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  1. B

    streaming with Kodi and HD surround sound

    If I stream my mkv videos through Kodi, will the HD surround sound such as DTS HD MA be streamed as well? I would like to stream my movie selection from my Windows 10 PC to an android device such as Shield TV through my receiver.
  2. EPiC-PoTaTo-chiP

    Convert ISO to MKV

    Hi! I've downloaded the first 3 episodes of Planet Earth 2 in 4k. The files are .rar files at first, so i have to unpack them, but when i do this, it packs all of the files (about 60 files) into 1 large .iso file. After these steps, I can't convert the .iso file to mkv. I'm sure I'm doing...
  3. P

    Bluetooth connected to comp plays mp3 but won't have sound from comp videos Avi,mp4 or mkv

    Help with Bluetooth video audio
  4. K

    best tvs for movie files, ie, mkv, etc.

    Is there any brand that plays all movie formats?
  5. S

    How to Play .MKV Files On Roku?

    The Roku system is one of the most used in setup boxes which offers many channels for free, and other channels can be viewed with the help of a subscription. The player incorporated into the Roku system allows users to play their videos as well as audio files. Along with the media player, it...
  6. M

    Does anyone know if there is software to write mkv files to an UHD blu ray?

    .265 MKVs that is. And it have menus(probably crude menus, but at least a list that orders the files and has a description for each) and so author it in this way so that a future player might be able to play it just like a blu ray (probably made by whoever wrote the burner software?
  7. K

    Streaming NAS on Roku

    I have files on a NAS type device, (Actually just a hard drive for file storage) Ican't get MKV files to stream with Roku Media Player on my Roku. It gives me errors. But My ROKU TV in my bedroom plays them fine. Any ideas? This is being sent VIA Wi-Fi to the ROKU. They are MVK files on the same...
  8. K

    Can I use HDMI cables for files with mkv format to my TV?

    TVs can't read .mkv formats it says invalid audio codec. Changing the format could only lower the quality of the video so I am planning to buy HDMI cable and connect my laptop to my TV since laptops can read .mkv files. Will it work? I really wanted to watch it on my tv for a larger display and...
  9. M

    Bluray Player can't play Dolby Atmos movies (.mkv format)

    Hello I have recently bought a new home theater package (Onkyo HT-S5805). My AV receiver is connected with LG Bluray player (BP420). I have downloaded some Dolby Atmos demos from the internet and played it via external hard disk through my bluray player and they ran fine but when I tried to...
  10. A

    mkv format wont play

    i have movies download from internet which is all MKV format,i download almost every player known there such as VLC,GOM,KMPLAYER,BS PLAYER etc..none of them play this movies,i download K-lite codec pack just to ensure thats the problem but still failure with this Mkv format,all other video...
  11. X

    Plex on Roku Premiere + codec errors

    I have plex on my PS4 and it plays files (.mkv and .mov) without errors. The Roku though cannot play certain .mkv files. The error indicates the required codec cannot load. I'm not sure what the problem could be as other .mkv files can play okay. Any ideas or is the plex app playback issues on...
  12. a cooperator

    Media Players couldn't play a .MKV file

    Hi Everyone! I have downloaded a .MKV file from internet, and it has file size of 35.7 MB. When I had tried opening it with some of Media Players, such as Movie and TV, this error "Cannot play because the items's file format isn't supported" was shown. Windows Media Player, this error "Windows...
  13. O

    Choppy video 1080p .mkv file with vlc (no audio problems; no issues playing 1080p YouTube videos)

    I'm trying to watch a 1080p movie that I saved on my laptop, but there are isues with the video. The first portion is animated, and that plays fine, but as soon as the live-action part starts, the video lags, gets all pixelly, and the colors are distorted. No issues with the audio at any point...
  14. D

