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  1. T

    Compaq CQ56 ignores Alt F4 command

    I'm trying to fix a friends notebook (Compaq Presario CQ-56) with Win7 and Alt_F4 doesn't work. I use that shortcut a million times a day when working on a computer. I'm guessing some Compaq driver is overriding the normal OS function. Anything I can do besides take a hammer to it?
  2. 9

    Compaq Presario cq61 screen problems

    hi i have a compaq presario cq61 and the screen is driving me mad! i turn on the computer and i'll have to fidget with the screen to get it to display something other than that it starts to show random colours, eg: reg white green blue this i assume means the lcd is fine but the connection...
  3. C

    Cd player

    Hello, my cd player doesn't play cds but the dvd player works fine. i have a compaq presario c500 laptop
  4. M

    Compaq Presario m200, which cmos bios batteryn goes?

    Hello, Which cmos bios battery is used for Compaq Presario m2000 laptop?
  5. faizy02

    Tell me the rate ?

    hello guys, i have a laptop COMPAC PRESARIO CQ61-SV300 Dual core 2.1 GHz 2 GB RAM 250 GB HDD Intel graphics I have been using it for 2 years.Its in really goood condition,So at which price I should sell this laptop?
  6. K

    No Sound on Compaq Presario

    i had to clean my computer (wipe it out do i need to download any euqpment
  7. R

    Upgrade presario 2100 usb 2

    Hello, Is there any way to upgrade a Compaq Presario 2100 to usb 2 or 3. The current usb is so slow that it is almost unusable.
  8. U

    Compaq Presario CQ56 Display Issues

    I have a Compaq Presario CQ56 I've been working on. When I first got it, the screen would change colors and go all wacky when you moved it. I took it apart and dusted the connector for the screen. Put it back together, screen worked on first boot, then nothing, but there was still an output on...
  9. M

    Compaq presario v6000 drivers for windows 7

    Hello, I recently installed Windows 7 on my Compaq presario V6000 but the wireless is not working, can I use the same drivers that came with the original Windows Vista or should I install specific drivers for W7? Thanks for your comments!!
  10. peaceworks

    Presario Hard Drive Failing

    Hi all. I have a Compaq Presario notebook, warranty expired March, 2012. Seven weeks ago it refused to boot but powered up as usual. Since then I've managed to get it to boot successfully several times but only after powering on/off as much as 60 or 70 times over a two or three day period. Once...
  11. K

    Problem with my Compaq Presario CQ50 screen.

    Alright, so, I'm working on a Compaq Presario Laptop, CQ50 model. It's obviously an older model and I'm not the first one to have cracked this thing open to take a look inside. Anyways, the problem is that the screen simply won't show any picture. I honestly don't know how to elaborate anymore...
  12. M

    How to play good games in presario v3000 notebook

    im not able to play good games on my presario v3000 notebook. plz suggest me wat to do . im not ready to buy a graphic card. plz helllllppp... !!!!!!!
  13. C

    If this can be fixed, I envy you!!!

    Hello, I try to get my Presario R3000 to load windows after a random cleanup and it hangs at 34min. I've tried the cmd prompt and that doesn't seem to work, also tried the very same slipstreamed SP# disk that was on there a while ago. I've read this happening to other PC's even but after every...
  14. R

    Compaq Presario CQ61 Keyboard Glitch!

    Hello, I have a compaq presario CQ61 laptop.. Something strange has started to happen and I am really not to sure on what to do. Each time I hit the letter "y" it will type "dhbty" and when I hit "Enter" it will type "c" This is happening with other keys as well, making the keyboard pretty...
  15. H

    Can you upgrade the processor on a presario CQ62

    Can you upgrade the processor on a presario CQ62 henry
  16. G

    Two of my three usb points have stopped working

    Hello, If I uninstall my usb ports will they automatically reinstall after restarting my computer Presario notebook laptop CQ61 windows 7
  17. M

    Compaq Presario R3000 stays in sleep mode

    Hello, I have a CP R3000 and it won't come out of sleep mode. Can you tell what the problem might be? Thanks in advance for the help
  18. M

    Notebook Hard Drive

    Hello, I have a Compaq Presario CQ 62. Do I have to replace it with the same hard drive, or is there another brand that's compatable?
  19. J

    Private resale value of presario 700z

    I need a laptop to list to cds only for about 2 weeks I found this model in a store and need to know parameters for price haggling let me know your thoughts.jim
  20. G

