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    Question Finding an old android game if it still exists somewhere

    a android game where the theme is gray but the player is a red box, as the player moves from left to right, there will be a picture forming on the background as you move the red box and solve obstacles at the same time and when you solve it, the whole picture shows up and says a quote or lore...
  2. D

    What should I do with my old Dell Inspiron 8000?

    My friend gave me old Dell Inspiron 8000 for free. What should I do with it. It has Windows ME (!). Please help!
  3. T

    Software To Edit Website?

    Hey, my Dad's old website for his company is outdated with information, but still comes up highly on search rankings so he's decided to give it a bit of a make over so people can be directed to the new website. We have Dreamweaver already, would that work? Sorry, rookie at this stuff :/ Any...
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    Old Gaming Laptops

    I was wondering; are old gaming laptops still good? Like the Asus Rog G75VW? Or what about the Asus G75VL-DH71 and G74SX? Should I consider buying these laptops? I'm looking for a way to game on the go, and a 2000$ laptop is not possible. How well could I get by with something like a Gtx 660m?
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    How much is my vintage computer worth?

    I have an old pair of vintage HP Vectra computers. They are both of the VL/200 series. They have some mild fading on them, (see pictures) and I have replaced the CD drive in both of them. They work fine though, and have been thoroughly tested and preloaded with Microsoft Windows 98 Second...
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    Help with old microphone!

    Hello! My dad recently got me an old Astatic d-104, but the connection is screwed up and I want to make a converter to 3.5 mm audio jack (for use with my pc), but I have no idea what the wires and stuff does. I was wondering if any one could help. also I believe this picture may also have...
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    will adding Ram to this system improve it a lot?

    I have a cheap laptop and 'Im asking if i should upgrade the ram to make it MUCH faster. Is the APU I am using already bad and adding ram won't make it better? AMD E2-6110 1.5 gHz 2gb Ram 500gb harddrive AMD Radeon R2 graphics the ram usage is always above 75% and software tend to freeze and...
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    Looking for a new laptop.

    I'm currently saving to get a new laptop to replace the one I have, as it's getting on in age now. While I want to be able to play some of the newer games out there, I'm not really willing to give up my older ones. So I'm trying to find an acceptable compromise. Having seen another such request...
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    Not able to see/download old pictures on facebook messages

    So basically i went back about 2 years into an old facebook conversation and i found some photos that i wanted to view. But they didnt come up as normal photos. They had the file name e.g. "651361361.jpg" on the left and said download on the far right. Clicking on this does nothing. it doesnt...
  10. L

    Converting old video tapes into computer

    Hello, me and my family just dug up our old camera video tapes that shows a big part of my childhood. So we wanted to transfer them to my computer in order to save these memories. So I searched around on google and couldn't find anything. The camera is a Sony Handycam 220x Digital Zoom Video 8...
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    Drivers for Toshiba Satellite Pro 4200 series?

    Ok, I have an old Toshiba Satellite Pro 4200 series laptop PC I desprately need drivers for sound and video this computer was given to me so I do not have any CDs that came with it nor do I have a way to recover them, the computer crashed several years ago so it currently has Windows 98 SE as...
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    A question about AMD display drivers

    Hello, i'm here with a question about the gpu drivers. So i have a Toshiba satellite L855-16P (PSKA8E), running win7 64bit. This laptop has an Radeon HD 7670M gpu but everywhere i look, i can only find pretty old drivers for it. I looked up on Toshiba website but it gives almost 2 years old...
  13. lolwut767

    My Toshiba Tecra 8100 is DEAD! D:

    Hi there. I'm in a spot of bother. I've got a Tecra 8100, and since a few months ago, the laptop just won't start. I get a few lights; the "Plugged in" light, the On light, the "Charging" light, and the DVD Drive light. They never seem to go off. Also, the hard drive spins up. No activity...
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    How much are my old laptops worth?

    I have two old laptops that I will be selling, both in near perfect condition. One of them is an HP G60-508US, the other an HP Pavillion DV7-6163cl I'm hoping to sell these two laptops to get money towards a new one, as my friend from class wishes to buy my old G60. Thanks