers at same time. Help please. What do I need to get to do this. My tv does not recognize the by speaker
  30. M

    How to connect to an element TV

    How to hook up to a element
  31. L

    Solved! Will a t con fit in a 49in Hitachi out of a 42in Hitachi

    Will a t con out of a 42 inch Hitachi flat screen go into a 49 inch Hitachi flat screen
  32. O

    Solved! convert audio receiver to wireless for home theater

    I have 5 wired ceiling speakers that are connected to my receiver. My 4k TV is the other side of the room. How do I get a wireless connection between my receiver and TV? I can also connect a Roku to my receiver if streaming the video is better than streaming only the audio. I don't want lag...
  33. B

    Solved! I am expieriencing Keyboard problems

    Can you run the Lodi box without the keyboard. And just use the remote.