    No Sound on Compaq Presario

    hi, how do i install audio on my compaq presario xp 2002 intel pentium4.
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  22. TheX_Generation

    Compaq Presario CQ40 heat problem

    at startup already 55-60 C and when browsing 75-80 and gaming (MTA:SA (GTA SA online)) 97-100 C specs: Core 2 duo T6500 2.1 GHZ Intel GMA 4500MHD 4 gb ram is it dust or anything blocking the airflow or something what should i do? when i check the hole (the air coming out from laptop)there...
  23. M

    Cant charge my compaq presario r3000 laptop when on

    my laptop cant charge when it on i have tried changing the battery but still cant charge please help.....
  24. D

    Connecting Compaq Presario 1200 to the internet

    i want to connect to the internet via my samsung galaxy s phone please help
  25. D

    Compaq presario 1200

    Hello, i have a compaq presario 1200 trying to get it connected to enternet via my phone help please i have a samsung mesmerize galaxy s android
  26. P

    How to unlock agent machine hp presario cq50z-100

    Bought laptop from pawn shop; know nothing about it; info states 'Agent Machine [LOCKED]; there's an Offline Key; there's an owner key; it's version 5.6.1 [Build 908]; states I need to verify my account. No clue. Thx
  27. R

    How to rectify the heating problem in compaq presario v3000

  28. N

    Can i change my laptop cpu card compaq presario cq60

    hi i want to ask if i can change my cpu card on my laptop compaq presario cq60 pentioum(R) Dual-Core CPU T4200 @ 2.00GHz 2.00 GHz . installed Memory(RAM): 3.00 GB // 32-bit Operating sustem // please let me know thanks .
  29. F

    Suddenly too slow...

    Hello,my laptop,Compaq presario cq57, recently slipped and fell..about 2 feet.Since then it has become annoyingly slow and its performance has really gone down.It keeps hanging when i open files or programs.Someone please help me.Thank you.
  30. I

    Compaq presario cq40 cd dvd driver need

    I cannot see my cd rom & noticed that it marked as "!" then i tried to install driver but cannot find driver
  31. C

    How to set up a new user on a compaq

    how do i set up a new user on a compaq presario C714NR
  32. J

    My compaq presario is in hybernate mode and is not responding. Help me sort this

    Please help me sort this problem as I have only purchase this latop two weeks ago.
  33. cynamyngrlx68

    Bizzare noises from my laptop

    Hello, NOt every time but on occasion, my laptop(Presario CQ62) has a bizzare sound in playback of youtube videos or movies Im watching that I have downloaded, and it sounds a lot like Maz Headroom talking! I dont know a better way to describe it as it is almost a robotic sound....Any clue what...
  34. G

    Can i upgrade the memory ram on my compaq presario 2100

    can i upgrade the memory ram on my compaq presario 2100
  35. G

    Compaq presario cq60 goes blank

    Hello, I have to bend the whole screen and press hard against a wall or heavy item before i can use the laptop. It will go blank or so many lines you can not see a thing. is very annoying.
  36. M

    Defference between laptop and notebook

    Hello, Is my hp compaq presario v6000 a laptop, or a notebook?
  37. F

    Screen problem

    Hello, My nephew has a Compaq Presario CQ42 laptop. The screen has divided into 2 equal parts, one side is black and the other is grey, with lines running through both parts. Not really sure what to do with it as it is hard to see much of the screen, can just make out things on the grey side...
  38. W

    External Mouse

    Hello, I inherited a Compaq Presario with a non-working touchpad. Is there an external mouse port and where is it located?
  39. G

    Compaq presario cq40 cd dvd driver not

    Hello, dvd writer not reading the disc
  40. S

    Installing xp stops @ 54% saying cannot load file

    I have a Compaq Presario c300. I am trying to install XP on a new HDD. It gets to about 54% or so when loading files and then says Cannot load file. not a windows image. Just trying to figure out what is wrong with the laptop or what i am doing wrong
  41. O

    Presario C700 Battery power

    Battery icon says 100% charged. I unplug the adapter, but the laptop is dead. I downloaded HP's battery check utility and it checked out OK and 100% charged. I changed power settings to allow for more charging, but still no power after I unplug the adapter. Is this a motherboard problem?? Doug
  42. C

    Compaq Presario C700 - No Display On LCD!!!

