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  1. M

    MSN Backgammon trashed

    why does if disfunction so much ?it keeps 2 pages going and covering each other odd indeed
  2. D

    Solved! i removed malware from my pc

    i downloaded and installed msn game manager but after authorizing it to install kaspersky notification popped up telling me to disinfect and remove malware (msn game manager?) i rebooted and deleted malware said from kaspersky. After Running and Rerunning full system scans with kaspersky, i got...
  3. securityman

    Adding New Laptop to Home

    Just gave my wife a new HP laptop with Win10. I have a yearly paid MSN account. Can she register her laptop in her name and use account from my PC? Or...should we register both as a single user? I am the administrator on home PC but I would like her to be Administrator on her "personal" laptop...
  4. E

    MSN popped out of no where this morning

    This really may be nothing, but it's really bugging me. I went to sleep this morning at 4am with my computer on. I woke up at 8 and when i turn the monitor on my browser had a msn tab I didn't even open. When I checked the history it said it opened on 6:46 am. Is this just a stupid pop up or...
  5. J

    MSN Free Games Ad tab keeps opening up atuomatically

    To my knowlege I haven't downloaded any games from MSN games or sought this site out during any search but it keeps randomly opening up it's website in Google Chrome.
  6. L

    MSN mail: why does it make you wait a month to view recent activity after security change?

    i'm helping a friend who's email was violated. the person had her password and so I wanted to change it. she didn't know what the password was (long story) but we entered enough info on the security screen that they let us reset the MSN password. however, when we went to change the security...
  7. S

    Msn configuration problem

    I was trying to make my computer run faster so I went under msn configuration to uncheck programs slowing it down when I started up computer. Now I have an all white screen when I turn it on. Any suggestions? It's a compaq 56
  8. J

    re-downloading a purchesd game

    I down loaded a game on MSN Games and my computer was repaired and I lost all the data including music am 70yo and handicapped and have limited mobility I bought " Rise of Atlantis " and cannot have it reinstalled Since I already bought the game all I want is a link to restart the game Regards...
  9. J

    re-downloading a purchesd game

    I down loaded a game on MSN Games and my computer was repaired and I lost all the data including music am 70yo and handicapped and have limited mobility I bought " Rise of Atlantis " and cannot have it reinstalled Since I already bought the game all I want is a link to restart the game Regards...
  10. exfileme

    Microsoft Launching Its Own News Operation on MSN

    With Microsoft now fully withdrawn from the MSNBC project, it plans to launch its own news service on MSN. Microsoft Launching Its Own News Operation on MSN : Read more
  11. wolffmichael7

    An automatic reply using MSN

    Often I'm out of town for extended periods. When I get an email, I would like to be able to generate an automatic reply, "Mike is out of town until Saturday," or something to that affect. There's GOT to be a way!
  12. zniff

    Windows messenger live slow

    trying to find out why my messenger is like deadly slow. my pc is a hardcore gaming rig but still msn takes a buttload of time to start up when i start a chatbox its slow. when i klikk on messenger it loads forever and after a minutte its ok basicly every action takes forever to load with no reason
  13. J

    Launch msn

    Hello,how do i sin in to msn for messanger
  14. T

    Got problem with my msn messenger keep signing me out

    Hello, i got problem with my msn mesager it kept signing me out so do u know anything dat can help me
  15. exfileme

    Hulu, MSN Track Users With "Supercookies"

    Supercookies will rebuild your profile even after a normal cookie is deleted. Hulu, MSN Track Users With "Supercookies" : Read more
  16. H

    Msn dilemma

    i recently uninstalled msn and now im trying to install the newest version but i keep getting a message saying:C:\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\9SYREJH2\wisetup-weh[1].exe is not a valid Win32 application. i did many different things before i was able to uninstall msn so im not sure if i...
  17. D

    Msn makes me sign in EVERY time to get local

    Hello, Just in the past two weeks, my msn homepage doesn't recognize my location (for local weather and new feeds). I have to SIGN IN EACH AND EVERY TIME I open the computer before it recognizes my local preferences. I didn't used to have to sign in. What can I do? I can't find a place to...
  18. S

    I deleted my msn icon what should i do?

