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  1. Akram Sidena

    Question No Audio Output after plugging Mic in Single Jack Laptop

    I looked up the internet for quite some time now but I can't seem to find a solution to this apparently should-be-easy-to-solve problem. I have a Laptop (Acer Aspire E527) that has only ONE audio jack (for headphones/sets). When I plug in the mic, the mic works as it should, but there is no...
  2. P

    Solved! Active speaker output for passive pair is not working

    Hi guys, I have a pair of Presonus Eris E4.5 that worked fine until recently (the powered speaker has always had a low frequency hum, though). However, the passive speaker has stopped producing sound. I took it out and plugged it to an amp, showing that it works without an issue. I also...
  3. adamv2103

    Question No sound from jack

    Hy eveyone. I am having a problem with my onboard audio on my laptop. There is no sound coming out from the 3.5mm jack. Realtek detect when it is plugged in, i can even hear a kind of static noise when i plug it in, but after that no sound at all. It was working before with no issues, it...
  4. B

    Solved! Soundbar works with Roku but not Blu-ray player audio - how to fix?

    Hi All, I’m having trouble getting my blu-ray player to talk to my soundbar. The soundbar works fine with the Roku, but when I switch to the blu-ray player, the sound only comes through the TV speakers, not the soundbar. I’ve tried messing with the settings and cables but so far, nothing has...
  5. Gimibihi

    Solved! My Logitch Z506 aren't outputing sound to the rear speaker

    I bought Logitch Z506 speakers and when I try to set up 5.1 sound on my C-Media 8738-LX sound card (same thing happens with the motherboard) When just the green cable is plugged in my sub it outputs sound to the rear speakers but when I just plug in either the black or the orange cable it stops...
  6. T

    Question No sound Arc Sony A8F and Denon X2300W

    Hi! I have an Sony XBR-65A8F TV connected to a Denon AVR-X2300W receiver but I have the following problem: I do not get sound directly from the TV or when using apps like Netflix and YouTube. The devices are connected to their respective ARC ports with a high-speed HDMI cable. What should I do...
  7. StrickOut

    Solved! Well I'm back again with another G7 One Problem. No videos play.

    Welp, looks like my LG G7 One still isnt fixed since i've got more problems with it. 1. Phone intermittently shuts itself down, but ONLY when slept • After my prior problem was fixed, I started using my phone again like normal, and very quickly noticed that quite often...
  8. D

    logitech z906 sound issue with computer

    Hello im not sure whats going on but I have hooked up the speaker system to my computer but I have a problem when i try to use the speaker effects were the sound from people . espeiculy in games has no audio or is very faint to the point like it sounds muffled and underwater almost. I have...
  9. G

    No Sound with DAC

    I have an RCA TV(RLED4843-B-UHD) with optical wire going into my eoteck DAC and 2 speakers (red and white plugs) plugged into the DAC but no sound comes out of the speakers. (audio on TV is set to PCM) I was told the DAC would provide power to them but if they are not working is the issue they...
  10. D

    How to get sound from a HTIB to TV via Optical Cable?

    I have a 5.1 home theater in a box connected to a TV via RCA (red & white) and strictly use the HTIB for audio. I have other components connected via HDMI to TV (DirecTV, Roku, PS3) and I get sound through the 5.1 speakers no problem. I just bought an optical cable to replace the old analog RCA...
  11. Jaivik_Patel

    HDMI No Sound in TV, only Video - - - HP Elitebook 8470p Laptop

    Product Name: elitebook 8470p Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit) I am tring to connect my Laptop to tv with HDMI Cable. Laptop has no HDMI Cable- So i use Display port to HDMI Converter. Laptop Model: EliteBook 8470p Operating System: Windows 7 64bit also try windows 10 64bit. I...
  12. M

    Lenovo Edge 15 laptop won't turn on, Power button light blinking white. Battery sealed & cannot access.

    I have a Lenovo Edge 15 laptop, but it won't turn on. The power button LED light is blinking white on and off at about 1 second intervals. No other lights are on including the battery indicator light next to it. This laptop type has the battery sealed away and not immediately accessible. To...
  13. T

    Alienware 18 No sound from the speakers :(

    Greetings readers, First i'm going to describe my problem as accurately as possible. This is what I assessed so far: [Problem] No audio from the speakers [Cause] A faulty headphone jack that makes the system think something is always plugged in. Because of this sound does not go through my...
  14. J

    Setting up a Samsung smart tv to a sound bar with limited connections

    So the tv model is UN32J4500AFXZASKU and I'm helping a friend set it up but we found out it doesn't have a digital out port nor a headphone jack to connect through. We gave up on getting the soundbar to work so now we are using some Logitech computers speakers but the problem is how to get the...
  15. Kolzach

    Left speaker in AKG K612 isn't working.