    I have a compaq presario C700 Notebook. I just replaced the LCD Screen, Brand new. The Screen Lights up but no display.... The laptops external vga port works.... I updated the drivers, bios, chipset. Even did a hard reset. PLEASE HELP!!!
  43. F

    Solved! Installing windows XP on compaq presario CQ56 129NR

    I erased the hard drive on my compaq presario CQ56 129NP notebook and then tried to install windows XP from my windows XP CD . it looked like it was going to install then the blue screen came on that said it was shutting down. How do I install windows XP on this computer. Email is...
  44. L

    My compaq presario cq63 wont start

    its not the power cord i have tried 3 different ones. any ideas???
  45. N

    Battery not harging presario c700

    Hello, my presario says it 6% available plugged in not charging what should I try before taking it in?
  46. M

    COMPAQ Presario CQ61-410US Notebook Memory Upgrade

    Hello, I'm going to buy some ram to upgrade a computer's memory and I need some guidance to tell me if I picked the right one out. The laptop is a Compaq Presario CQ61-410US ( The one I'm looking at is...
  47. Y

    Solved! Presario v 2000

  48. L

    Dark Screen

    Hello, I have a Compaq Presario CQ61-411WM.My screen is dark and I can not brighten it up.This problem happened before and I was able to make my screen visable again.This time when it slid down my legs while I was sitting on the couch it hit my foot and the screen went completly dark and it will...
  49. L

    How to take a picture with webcam

    I have a presario cq57-229wm I cant get the webcam to get sterted
  50. L

    Problems with wifi in compaq presario 1500T

    Hey, My friend wanted me to reinstall windows on his old compaq presario 1500T. I did that and everything but now trying to get the wifi to work. its a wireless lan w200. He didn't use the laptop for a while so not sure if its broken or some driver problem. I went to the hp site and downloaded...
  51. B

    Solved! LCD screen is dark

    Hello, I was recently donated a Compaq Presario M2000 and was told the LCD screen is dark. I am thinking that the problem with this is that it needs a new inverter. I also thought that the LCD might need a new bulb. Is there any other problems that could be a possibility with this LCD? As far...
  52. L

    What to do if battery for presario 2200 laptop says discharging

    batter says discharging, attempts to charge but stops and still registers 0%
  53. L

    Solved! Clicking sounds from laptop

    Hello,we just recently bought a COMPACT PRESARIO CQ57 laptop about 3 months ago brandnew. My problem is it is making a loud whirring and clicking noise in the bottom right-hand corner.I can feel it and it does it when the up and down arrows are being pushed. Not very computer smart and hoping...
  54. L

    Compaq presario r3000 power cord

    Hello, I have a compaq presario r3000 and experiencing problems with the power connection. I read on this site about a hp xc1000 all in one media cable that would bypass the problem. I pulled it up on ebay but cannot tell how it would work. Can someone tell me how it connects, what it connect...
  55. E

    Solved! Compaq Presario F700 has no CD-ROM to install Window XP. I wanted to use USB fla

    The lap top CD-rom is not functional. I wanted to install Windows XP OS on the lap tp\op using usb flah. Pls furnish me with the necessary steps to acomplish it using USB flash. I would like to have the procedures to be followed.
  56. Y

    Wifi driver for hp presario CQ42

    what instaler for that?
  57. A

    Solved! COMPAQ Presario CQ60 Vista/XP drivers

    Kind of a complicated topic, and I figure this is the best section for it. I had a COMPAQ Presario CQ60 that came with Vista. For various reasons such as RAM, I decided to start over and install XP instead. Unfortunately, it no longer recognizes various things such as the built in speakers and...
  58. R

    Compaq Presario vs. Toshiba Satellite?

    Hello, I'm in need of a laptop computer now, as desktop and laptop I currently have are old and slow. My parents are going to buy me a laptop, with only two choices. A Toshiba C655D-S5200, or a Compaq Presario CQ57-S5130. I'm a writer, and mainly will need it to hold up decently in the...
  59. J

    Compaq Presario R3000 installation of operating system

    Hello, I have just bought a second hand Compaq Presario R3000 and, to ensure there is no 'unwanted software' installed on it, I want to format the hard drive and re-install the operating system. Can somebody guide me in the process, step by step, if possible. Thanks JLB
  60. W

    Compaq Presario F700

    Hello, I have compaq presario f700 and i am unble to connect with the wireless or wired ethernet port for the internet. Reinstalled both drivers are both cards bad?