    Sir,I need Help

    Sir i want to know how to convert a .mkv file to .mp4 without loosing quality!! Is it possibe?-----------------ThankYou
  15. S

    mkv formate please

    download the side of free download tell me please
  16. D

    MKV File to San Disk

    Saved MKV files to San Disk only sound will play no video.
  17. V

    Samsung KU6000 issue - mkv always shown subtitles

    Hi everyone, I've buyed a brand new 60'' ku6000. It works fine, but I've experimented a very annoying issue. When I play an mkv from the integrated usb media reader it always show me the subtitles, I need to go in settings->subtitle->OFF. Subtitles are OFF in the general cofiguration (but this...
  18. breaker9320

    Acquiring a Smart TV for the first time

    Hello ladies and gents. So lately I've been thinking of getting a Smart TV for myself which I will mostly use to watch Netflix and other stuff from my USB Stick. Now, I have been looking for the past couple of days around the internet and noticed that Smart TV's have a problem playing different...
  19. F

    4k oled mkv help please

    Bought a tv way out of my price range cause..yolo? anyway its an OLED 55c6p to test it out i have some 4k mkv files. Hooking the usb directly to the tv the files worked.. hooking it through my bluray player which is hdmi'd to the tv gave an error for invalid resolution. That method (hdd to...
  20. Y

    Sony Vegas Pro 13 keeps destroying my audio file HELP!

    Hey guys. I wanted to import mkv file to Sony Vegas Pro, but naturally the <mod edit> app doesn't support it. So I had to extract the raw mkv file separately (video and audio files separated into 2 files), then I merged them together into a single file with AVC video and AAC audio codec. It...
  21. R

    MKV Files have audio but no video

    I just began dualbooting Zorin OS (linux distro based on ubuntu) alongside windows 8.1. The only issue I have is that MKV files will not have any picture when they play, only audio. I've tried VLC and smplayer. Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this? When I play the same file with...
  22. N

    Unable to play videos (VLC, YouTube, MPC-HC etc.)

    Problem: ------------------ I can't play videos, including ordinary video files and any type of YouTube video. I've so far tried mp4, webm, YouTube and mkv. None of these work. The files won't play in VLC, MPC-HC or Windows Media Player and webm doesn't work in any of these including chrome...
  23. S

    Xbox One DTS-MA MKV Workaround?

    I'm new to everything involving codecs, transcoding, ripping, etc. so please take it easy on me here. Anyways, I purchased a 4Tb HDD, turned it into a NAS, and ripped my entire blu ray collection through MakeMKV onto the HDD. I did this so I could watch uncompressed movies on my home theater...
  24. C

    Can Samsung UE46C9005 play mkv AND srt files?

    Hi all. I am maybe going to buy a Samsung UE46C9005, but I'm unsure if I can stream mkv and srt files to it? I got the mkv/srt file on a Synology nas, so I wonder if it will be possible to get the subs from the srt file to show while watching the movie? All my movies are ripped to the nas in a...
  25. C

    MKV Player to rule them all

    So both VLC and MPC are stuttering and failing terribly at playing MKV files. MPC tends to be a smoother experience, but still tends to drop a few frames here and there. This generally happens after I've paused the video, and usually encounter few problems when I don't pause. However, my...
  26. C

    PowerDVD 14 sound but no picture

    I am trying to play .mkv files which your product information says can be played with powerdvd, I get sound but no picture. What do I need to do?
  27. Y

    Samsung 'Smart' TV MKV 1080p from USB impossible?!

    Some 1080p mkv videos (around 8 gig) won't play on Samsung UA40F6400KXXT. Playback source is Western digital 2TB Passport HDD, plugged in USB. I read that due to FAT32 limitations, files >4 gig can't be played back properly. However, once I copied said files to a NTFS formatted USB stick, still...
  28. U

    best video player

    best video player for hd 1080p videos and hd and high bitrate mkv fomat
  29. nokturrduk84

    Chapters in mkv file. What they do?

