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  1. K

    Solved! Projector stereo help

    Hi. Please help connecting projector to stereo if still possible. Note: in projector pic, one of the inputs just broke and half of the connector bit is stuck in there. Is it at all possible to still connect anything for stereo sound? I have a pic but don’t know how to attach it. thanks
  2. S

    Website Mouse Protection

    I'm running Windows 10, x86, on my Lenovo laptop. Today, I read an article about "Partnerstroka", the malware that hijacks the JavaScript and your mouse. That reminded me of a phenomenon that I am experiencing more and more, even on this great site, where, every single time you move your mouse...
  3. T

    I need help with choosing a coding language to learn.

    Hey, person, I'd like to learn how to code. Where do I start? This would be my 2nd programming language i learn, the first was GML, it's not used outside of GMS. GMS is for games only, i'd like to make programs I want a really easy to learn and useful language, i am 13 and i am looking to make...
  4. N

    How do you do the CodeHS All Star exercise in the Basic JavaScript and Graphics unit?

    I don't know how to do the code for the CodeHs All Star (2.8.6) exercise from the Basic JavaScript and Graphics unit.
  5. A

    What is the purpose of this Javascript?

    Would look into myself but on a pretty hectic deadline at the moment. I'm working for a company and found this javascript (I think) at the beginning of a script, what does it do? in particular I'm curious about the purpose of the email address (which has been edited for privacy) and the mention...
  6. S

    Javascript Functions & Array Help

    I have to write this program for a school project and I've been stumped quite well. The assignment is: I have limited knowledge of Javascript and I cant really go further with things such as loops. My code so far: Anybody have an idea on how to do...
  7. anustarique

    Jquery Queation Want Help

    1.which attribute is required to define the path of library of JQuery? 2.Write the correct type of JQuery from the following List? C Library C++ Library Java Library Javascript Library Please i Need Answer
  8. alanps

    Export Excel as HTML

    Hey everyone, I need to place a few Excel cells and formulas into a website with the capability of showing the output when you change some data. I've read that I'd need a javascript addon or something but I don't understand quite much. Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. D

    How To Start With New Website

    I want website for making favicons, something like onlinefavicon <<Original link removed by moderator>> Please, any suggestion how to start Thanks in advance
  10. S

    Javascript help does anyone understand this?

    So, I have been working with javascript. I was looking up how to read a txt file line by line using javascript and came across this answer. Can anyone explain how this works line by line? Without jQuery: document.getElementById('file').onchange = function(){ var file =...
  11. C

    Firefox V50 - Javascript Popup blocked

    Hi, Ever since upgrading our Citrix image to FF v 50, we're unable to add documents via our Dynamics website. When clicking the add document button, it is saying "Popup blocked: *URL*" When running it in admin mode, it works fine, but It's not reporting any errors/causes as to why it doesn't...
  12. R

    The System Cannot Find the Path Specified

    *Not sure if right category* I'm currently trying to Change Directory in Cmd to C:\Users\Jake\Desktop\JavaScriptP5 (And the file is Hello(.js)) but when I try to "cd" this into Cmd it brings the error "The System Cannot Find the Path Specified" but it is typed correctly. I've tried all sorts of...
  13. D

    How to get rid of "JavaScript error occurred in the main process" message

    So I use my laptop for gaming and I tried to download a skype-like app called Discord. During my download an error occurred and I never even opened the app before I tried taking it off my computer. Now every time I turn my laptop on I get a message saying "a JavaScript error occurred in the...
  14. L

    CodeHS JavaScript Help

    Can someone help me with this problem? Write a function called `isEven` that returns a boolean of whether or not a value is even or odd. The `isEven` function should not print anything out or return a number. It should only take in a number and return a boolean. For example, if you made a call...
  15. F

    Javascript Popup Scam

    Hello, So I was just browsing when I got a message popup on the screen quite clearly the work of a scam artist but I was just wondering how far it goes and if I need to do a system restore/reinstall. So here it goes. The message pops up basically trying to scare me into paying this d**k head...
  16. O

    Portable Laptop School $500

    1. What is your budget? $500; not much wiggle room. Would love for it to be less though. The less expensive the better! Willing to buy refurbished to save. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? For portability, I think 13 inch is perfect. I will consider 11 and 15 inch...
  17. Koudai2008

    I'm having a problem using Javascript inside a link button in C# in Visual Studio 2010.

