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    compaq presario cq40 not switching on and no power and charging,not even power led is blinking which is integrated in power jack..i took a visual look there is one burned capacitor near battery connector i changed that but stil laptop is in same condition.can anyone plz tel me that how to find...
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    Hard Disk Issue

    Can anyone please advice on what specification of hard disk is compatible with COMPAQ PRESARIO V6000?
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    Presario F700 powers off after 1 second

    Hello, Last night my presario f700 was downloading an update, i couldn't tell which one it was but it was updating during a shutdown. We had a storm come through so I had to unplug the power to the laptop. It might not have been all the way through the update when it lost power but the screen...
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    Compaq Presario R3000 deactivation key issue

    i would like to know the deactivation key of Compaq
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    Solved! Compaq presario c700 laptop external screen

    Hello, my internal screen got broken so i had the idea of just using an external screen as my main screen but it doesnt work... befor i plug it the screen it says check video cable like it usually does but then iwhen i plugh it in the screen just says going to sleep and turns off.. any ideas on...
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    Flickering white lines

    Hi There, I just got a Presario C500 with broken left hinge and display prob. Display is grey with thin red pink, sometimes green and thick white lines top to bottom (one of each). Top third of screen has changing white horizontal lines. Replaced hinge and screen cable, still the same...
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    Virus removal compaq presario 1245 floppy drive

    Hello, I have an old compaq presario 1245 that I still compose on because it has software that I like and is unavailable for my newer computer. It is too slow for internet access so I use my newer computer for that. By use of a floppy to move data, I recently seem to have infected the old...
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    Hpdeskjet3650install I don\'t have download disk to DL into my compact presario

    I do not have a DL CD for my hpdeskjet3650 printer, am trying to find the right DL, HELP PLEASE.having no luck
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    Off-On video camera

    Hello, How does one turn on the video camera on model Presario CQ56Z?
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    Cant turn on presario r3000 laptop

    Hello, The laptop won't turn on or it doesn't stay on. My compaq presario r3000 just blinks when I press the power button. And the few times it does come on it never stays on for long, sometimes long enough for me to put in a password or 15 minutes tops. I have bought three different batteries...
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    Problems with my compaq presario cq50 215nr notebook screen wont work

    i know the screen isnt busted but it wont work the vga port either, but the notebook comes on fans run. could someone hlp me plz? and thank you very much The notebook is a compaq presario cq50 215nr
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    Compaq presario cq56 for XNA development

    Greetings! I saw a low budget compaq presario cq56 laptop which I wanna use for XNA development (requires shader model 2). Do you think it will do it? Thanx for info. Bye.
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    Solved! Compaq presario m2000 keeps on crashing

    Hello, I have a Compaq Presario M2000 that keeps on shutting down with no errors. The machine is running with Windows XP home and it is set to high performance. One thing I noticed is the area where the hard disk is placed is so hot. I already purchased a cooling pad but it doesn't seem to help...
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    Installing Windows Xp on compaq presario cq56

    I keep getting blue screen while trying to load xp sp2 on my note book. the model dosent seem to have sata mode configuration in the BIOS. please help. Tony
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    Solved! RAM upgrade

    Hello, I have compaq presario V3000 with 1GB RAM nd intel pentium dual core processor. i wanna increase my laptop's RAM .. can I? if yes then How? or if No then why not?
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    Solved! Whats wrong with my laptop

    ive got a compaq presario c700 and it has a dem screen a really dem sceern you can barliy see the word compaq on the start up screen i need help to fix this asap
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    Compaq presario R3000 power cord problem/ did the solder job which worked as far

    i've done the solder job to fix my compaq presario power cord problem. The only thing that it fixed is now my battery charges. (That's good) But.. as my laptop is booting up the power still shuts down.. (not good) So if I just want to charge my battery, i still have to unplug it wait a sec. and...
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    Can I change compaq presario cq60-20ev graphic card?

    I have a Compaq Presario cq60-20ev Notebook and I want to change the graphic card. Is that posible? I know that I can easily change the ram memory Parameters of my notebook: Dual core @2.16 2.16 Ram:2Gb Graphic: Mobile Intel(R) 4 series express chipset family 64Mb deticated (shared system...
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    Compaq presario r3000 sound card

    Hi can anyone help, the sound on my presario r3000 only works when i squeeze the laptop at the bottom corner near the volume control buttons, i guess it might be a loose contact, but any advice how i could solve this problem would be appreciated. Thanks Steve