    Hi, can anyone explain me what chapters do in mkv file? What is their goal?
  30. G

    Laptop keeps shutting down alone

    So for a few days now my laptop hasn't been working properly. I have a Vaio Duo 13 and I download movies on it from utorrent. I use Kaspersky anti virus thingy to check every time if there's a virus or anything but it always says 0 threats. For example, I downloaded a movie and it was in an...
  31. rimartic

    guide me about video converting softwares

    Hi i usually use ( WinAVI All in one converter ) for converting specially DVD to MKV and i watch movies on smart phone or TV .now questions: 1- when i'm choosing HD MKV format , it has (MPEG4-video -- Z med;:MPEG4-encoder -- Xvid encoder -- H.264/AVC -- MPEG4-Microsoft variant version 3 -- VP8...
  32. S

    MKV conversion question :(

    I want a good way to convert an MKV to MP4 or WMV or whatever with minimal quality loss. Please help :(
  33. A

    Subtitle problem on LED tv

    I wanted to watch MKV files from an external hard drive (USB 3.0), and in the same file I added the corresponding subtitles (with the same name), but when I connect the USB device to my samsung LED tv, and I play one of the video files, there are no subtitles and even if I press the subtitles...
  34. S

    Solved! Super acting stupid

    I tried to convert an mp4 file to mkv using Super Video Converter; when i hit 'encode file', the programs closes out. any help? thanks
  35. S

    Problems playing mkv's on HTPC

    Hi all. I am in need of some help in getting mkv movies to play smoothly on my HTPC. The spec is as follows ; Asrock z68 extreme 4 gen 3 motherboard 120gb ssd (for os and programs only) Intel i3 2100 processor running @ 3.1ghz 4gb ram Windows 7 Ultimate Power DVD 13 All media is from a home...
  36. J

    Questions & Help With Handbrake / Make MKV?

    Hey guys, I recently purchased an extra hardrive and am in the process of turning it into a NAS for my family and I to enjoy. I am interested in ripping all of our blu-rays and storing them on said drive. After some research it appears the easiest way to do it is to use make mkv to put the...
  37. K

    Problem with h/w decoding in Android

    I'm having problem playing a video using several players. I've tried mx player, bs player, dice player etc. and it just can't play the video using h/w decoding. It plays with s/w decoding though but the video stutters and pretty much not watchable already. The file format is .mkv, I've...
  38. Y

    Opening mkv bluray

    downloaded the hobbit 1080p bluray, it opens with vlc media play and works. but was wondering if vlc displays it as it should( in terms of quality) or do i need another program to play 1080p bluray files as they should be played.( its .mkv) Thanks
  39. S

    Media streamers play subtitle files?

    Can media streamers plays srt files (subtitles) whilst watchin a video thats mp4,avi,mkv etc?
  40. K

    How to Convert a Video to .mkv (Compressed Format) / How to Convert Videos using Freemake

    How to Convert a Video to .mkv (Compressed Format) Introduction Compressing video's to .mkv fortmat is commonly used and in this tutorial, an individual will learn exactly how to do that. Step 1 Download Freemake's Free Video Converter. This was featured in one of Tom's articles. Step 2...
  41. L

    My Samsung TV won't play some mkv files

    Hi. My Samsung TV won't play certain mkv files it's maybe 1/20 mkv files. I've tried using mkvmerge GUI and set all the tracks' compression to none but it still won't play... Here's what MediaInfo says: General Unique ID : 212950882902634017169609341304002930875...
  42. A

    MKV files are really laggy and bad quality

    Okay, so I have a Dell Dimension 2400, and recently I installed windows 7 on it, so I download VLC and a bunch of moves in MKV format, and they are extremely laggy and bad quality/unwatachable. I have tried windows media player, and media player classic, I have also have K-Lite codec pack. Also...
  43. A

    User-friendly home theater setup for local media and Netflix?

    I'm trying to find a home theater setup that will satisfy the following requirements. ■ user-friendly interface so my non-tech-savvy Mom can use ■ 1080p Netflix support (that's user-friendly, unlike the hacks required in XBMC) ■ smooth playback of local media, 1080p x264 MKV videos in 10bit...
  44. G

    Major lag playing 1080p MKV videos on VLC

    Ok, I know my computer is old and I really need to build something newer, but I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to get this to work in the mean time. I have a old Dell XPS 400 with 4 gs of Ram and a new 120 gb SSD. I'm running Windows 7 64 bit and I have an 1 terabyte WD My Book that...
  45. S

    How can i preserve subtitles when converting with Handbrake?