    I'm still new to ASP.NET, but I've worked in classic ASP a bit beforehand. I worked a tutorial that I found on youtube about how to create a social networking site (not the next Facebook, just something to get me started), but I've run into a problem when trying to use javascript in a link...
  18. V

    What does mathematics and physics have to do with programming?

    I am a basic programmer. I know some programming languages like VB, C++, Java, Javascript, Php etc. I have heard that maths and physics play a lot of role in programming but how?
  19. The_Freeman

    Is this hacking...

    Is using the javascript command: javascript: document.body.contentEditable = 'true'; document.designMode = 'on'; void 0 on a webpage hacking? Yes or No and why?
  20. E

    how to deploy java web application?

    For a web application developed using HTML5,javascript, and JSP. how can we deploy .war file online to test the application.
  21. viveknayyar007

    Why In My Dreamweaver 7.0, Live Preview is No More Executing JavaScript and Validations?

    Dreamweaver 7.0 has improved the GUI experience of their users while maintaining the efficient functionality and flexible operability at the same time. Dreamweaver very smartly blends the view section of the home screen between different modes like Code, Split and Live Preview. The Live Preview...
  22. ivideo1011

    How to make an Android App?

    I want to create an Android app, but I can't find any updated tutorials. Is there a simple tutorial that I could use? I'm really interested in developing apps, I even started taking Java classes because of it. I just don't know where to start.
  23. Orogi

    Why Do I Have To Block Javascript To Block 1 or 2 Lines Of Code?

    Speaking within the context of anonymity and security, I know that one or two lines may not be the truth but in any case the question is the same. If I have a house and I realize that the windows are the weakest point, I don't fill them in with cement. I look for a way to make them secure like...
  24. exfileme

    Firefox 22 Launches, Supports Unreal Engine 3

    Firefox 22 has gone stable, bringing WebRTC and Unreal Engine 3 support to the Firefox masses. Firefox 22 Launches, Supports Unreal Engine 3 : Read more
  25. myersjohnar

    help needed on my laptop

    i have a latop that only turn on when i run it for about 15 miniutes in order for it to heat up to display can anyone help me on this i dont know what is the problem.
  26. exfileme

    Mozilla Intros JavaScript Optimized for Web Gaming; WebGL Updated

    Mozilla has successfully ported Epic's Unreal Engine 3 to the web using optimized JavaScript. Mozilla Intros JavaScript Optimized for Web Gaming; WebGL Updated : Read more
  27. R

    Javascript not working on any browser

    I have facing the problem in html coding for table ailegnment in different Browser Plz suggest
  28. W

    Acer troubleshooting

    Hello, I am having trouble with my javascript My laptop says to enable but javascript is already enabled. How do I fix it
  29. S

    JQuery click function

    Hi people, can you tell me what I'm doing wrong here? The following is opening in a Fancybox iframe lightbox: <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript">...
  30. S

    Find and replace in Javascript

    Hello people, I have this function: function flip_image() { var zoomed_image = document.getElementById('zoomed_image').src; var zoomed_link = document.getElementById('zoomed_link').href; if ("-back") > 0) { zoomed_image.replace(".jpg","-back.jpg")...
  31. Z

    Google Boasts its Chrome is 26% Faster Than Last Year's

    JavaScript benchmark test called "Octane" gave the numbers. Google Boasts its Chrome is 26% Faster Than Last Year's : Read more
  32. C

    Learing another language just by reading code

    So basicly I am a young developer and I have written code with c++ c# pytyhon java and javascript Making many things. But could you learn a whole language based on what you know already to understand a whole language just by reading code examples?? --Cavan
  33. jappe66

    How to block a certain Javascript?

