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  1. M

    Awful loud static noise from Compaq speakers

    So my girlfriend has this Compaq Presario CQ57 running Windows 7, and about a year ago it started making a loud and awful crackling/static noise whenever it starts up and then whenever she wants to listen to anything. Anybody have any idea how I'd fix this? I'm a Mac user, and often make my own...
  2. J

    My laptop won't connect to my new home wifi.

    Hello. My laptop won't connect properly to my new home wifi. It connected to my old wifi just fine. I also use my Note 3 as a hotspot at work, and my laptop connects to that normally also. I have an HP Compaq Presario A940NR laptop. My lappy will connect to my wifi, but it says "unidentified"...
  3. S

    Would i be able to upgrade a laptop perferably a compaq presario cq57

    I've been wondering if i could upgradr my laptop from its memory and processor but before i could i want to know if i could. Thank you in future refrences.
  4. K

    compaq presario cq42 display problem

    hi , i have compaq presario cq42 laptop. Yesterday this laptop fall down from bed. after that red color screen will come in laptop. Some time normal screen will come. Otherwise laptop is working good.. Please help me to resolve this problem and may i know the reason of that problem.
  5. R

    Can i Upgrade my laptop processer ?

    I have Hp Compaq presario CQ43 laptop with i3 processer , 4 gb ram , 1 gb AMD graphics Can i upgrade my processer from i3 to i5 ?
  6. E

    Black screen jobbie

    Hi i have a Compaq Presario laptop and when i turn it on i can here everything working but i have a black screen. I can if i squint just see it but how would i go about sorting it??.
  7. V

    on my compaq presario cq62 massege on screen is BOOTMGR image is corrupt. The system cannot boot. what is this problem. how to

    I am in Australia. Pl help for above.
  8. Z

    Compaq Presario CQ61

    Hi I have been asked to fix a young boys Compaq CQ61 with a 3gb SATA HDD. the HDD has 4 Partitions but nothing in the Recovery or HP tools partition. also it will not boot to BIOS so I can't boot from CD/DVD drive to try & load windows OS. So how can I fix this Please Help
  9. I

    wifi interface refuses to pop open

    I bought a compaq presario laptop that came with windows 7. I enjoyed using it for a while, then i formatted it to windows 8. everything was good but the wifi. When ever i click the wifi menu it refuses to respond. i have done all updating process but all to no avail. i updated the wireless...
  10. P

    Compaq presario 1200 lid/screen switch

    Can anyone tell me where this switch is located? I removed the cover and keyboard and top power trim strip and searched for a normal button switch and can't find one so I'm guessing it's the magnetic type but I can't find the magnet either. I've run a paper clip over the entire body and lid and...
  11. I

    laptop just shuts down as soon as i start it

    laptop just shuts down as soon as i start it. why? i put in a new CPU fan also, and im still having this problem. i have a presario a900
  12. I

    laptop keeps shutting down after 3 seconds

    k my laptop keeps shutting down after turn it on for 3 seconds. it just shuts down by itself. could it be the cpu fan? or could it be that my cpu just died? i have presario a900
  13. D

    Help icons huge

    Hi, I have a compaq presario CQ60, the icons are huge not sure what i have done, I tried to go bk to earlier restore point but no joy. Appreciate any help Thanks
  14. N

    Older Presario 1200 - Simple question

    Hi .. I am a reader here, not a poster ...hence this may be my first question in a long, long time. I have an old Compaq Presario 1200. When I try to charge it, the battery indicator will not light. The power light does light. I checked the memory, and there is no installed module. I am pretty...
  15. L

    I have a Compaq Presario CQ60 Laptop. It keeps saying "plugged in, not charging".

    I've replaced the charger and just replaced the battery. It still comes up with this message and it's very frustrating! I don't know what to do now. Any help would be appreciated... TIA Lisa
  16. M

    Backlight shuts off

    Hi, I'm trying to revive my wife's old Presario CQ40. While it looks to be working somewhat ok, the backlight is shutting down by itself after a few seconds. The LCD looks good, but after 3 or 4 seconds, it kind of blinks a few times, and goes black. I can see the display that is working, but...
  17. J

    Presario CQ61 - 325SA

    My laptop wont switch on despite doing all that HP suggest. Any advice would be great please?
  18. T

    my loptop monitor screen turn off

    my loptop acer presario cq40 monitor turn off please help
  19. T

    hp presario v3000 windows locked

    Over a year ago I bought this computer from a gentleman on Craig's list. I never set a password on it. My niece asked too borrow it for a paper due for school and set a password on windows and can't remember it. She set an administrator password. I have tried too rest it bt uhave been...
  20. J

    how can i restore my compaq presario to factory settings?