    99% of the time when converting videos that have subtitles from MKV to Mp4, the subtitles get messed up. They're either surrounded by a black box or a string of random symbols. Here are some examples:
  46. Azteck

    What is best to play MKV files

    Wondering what is best to play MKV files for a media center? Can you play them through windows media center also?
  47. G

    10 Tools for Creating and Editing MKVs

    Wondering what an MKV is? Fret not, as we'll explain the media "container" format while listing 10 tools designed to work with it. 10 Tools for Creating and Editing MKVs : Read more
  48. D

    How to strip and save audio track from mkv?

    I have an entire season of Clannad with all the episodes in .mkv format. I play these files with VLC media player, and they have an english audio track and a japanese audio track; I watch with the english audio track. I also happen to have another set of Clannad episodes, but in higher...
  49. N

    How do I use .MKV files?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum area, but idk where it would be asked.. But anyways, I downloaded some movies which are .MKV files. Zune or Windows Media Player don't support that. How do I watch it on my pc? Do I need a special program? Any help would be appreciated
  50. L

    Quality loss - MKV to AVI

    Hello Everybody: I have a simple question which is how does converting an MKV or an MP4 file to AVI will affect it's quality? Another related question is, why do the MKV and MP4 files are so common when only a few DVD players can actually play them. Thank you. By the way, if this thread...
  51. R

    .mkv files have very low background noise only speech is audible

    .mkv files have very low background noise only speech is audible when i play it in jet audio.. but it is fine when i play it in VLC... I installed Community Codec pack but to no avail?? Plz Help...
  52. T

    Dvd conversion

    can anyone tell me how to store mkv files in dvd & watch them in dvd players as mkv format is not supported by dvd players??
  53. D

    Mkv-to-avi video choppy

    Hello, I used a few MKV-to-AVI converters but they all produced choppy videos after conversion. Does anyone know of a freeware converter that doesn't produce choppy videos?
  54. T

    Streaming mkv files

    Hey all, I use my laptop and my PS3 for video streaming via my home network for content on my computer tower. I'm having a problem because my laptop setup (via USB to DVI adapter) doesn't have the juice to run mkv files smoothly and the PS3 doesn't recognize the file format. Which of the...
  55. B

    Media Player

    Hi thinking of getting a media player to put all my dvds on fed up prowling through the cupboard to find one, I have this one in mind any views. AC Ryan Playon!HD Essential 500GB - FullHD Mediaplayer plays MKV - H.264 - RM/RMVB
  56. K

    Solved! Looking for a decent media player to stream MKV via DLNA

    I wanted the capability of streaming MKV files off my pc on to my hdtv in the living room so i bought the Sony smp-n100 but soon realised it only plays mkv thru USB device and not over DLNA. So I promptly returned it. Is there such a device that will play mkv via DLNA over wifi or wired...
  57. rollaballinc

    ISO to MKV

    i was wondering if there was an easy way to convert iso's or images of discs that i have made to 1 hd 1080p mkv file.
  58. rollaballinc

    ISO to MKV conversion

    ok heres what i have ... 2 vts files and i want to convert them to 1 mkv file or wmv .. Is there a converter program out there that will merge these two vts files and make them 1 mkv ?
  59. johnb0118

    MKV to DVD

    I was wondering what program can convert an mkv file to an ISO or burn straight to a DVD. Thanks in advance!
  60. F

    Converting MKV to Mp4

    Okay so I have a bunch of movies that I am converting from mkv to mp4 so i can play them on my ps3. All these movies are blu ray 720p or 1080p and whenever I convert them the quality seems to degrade no matter what converter I use. Currently im using Xilisoft HD Converter and I put the quality...