mkv format wont play


Oct 5, 2017
i have movies download from internet which is all MKV format,i download almost every player known there such as VLC,GOM,KMPLAYER,BS PLAYER etc..none of them play this movies,i download K-lite codec pack just to ensure thats the problem but still failure with this Mkv format,all other video formats play normal...any solutions????


Jan 10, 2006
MKV is a container, it contains video and audio encoded in a wide variety of different ways, to solve it you need to buy the content that you are downloading and make the MKV's yourself, then you'll know what they are.

As stated above, mkv is just a container format. The encoding of the video inside it can be almost anything.

As for players, there is basically VLC and everything else. Every player just uses the codecs installed in Windows to play video. So Gom, KMPlayer, etc. are actually all doing the same thing - using the K-Lite codec pack you installed to decode the video. The exception is VLC which uses its own built-in codecs. These two cover just about every possible video format out there.

So if a video won't play with VLC and with a codec pack like K-Lite installed, then more than likely the video file is corrupt, or isn't an actual video (could be malware disguised as a video - there have been exploits which relied on Windows' media preview function to get you to "run" the malware without actually double-clicking it).

If you trust the source and you're absolutely sure this is a video, grab a copy of Media Info (use the portable non-installer version to avoid adware installation). Drag and drop the mkv onto it and it should tell you what codec the video and audio inside requires.

The Paladin

is the file H.264 or H.265 encoded ? ? either way I agree, if VLC doesn't run it, chances are the files you downloaded was a poorly generated or bogus pirate version of the files you should of gotten from a better source, where did you download the file from ?


Sep 22, 2017
Strange! Well, till now I didn't find that type of error that no one player does play it. Maybe that file corrupt. Try to download from any other site
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