    I've had these 612's for around 5 months now but today after turning on my computer and setting the comfortable cans on my head, I came to find that the left speaker isn't making any sound. The right speaker works just fine but the left is just busted. I can't tell if it's something I can fix or...
  16. M

    No Audio Output Device is Installed

    I've had this problem for a while now. I've tried all the fixes I can find. From uninstalling the drivers and restarting to using an external sound card. My laptop is an Asus K53E and I am running Windows 7 64 bit. I'll try to provide more information if asked.
  17. M

    When I turn on my laptop the screen is black no sound or Factory Image

    HP G60-243cl notebook When I turn it on the screen is just black the power button lights up and various other lights but the keypad does not. I can not hear any fans running and it does not have start up sounds like my other laptops do and my HDD light blinks like 3 times. Any suggestions?
  18. S

    Aspire e 15 Start no sound

    Hi, after having to reset my laptop to factory settings, I cannot get my speakers to play any audio. It says all my devices are up to date and I've already tried the right click on the volume option.. still nothing :(
  19. A

    SOLVED: Internal speakers/sound suddenly quit playing. Tried everything Ive found suggested.

    Hello. I hope this was the best sub-forum choice. If not, I'm sorry & moderators can feel free to move it. I have a Toshiba l505-s5988 that I recently upgraded from windows 8 to windows 10 with no issues. Everything has worked fine. Suddenly 2 days ago my sound abruptly stopped working (NO...
  20. sirstinky

    Woofers Just Stopped Working?

    Hi everyone. I am a bit of a noob when it comes to speakers and audio stuff. I have an old Panasonic shelf system. It has a 5-CD changer, tape decks, and 2-way speakers (tweeter I think 3" and a woofer, I think 6") in enclosed cabs. 50W each and 6 ohms. The leads that run from the speakers to...
  21. P

    Subwoofer doesn't work on Desktop Applications?

    Hello everyone, I have been searching everywhere to solve this problem that I have with my subwoofer. It works perfectly on any browser based application (such as YouTube) as well as all of my games. However, if I try to listen to music on programs like Windows Media Player, iTunes, Spotify, or...
  22. Z

    No sound Kraken

    So the other day my Razer Krakens were working fine and all of a sudden they don't play sound in some games don't work for Skype and chrome but will work perfect for I.E I have tried to disable other sound devices and re-installed synapse twice now and still not working any help is much...
  23. T

    No Audio Output Device is Detected After Installing 8.1 Pro 64

    I have an older HP Pavilion DV6810us that originally came with Vista. After 8.1 Pro install I have no sound device or recording device detected & no sound. Under Device manager there is a ? on the Coprocessor which I believe is what controls the sound. There is no other audio or sound device...
  24. C

    Samsung Ativ Book 9, bought August 2013. Can anyone help me get the sound back?

    Update: I think the problem is caused by Windows Media Player. If I play something using WMP and then shut WMP down, sound goes away. If I go right to some other player, everything plays fine. When I get the annual tune-up, I'll ask the tech geeks to uninstall and reinstall WMP. Samsung Ativ...
  25. farnell121

    Vizio 70" E701I-A3 - Picture went out like *snap* that! No picture, have tried replacement boards!

    My dad got this TV about 5 or 6 months ago and he has had no issues with it at all. The TV would probably be on for about 3 to 4 hours a day maximum. About a week ago, he was watching something and right before his eyes the picture went out (no popping noise or any electronic failure sound)...
  26. M

    Supermicro Workstation Audio Not Working

    I recently purchased a Supermicro SuperWorkstation 7047A-73, and am having problems getting the audio to work. I installed Windows 7 Pro, and the Motherboard has built in Realtek ALC889 audio. I did install the latest drivers that Supermicro has for the ALC889. I have one green plug that runs...
  27. A

    Onkyo reciever problem via HDMI audio from Nvidia card

    OK. Recently got my Onkyo AV Reciever HT-R590. Its working great as a pass through to my TV from my Geforce GTX 570 via HDMI. The problem im having. Its a 7.1 surround sound system i have set up. in the windows configuration, when i set the default audio device to 7.1 surround, when there is...