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    Solved! I have a LG 32 in TV with no audio out how do I hook this up to my receiver my receiver also has no HDMI

    Connecting TV to receiver with no audio out on TV
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    Solved! I have antenna hooked up to 3 TVs. 2 have all the channels but one is only getting CBS and fox. How do I fix this?

    Only receiving CBS and fox channels when hooked up to the antenna. How do I fix this. I have received all the channels in the past.
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    Solved! Philips HTS5120 - Can I use subwoofer in another setup?

    I have a Philips HTS5120/12. Recently the soundbar stopped working. I can no longer turn it on. Even before that the DVD player had lost the ability to spin. I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that it's dead and gone. However the subwoofer is still in perfect condition. It seems a waste to...
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    Solved! Tv with dts support but home theatre does not support dts

    My tv has dts audio support, but the home theatre that I bought doesn't support dts. Will the home theatre system still play the audio of the movie I am watching?
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    I am unable to get my surround sound Dennon to work with my Samsung Smart TV while on Netflix. Can you help me?

    I am unable to get my Dennon Surround Sound System to work while on Netflix> I have a Samsung Smart TV. Surround system works fine using the DVD and TV only. Can you help me?
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    Solved! LP-S08 soundbar connections to

    UN32N5300AFXZA 32" 1080p Smart LED TV (Samsung) and a LP-S08 soundbar...trying to connect. The LP-S08 box and instructions say "easy" my brain says not enough of the right configured plugs included. It looks like the soundbar takes a 3.5mm Aux (male) and the TV something squarish. And are...
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    My LG LED TV doesn't come on and the power indicator light doesn't flush. What could be the problem? Please help

    My LG TV doesn't come on and the power light doesn't flush. What could be the problem? Please help
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    Solved! No way to use Element TV manually? (model E4SFT5017)

    Hey everyone, I recently purchased a new Element TV - 50" 4K LED Smart (model # E4SFT5017), and the remote I received with the package was defective. They have agreed to send me a replacement remote, but while waiting for it to arrive I have been trying to use the TV manually and it seems I...
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    Solved! Streaming videos to my TV

    I have a TCL - LX phone can I hook to a mirror casting to my TV without Wi-Fi and, if so, how?
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    Solved! Visio TV, Samsung Sound Bar, Harmon AVR 245 receiver

    How can I hook up my Visio TV, Samsung SoundBar, and Harmon AVR 245 receiver that’s already powering my 4 corner speakers??
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    Solved! How to connect my 321 series III to Samsung UN49NU8000F

    I have excellent audio - connection from Bose 321 optical cable to TV; no video output from Bose 321 (w/HDMI) to TV on HDMI 2.
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    what is the indication of a bad power supply on a 70 inch sharp tv

    Power light on constant when plugged in. will not turn off by swich.
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    Solved! How do I hook up my Emerson vcr player to a Vizio tv

    It's a emersion vcr player and a Vizio TV with the red white and yellow cables
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    Solved! optoma uhd 65 and windows 10

    Ok I am new to projectors but I think I am having an issue with Windows 10, miracast and my new Optoma projector. Maybe this goes in the Windows 10 forum - I am guessing at the culprit. I have been messing with this for 2 hours now and find windows 10 is apparently much worse than windows 7 in...
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    Solved! No audio between old Sony VCR & new Samsung smart TV

    No audio when using an old Sony VCR connected to a new Samsung smart TV. Suggestions please. These are not purchased videos but home recorded ones. Video is fine for such old tapes, just no sound.
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    Solved! Blue ray player isn't being recognized by tv.

    I recently bought a new blueray player (LG). For some reason the signal from the player isn't being received by the tv (LG also). it states "no signal". I have tried changing HDMI cables. Using different HDMI ports on the TV. All of the ports on the tv work as demonstrated by the Roku box...
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    Solved! Unstable HDR signal from PC to 4k Samsung TV????