    I have a compaq presario CQ56 and when i click system restore it says this "system restore does not appear to be functioning correctly on this system. A volume shadow copy service component encountered an unexpected error. Check the application event log for more information. (0x80042302)"
  21. A

    compaq presario CQ56 Notebook screen brightness

    how can I reduce the light on my compaq presario CQ56 Notebook screen brightness
  22. R

    100% Disk Usage on Compaq Presario CQ57

    Hello forum, Recently I have been having trouble with my laptop. Sometimes when I turn it on my computer says there is no OS detected to install an OS. When this happens I have to keep restarting my PC until I get an option to go into setup and into the BIOS, which says there is no Hard Drive...
  23. J

    What games can I run w/ HP Compaq Presario C700

    I have a older laptop I bought it few months ago I wanna know what games can I run in this I know it can't handle high-end PC games but might be in older games, I found a Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock I hope I can run it I'll be very happy I'm planning to download emulator too like PS2...
  24. S

    my compaq presario 2100 womt turn on help!

    Iam playing one day and it turns off I plug it in and it does even show the little light of charging whats wrong help!
  25. H

    laptop charger help

    last year i had to buy a new charger for my compaq presario CQ57 laptop and now less than a year later it seems i will have to buy a new one only i can't afford it. the casing near the base of the charger where it connects to the laptop is gone and now some coppers wires are exposed from the...
  26. P

    trying to do a bios upgrade the program says it cant be done on battery but I am plugged into the mains

    hp presario cq61312sa needs a bios update, I downloaded the program from hp, but the laptop does not recognise that its plugged into the mains
  27. R

    Keyboard compatibility question

    Is the keyboard from a Compaq Presario V6000 compatible to use in a Presario CQ57?
  28. L

    compaq laptop presario 2500 wont charge no lights how to remove info off hard drive

    how do i get the info off my hard drive if i cannot turn on the laptop. it has no power
  29. L

    compaq laptop presario 2500 wont charge no lights

    no idea why it suddenly has no power at all. I used another power adaptor cord. same thing. I also used a fully charged battery. Nothing. no power to the laptop at all! Any solution? it has my Quicken billing info on it. I really need this info.
  30. icu109

    Presario cq62 light on, no image

    Compaq CQ62 turns on, backlight ok, off and on as if booting windows 7 but no image at all, just the light. Did the hard reset several times which has worked in the past, no dice. Cleaned and reset memory. Pressed on the keyboard. nothing works to get an image.
  31. J

    The Fan Heatsink of my Compaq Presario CQ56 seems to be bolted or super glued the motherboard.

    I just received a Compaq Presario CQ56 laptop in the mail (from an online auction that I won), and the laptop started getting extremely hot within maybe 5 minutes of using it online. So I thought that it had a lot of dust build up in the fan. So I very carefully read the Service Manual for the...
  32. L

    compaq Presario CQ43

    i want sell laptop where can i sell laptop
  33. C

    Compaq Presario CQ56 screen at times flickers off snd on

    Why does the display screen on my Compaq Presario CQ66 sometimes flicker off and on at various times while I am using it. Is there a easy fix
  34. C

    Need help fixing compaq presario cq58-bf9wm

    I got this laptop 2 years ago on black friday and a few days ago I turned it off like normal, and when I turned it back on it gave me a cpu fan failure warning, and now if I am using the cpu more than 30% it overheats in less than 2 minutes. But it had a replacement plan. So I called walmart and...
  35. R

    Suggest a gaming latop withing 50-60k INR

    I am planning to buy a Laptop in range 50-60k INR for a long term use. Can you suggest me a nice gaming laptop which'll cause me least trouble during its long term use?
  36. Powerkick

    Compaq Presario CQ61 (Wont Turn On)

    Hi All, My laptop recent stop booting up , I have tried the trick of taking out the battery holding the power for around 1 minute , plugging the ac cord in and trying yet still nothing , Below I have attached a video of what happens. Any help would be greatly appreciated. YouTube Video Thanks
  37. K

    how can I restore compaq presario laptop to factory settings when f11 isnt working?

    I have a compaq presario cq60 and I want to restore it to factory settings. I continually press F11 when I turn it on but nothing happens except windows starts normally. What can I do?
  38. C

    compaq presario screen compatibility

    ‎12-02-2013 02:46 PM I have a Compaq Presario V5201US with a smashed screen, I need to know which models will be compatible to replace screen with. I went to a computer thrift store where they sell scraptops, I got differing opinions. A couple said it had to be exact model, and few others said...
  39. M

    battery does not last one hour

    I have a Compaq Presario CQ357 and all of a sudden a fully charged battery does not last one hour. What could be the cause ? Mike
  40. B

    compaq presario 1200 xl400

    forgot password how do you reset
  41. U

    graphics card upgrade

    is it possible to upgrade the graphics card in my compaq presario cq57 if so what would be a compatible and good upgrade
  42. F

    laptop won't turn on with hard drive installed

    I got a hold o a Presario 2500 laptop, it will boot to bios but when I put a hard drive in it won't turn on.
  43. F

    won't turn on with hard drive

    hi I got a hold of a Presario 2500 laptop, it will boot to bios but when I install a hard drive it won't turn on.
  44. C

    "Plugged in, not charging" Compaq Presario cq62. I'm in IT, I believe the problem is with hardware.