    Well i got the new 2011 msn but didnt like it, so i deleted all the icons and from my control panel but when i go and try to install the new one it says that i already have messenger on my laptop, what should i do, i have already tried searching up this - Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe but...
  19. C

    Website Standards Compliance

    Just can't understand with a all the rhetoric about standards complaint browsers along with testing Acid 3 & HTML5 that your website fails validation, largely for petty reasons. That's hypocritical and a serious ding on your credibility for neglecting to enforce W3C standards. In this context of...
  20. E

    Problem with my tool bar

    Hello, I have accidentally told my computer that I do not want my MSN toolbar - How do I restore it? Thank you - Eileen Roberts
  21. A

    What does it mean when display driver stops responding?

    Hello, Whenever i go on msn and switch on the video call my laptop freezez and says that display driver has stopped respondind what does this mean? and how can i fix it?
  22. winterblade

    Live MSN client For Android

    Hello guys, I just bought an Android phone, and I'm a regular live msn user. Right now I'm using MSN talk, but it lacks the option to sort contacts by groups, do you know any other client that let me do it??
  23. D

    Been hacked

    Hello, My granddaughter is on MSN hotmail and has had her account hacked, password changed, and e-mails sent to her mailing list that are disgusting. She can't seem to contact anyone who will help her unless she pays an arm and a leg. How can she get control of her account again?
  24. G

    Why do msn keep sineing me out?

    hi :hello: why do msn keep sineing me out? :ouch: its soo anoying and i deleated the old msn to see if that helped but it diddent and now i dont no what 2 do it keeps sineing me out every 2 seconds so i have to keep sineing back in again pls help me !!!! thx :wahoo: laura :pt1cable...
  25. M

    Entered wrong e-mail address on new download

    while downloading msn on another pc i mistakenly made a mistake in my e-mail address how do i cancel this wrong e-mail address?
  26. C

    How can i repair my hotmail as i am getting error no all the time

    Hello, i can't retrieve my mail via msn as i am getting error no all the time how can i resolve this problem
  27. J

    Solved! Automatic login settings in msn

    Hello, I used to be able to automatically log in to windows messenger and my msn email. But all of a sudden it now makes me renter my massword in both every time. The auto function still works in all my other accounts, and the auto sign in is on.I'm operating on Vista, Any ideas?
  28. C

    0xc0000096 error on msn? how do you fix this?

    :( please help
  29. win7man

    WLM (MSN) emoticons aren't working

    im using windows 7, and lately i have noticed that the emoticons r jsut showing up as text and not a smiley, could it be because of msn plus? any one have ideas?
  30. Y

    My htc touch hd can sign in msn but can't send and receive message

    I can use my htc touch hd phone sign in,send and received message earlier, but i don't know why now only can sign in and see my contact, but can't send and receive message, anyone can help ?
  31. T

    MSN re-install ?

    I re-installed MSN from CD, [MSN9 Dialup], and lost some messages that I saved. I originally created a new folder and stored these messages using the "saved on my computer" option. I know these messages are not lost when you uninstall, reinstall the software because I can see messages from 2006...
  32. G

    MSN Music

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I just bought an album off of MSN Music. It transferred and played on my AudioVox SmartPhone 2003 with no hitch (it has WMP 10) -- however, Media Player would not even send the music to my PocketPC (Toshiba 755). Is that because...
  33. G

    SMS from fido ?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) A couple of years ago Fido had a page where you could subscribe to SMS list for the weather or the horoscope ... It doesn't seem to exist anymore ? Do I have any other altenative ? Free one of course ! :) And does anyone know of a way to...
  34. G

    WLAN on 5500?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Aloha to you, Forgive my ignorance. I was under the impression that the wireless control WLAN feature was to connect to the internet, for example, without being tethered to a pass through (a la Active Sync). I signed up for Pocket...
  35. G

    MSN in WM2003

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi, Am having unlimited problems with MSN on WM2003, I installed the update recommended by MS and it now comes up with an error "Username or password incorrect, check or contact MSN" that's obviously the nearest meaning, does anyone...