    I’m at my whits end trying to figure this out I am trying to pass a 4k/60hz/HDR signal from my computer to my TV using a newly purchased HDMI 2.0b cable. The HDMI is connected to my Gigabyte G1 GTX 1080 through 2.0b capable HDMI port, routed through a 30ft new HDMI 2.0b cable (link posted...
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    Solved! Pub wants to watch rugby on two tvs

    My pub is showing Rugby soon and they want to have two tvs but I only have one amazon stick. Would it be possible to plug the amazon stick in to a female hdmi that splits in to two male hdmi cables and I can hook them in the two tvs? Like this but hdmi insted of usb...
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    Solved! Roku premiere hookup old TV

    Trying to hook up Roku premiere to old Mitsubishi TV no hdmi going through VCR. Have yellow red white babies still getting nothing! Using VCR source
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    Solved! I have a Lg tv does fire sticks work with this tv no sound

    Need help with fire stick sound I have a Lg tv
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    Does the 1080i HDTV have USB ports

    Does the 1080i HDTV have USB ports
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    factory reset without code

    how to factory reset a samsung smart tv without security code
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    Solved! Projecting for Golf simulator

    I have a projector with native 16:9 aspect ratio 1920 x 1080p. My screen is 151" W x 108" H. The best use of the screen is a 16:10 aspect ratio. My computer monitor is capable of displaying 2560 x 1440. My graphics card is GeForce GTX 1080 w/ 8gbddr. should I create a 1920 x 1010...
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    Solved! Issues with 55" Sony Bravia LCD

    I have a 55" Sony Bravia LCD purchased 8 years ago. When I turn it on half the screen is black and the other half has vertical lines. I tried a new HDMI cable and it worked. Turned it off for the night and back to the same problem the next day. Is there a solution or is my TV ready for the...
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    Solved! Much is a 32 inch vizo flat screen TV worth at a pawn shop

    32 inch vizo flat screen TV worth at a pawn shop.
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    Solved! My fire stick remote is not working on my tv

    When I press for channel to change it does not move.
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    Solved! How to turn off I ternet on Toshiba 4K smart TV

    I bought my mom a Toshiba 4K smart TV for Christmas. She lives in Florida I live in Chicago. We got a friend to help her hang it on the wall and set it up. The screen keeps popping up asking her for a password. She does not have Internet at her home only cable TV through Comcast. This happens...
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    LG OLED 4K no sound no img

    Hi I recently bought oled65w8 4K LG TV But now no sound no image i just see the orange light help PLs
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    Solved! If you have the model number for your TV, and it still can not pick it up...then what?

    I found the model TV...and tried to use it and search it. Nothing comes up. Now, what should I do?
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    Solved! I have a lg TV dosnt have output I want to connect some pa speakers what can I do?

    I have a lg TV is a 8 years old dosnt have output I want to connect some pa speakers what can I do?
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    Solved! contact tv manufacturer

    hello, Would anyone know contact details / email etc for the TV company DigiHome, I beleive they can be purchased via Amason, Argos, Currys eyc, but I cant track down any technical help Thanks All
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    From last day, My Samsung led has red vertical line near to the left side of TV... Tried everything but still no change..

    From last day, My Samsung led has red vertical line near to the left side of TV... Tried everything but still no change... Even after switch off i can observe one line on display.... Does anybody has any idea what could be the reason
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    Solved! how do i connect samsung j7 prime with mini projector

    I have a mini projector. I want to connect it with my samsung J7 Prime. What is the solusion ?
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    Solved! Connecting Car Speakers To Home Theater

    Hey everyone, I have been using the speakers mentioned below as my computer speakers for a looooong time and I also got some car speakers about 8 years ago that I never installed or even opened. I was thinking about using them as pc speakers with my current surround sound system and was...
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    Solved! New Android TV Box Not supported by Onkyo Receiver, But old (1.5-2 years) box is> why?

    Bought a new Android TV Box, and the Onkyo apparently "Does Not Support Device". I bought this one after another Android TV Box, the "T-9" came back with the same message. I have had one TV Box, the "Zoomtak" that worked fine for almost 2 years, unfortunately it was just outdated and no longer...
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    Solved! Netflix app on Roku and Samsung HW850N soundbar

    We have a Roku device plugged straight into our soundbar and use this to watch most of our smart apps. Sound works perfectly fine until Netflix auto changes to the next episode at whcih point all audio for Roku drops out. This includes the sound effects on the Roku main menu when scroll through...
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    Solved! Long HDMI Run

    I need to run an hdmi signal over 40ft. I wanted to know what the most practical and cost effective solution would be. I've read about hdmi over cat and active hdmi cables, but I am not sure what brands to trust and what would deliver the best results. I need to be able to transmit at least...
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    Solved! connecting external speakers to Sharp TV

    I have an older Sharp TV (LC-46D62U)that I am trying to connect to Klipsh analog speakers. When I connect them I hear sound from the TV speakers only. When I go to the menu to direct the sound to the speakers, no options shows up for sending the audio through the external speakers. The owners...
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    Solved! need youtube pairing code for Imperial 32 inch tv please. help

    the version of youtube that is on the tv is kind of weird!! It is very buggy and it does not have the option (link with TV code) that i am suppose see in the settings for pairing with my phone. please help
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    Solved! I have jvc dvd player xv-s502 that will only play b&w on new Samsung uhd7 series...can you help?