    I work in IT (mostly software) and i have a customer who had a Compaq Presario CQ62 (win 7) for two years, with multiple hardware wipes and OS reinstalls. A problem with the fan came up and he came to me after about a month had passed of it only working for 15 minutes before overheating. When...
  45. V

    audio nahi mil raha hai

    compaq presario m2000
  46. C

    Affordable gaming laptop question and comparison. The AMD or Intel. "Links of the laptops inside " !!

    So my old laptop died, a compaq presario cq50-110US. Had it for 4 years and it served me pretty well aside from the overheating issue. So I have around 500 to spend and did some searching and came across these. From the...
  47. crooked windows

    Compaq BANG but still goes

    It's a Presario V3000 and experienced a BANG! similar to one end of a 12" wooden ruler being lifted about 2" and released, if you get my drift. It was also accompanied with a flash which emanated from the left rear side This is the fan exhaust. My other half sitting 10m away asked "what was...
  48. A

    Compaq Presario V6000 Dim Screen Problem

    Hello, I have a 6-7 years old Compaq Presario V6218TU (V6000 Series) laptop. Until now it was working fine. Since last few days I was getting some screen flickering problems. When i open the lid sometime the screen will come on or sometime it will go blank. But since yesterday this has become a...
  49. S

    HP Compaq Presario CQ62 not booting past hp motherboard splash screen

    Hi, my name is Spencer Bell. I work at Mainstreet Computer Solutions - a computer store - fixing computers. A customer of ours has brought in a HP Compaq Presario CQ62 laptop. The initial problem she was having is that her power supply was not working. To my understanding the town that she is...
  50. S

    2 Bad Screens, or MB?

    I have a Presario F500, and a V2000. The F500 screen flickers then goes dark. You can still see the screen if you put a flashlight on it. The V2000, has lines and a white bar on the right hand side of the screen. Both work fine hooked up to an external monitor. Everything I read seems to point...
  51. H

    Compaq Presario F500 Not Turning On

    From searching around on Google, I can tell that this is a common problem for the Presario F500. However, my symptoms are different. Others say that the LEDs come on, the fan whirs a little, but the laptop eventually shuts down. For me, it won't turn on at all - no LEDs, no beeps, no fan...
  52. D

    sims 3 and beyond

    So I'm looking at this hp pavillion 4gb ram 500 hard drive AMD A6-4400M Accelerated Processor 2.7 ghz with AMD Radeon HD 7520G discrete-class graphics will this play sims 3 and its expansion packs?
  53. byant

    Compaq Laptop USB stopped working/Random ShutDowns

    I have a compaq presario cq60. It was getting pretty Toasty at 85 Degrees Celsius so I took apart the laptop reapplied a pea amount of thermal compound to CPU and Gpu and cleaned out the fan and vents. Laptop runs no hotter than 65c now. Laptop was running better than ever But 3 days later just...
  54. G

    Boot time difference?

    Hi, I've got a question related to laptop PC: How come my older [Compaq Presario C306US Notebook PC] boots faster than [Acer Aspire 5749-6926] and [HP G50 Notebook PC]? Specs (don't know if sufficient, just say what is needed): [Compaq Presario C306US Notebook PC] Intel Celeron M Processor...
  55. X

    how do i fix my compaq presario CQ56

    How do I fix my desktop compaq that wont turn on and doesnt charge? (the charger should work)
  56. T

    Compaq Presario CQ-56 Turn's Off Randomly?

    Hi there, someone just bought me a Presario CQ-56 to work on, it has an intermittent fault, sometimes it won't turn on at all, the fans spin but nothing shows up on screen, and sometimes it turns on, but after some time it will switch off and you need to leave it before switching it back on...
  57. J

    Compaq presario 2100 build

    I got an old Compaq Presario 2100 case that I want to build on. What parts should I use? The person that gave it to me said he thinks it used to have a Pentium.
  58. T

    Compaq Presario CQ62 laptop running Windows 8

    My husband bought this, my first laptop, at a yard sale. It came with no manuel. I can't find a key on the whole keyboard that will execute a command. Can someone give me a clue on this? Also, can someone tell me where I can get a manuel? Thank you...