    So I'm using a website builder application provided by my web host. I wanted to add a slideshow of images with JS and now it won't let me edit the front page anymore. The website builder uses Javascript as well so blocking JS from Chrome's settings won't help. Is there any way to block a certain...
  34. L

    Javascript won't load - Firefox

    Javascript won't load on this one website. When I click certain buttons, nothing happens. Everything was working fine yesterday. I haven't changed anything since then. I've tried everything. I restarted Firefox in Safe Mode, etc. Nothing works. The site works fine with other browsers...
  35. D

    Keylogging Tool for Programming

    I was recently hired to write JavaScript for application atomization and was wondering what good, free, preferably open source, key-logging software is out there? If this questions inappropriate for this forum, could someone please direct me to a website/forum that it wouldn't be. Thanks.
  36. huntsman

    Html code, need help aligning head banner

    Hey everyone not sure if this is in the right place, but i need help with aligning my banner. Its currently to high up and i would like to bring it down so its next to kz komputers. take a look at it so you know what im talking about. <center>[<script...
  37. exfileme

    Free Online JavaScript Tutorial a Hit, Gets 2.5M Injection

    A site offering JavaScript lessons for free just received a 2.5 million investment to expand. Free Online JavaScript Tutorial a Hit, Gets 2.5M Injection : Read more
  38. G

    Firefox Gets Big JavaScript Improvements

    Mozilla is working on its JavaScript engine again and has announced that type interference support has landed in Mozilla-central. Firefox Gets Big JavaScript Improvements : Read more
  39. jacobboe89

    Quest satellite/surround speakers

    has any one tried these javascript:; quest satellite speakers
  40. G

    Linux Emulator That Runs In Your Web Browser

    JavaScript is showing off more of its potential as French developer Fabrice Bellard published a PC emulator using the platform. Linux Emulator That Runs In Your Web Browser : Read more
  41. G

    Mozilla Announces New Firefox JavaScript Engine

    It appears as if Firefox 4 has grown old over the past few weeks it has been available. Mozilla Announces New Firefox JavaScript Engine : Read more
  42. G

    Researcher: Chrome Is The Slowest JavaScript Browser

    It has been no secret that JavaScript benchmarks are usually very biased and fine-tuned toward the talents of the browser you would want to shine. Researcher: Chrome Is The Slowest JavaScript Browser : Read more
  43. R

    Javscript help

    Hey, If anybody is knowledgeable, I really could use some help here. I'm trying to write a script that makes it so that when using a screen width of 1280 or lower, Google shows one ad at the top of the page. With screen widths over 1280, it shows 2 ads along the side of the screen. I've...
  44. tuanmai

    New Firefox Beta 3x Faster Than Current Firefox

    Firefox 4 Beta 7 Boasts huge performance enhancements, including a brand new JägerMonkey JavaScript engine. New Firefox Beta 3x Faster Than Current Firefox : Read more
  45. JMcEntegart

    Smokescreen Renders Flash in JavaScript

    No Flash support? No problem! Smokescreen Renders Flash in JavaScript : Read more
  46. exfileme

    Opera CEO Says We Don't Need Silly Flash

    With HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the Internet doesn't need Flash. Opera CEO Says We Don't Need Silly Flash : Read more
  47. exfileme

    Hardware-Accelerated HTML5 Coming in IE9

    Internet Explorer 9 will take advantage of HTML5 and a new JavaScript engine. Hardware-Accelerated HTML5 Coming in IE9 : Read more
  48. exfileme

    New Firefox Alpha Provides Faster JavaScript

    Mozilla released the latest alpha of Firefox 3.6. New Firefox Alpha Provides Faster JavaScript : Read more
  49. exfileme

    HP Develops Browser-Based Darknet

    HP plans to demonstrate the power behind JavaScript using a browser-based darknet. HP Develops Browser-Based Darknet : Read more
  50. G

    JScript commented code

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) We run a web application (written with HTML and Javascript) in PPC 2002 quite successfully. Now we have bought 15 new PDA's which are Dell Axim's PPC 2003 and none on my Javascript functions work unless I remove all my Javascript...
  51. G


    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) hi, can I change background color of table cell with javascript? I place = "Yellow"; but doesn't work... thanks
  52. G

    Javascript problem

    I'm running a JavaScript on my site that's working like a mouse-over. when the mouse is moved on it (links, in my case) the image changes to another. Everyone else seems to see it correctly... but it takes some while until it opens on my computer. Does anyibe has any advice to get it working on...