    I have jvc dvd player xv-s502 that will only play b&w on new Samsung uhd7 series...can you help?
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    Solved! Blind AD user husband and sighted wife want new TV with headphone only AD!!!

    My husband is blind and has been using wired headphones from a Panasonic TV (all old tech we want to upgrade now) we like to watch TV together but I don't want the AD it's very annoying. We only have space for 43" screen. Can this work with a Blue Tooth connection to new headphones for him...
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    Solved! Home theatre solution

    How can I get Dolby digtial sound from my motherboard which is gigabyte h61m s1 my home theatre has a optical in but my motherboard didn't have a optical out it has a 3.5mm output only can we add a sound card or what to get 5.1 output pls help......
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    Solved! Optical tv to hdmi sound bar

    I have a Samsung TV with optical out and a Panasonic sound bar with both optical and hdmi input. I do have hdmi input on my TV but it will not send sound through to soundbar, the only way I can get sound from TV to soundbar us through optical cable but it does not produce such a good sound as if...
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    Solved! Using USB memory stick to record tv

    Hi everyone! I have a LG 55uj634v TV and I am trying to use an ordinary USB memory stick to record video. What happens is that most recordings end abruptly after a few minutes (5 to 10 mins) even if the tv is on. LG tech support say that PVR recording works reliably only if the destination...
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    Solved! convert HDMI to USB at 4k resolution and surround sound capability

    How can I convert an HDMI output from streaming devices like Roku or Amazon Fire into a USB input? I want to connect streaming device like Roku to USB input of 4k Blu Ray player.
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    Solved! Amazon video stopped working on Samsung

    Two days ago, my Amazon video services topped working on my Samsung Smart ?tv Model number UE32ES550. I have contacted both Samsung and Amazon, and still not sorted the problem. When I go to the App on the tv, it tells me to go to Amazon customer services. Here is what I have tried so far: 1...
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    blaupunkd tv not turning on

    tv not turning on past standby, not remote batteries, been getting worse and worse, now it is stuck on red. tried resetting etc, still no joy
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    Samsung tv blinks backlight but doesnt turn on

    My samsung curved 55" UN55KS9500FXZC wont show picture. The backlight flicks on and off like it's trying to turn on but never does. I opened up the back and cant see any damage or blown capacitors. When I disconnect the main board from the power board the screen stops flashing and the backlight...
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    Solved! My vizo TVE48 - C 2 Power on and off button is broken and I don't have a remote how can I get my TV on?

    My video TV model number E48 - C 2 Power button is broken and I have no remote how do I get my TV powered back on?
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    Solved! Connect roku with male hdmi to coax 75 ohm tv input (adapter)?

    I am wanting to find a solution to connect Roku Streaming stick with HDMI (Male) to 75 Ohm coax TV input? Is there an adapter / or converter to:do this at a reasonable price?
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    Solved! Cost of lg42lm6420 screen

    My of TV screen cracked. It is Lg 42lm6410 TV. What is the cost of the screen. It I want to sell the screen cracked TV, what is the cost I may get. Where I have to sell it.
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    Solved! LG smart TV - power button problem

    Why is my LG smart TV power is coming on an off with no Picture or sounds. A few days ago it would show a black Screen but no p
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    Solved! westinghouse smart tv

    my new westinghouse smart tv is turning off because of the timer feature..... but I checked..... and the sleep mode is off. is this smart tv faulty???? cheers!!
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    Solved! The red light is on but when I push power I get nothing plus I have no remote to it and it's lock

    Got this TV with out a remote also the said it was locked the red light is on but when I push power I get nothing
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    Solved! Strange freezing problem when connect HDMI to TV

    My plasma TV does not recognize computers with HDMI but recognize a blueray player. I have a strange problem between: - Dell Plasma TV - Acer Laptop with Geforce GTX 1050ti GPU and - Samsung Laptop with the only built-in graphics card - A Blu-ray disc player - Firstly, I connected to Samsung...
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    Solved! No sound but picture

    I have a older philips Tv and I have a picture but no sound how can I fix it ?
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    Amazon prime video

    When I open the app on my tv it shows that its loading and then the app never shows anything but a black screen and I tried using chrome cast it gave me the subs and audio from my show and the image of pause and play and all that but no show so idk how to do this plus I just got the tv today