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  1. pointbreak8

    What should be my next step after learning Python?

    I learnt two programming languages (Java and Python) from the courses available at a famous center called DIGICOM in India and now I want to take the next steps into it to ultimately become a software developer but, I have no clue what should I learn next, how should I learn it and should I keep...
  2. A

    Using Python to output keyboard strokes and mouse movement

    I don't know how to word this concept as a question, but simply I want to make a rubber ducky out of raspberry pi, and I was wondering if it is possible to output keyboard strokes and/or mouse movement from USB female connections on the RPi, using some kind of Python library or API that runs on...
  3. T

    I need help with choosing a coding language to learn.

    Hey, person, I'd like to learn how to code. Where do I start? This would be my 2nd programming language i learn, the first was GML, it's not used outside of GMS. GMS is for games only, i'd like to make programs I want a really easy to learn and useful language, i am 13 and i am looking to make...
  4. C

    Budget laptop for learning to code.

    I'm looking for a laptop for around $300. Will only be using it for school. If it matters, I'll be learning Python, C#, Java, and MySQL.
  5. A

    What do programmers learn during the career?

    I'm trying to learn computer programming so I can get a job in the industry when I'm older. I was looking at Java's version history, and so many thing have changed over the years. Do programmers have to relearn stuff everytime a new version comes out? Could you have to relearn a language...
  6. N

    Laptop recommendation for programming

    Hey everyone Looking for advice on a laptop. Trying to teach myself programming in Python & r. Looking for a powerful enough laptop to make the experience buttery smooth. Hoping to spend around $2000. Am in Canada, so that's Canadian dollars. Besides performance, smaller and lighter is...
  7. A

    How does a Python function work to control other hardware?

    I'm sorry if I'm misusing the word package. I have little experience in Python, and am still learning. So in my computer science class, we are using these robots called Finch to learn the very basics of robotics. So using the Finch package, we can make the robot do things with simple function...
  8. A

    How much of a language do professional programmers/ software devs use?

    How much do programmers remember and use of their primary language? Basically what I'm trying to ask is, is it expected for a professional to know everything about a language or development tool? Or do pros also use references and the internet to look stuff up?
  9. R

    Solved! Virtualenv: Command not found

    I am using this flask tutorial for learning flask. Everything goes fine until I try to create virtual environment using the following command: $ virtualenv env No command 'virtualen' found, did you mean: Command 'virtualenv' from package 'virtualenv' (universe) virtualen: command not found...
  10. J

    My Website Hacked By Black-Python

    My Website Side is hacked. it showing 'Hacked By Black-Python' and Team 'Giant's-ps' it giving message to Indian and isreal. i want to fix my website. help please. my content manger is also hacked. saying "Hacked By Black-Python" "Team Giant's-ps"
  11. M

    Python Error Messages

    Hi, i am writing this code in python for a project and i am getting this errors. Code: def early(): print("How was Bernie Taupin Influenced?") answer = input(">") if answer == "Mother": print("Bernie Taupin was born May 22, 1950 as a English lyricist, poet, and singer...
  12. A

    Reading files in Python

    I recently decided to learn Python from scratch and already encountered an issue that's hard to solve or find a decent answer to solve it. To be precise, it regards the '[Ernno 2] No such file or directory' error that pops up all the time i try to open any .py file i make. Ive been trying to...
  13. W

    Looking for a low budget laptop for playing Hearthstone

    Hello there, I am looking for a laptop around $250 USD that can handle playing hearthstone. Refurbished is fine as long as it's nothing to sketchy heh. I also do some coding on the side. The most I'll ever do at once is: Hearthstone, Discord, Command Prompt(running a python program), A tab or...
  14. H

    Using the time in python

    i was just wondering how i can use use the time to trigger something to happen. for example, i have a raspberry pi and i programmed 2 LEDs to come on when i press a button in python. How could i programme it so they come on at 8:00AM for example?
  15. G

    Python?? ?? ??

    So i know this is software but i am really bad at this and need help. So i started learning python like .. today and i am stuck on this, i know this will be realy easy to some, but like said i am really bad, heres a link --
  16. A

    Looking for computer for counter strike global offensive

    Hey toms hardware people, I have divorced parents and i am not out of the house yet...I keep my gaming pc at my dads house because his house has fast internet and that cool stuff, but since i have to go back and fourth i cant really bring my desktop due to the size. What kind of laptop/intel...
  17. M

    Python code error

    I am really struggling to find the error with the python code i have created for my a-level computer science class. Any help would be appreciated. (Using version 3.5) import time print("Quiz time!") print() time.sleep(1) print("Question 1") time.sleep(1) q1=input("What is the capital city of...
  18. A

    Error message in python

    hi I am trying this code but cannot get it to work properly. It comes up with invalid syntax. Please can someone suggest something. Thanks in advance def USB(): import os letters = ["A","B","C","D","E","F","G","H","I","J","K","L","M","N","O","P","Q","R","S","T","U","V","W","X","Y","Z"]...
  19. G

    Python codecademy question about indentation/else/return

    So I'm going through the codecademy python course and one assignment is to create a function that can determine if a number is prime or not. I don't understand what the difference is between these two examples. The first one doesn't work but the second one does. I get this error message when...
  20. Jaakey

    Uninstalling .node-gyp, .node, npm and Python

    Hello, I'm not great with computer architecture, today I installed node.js, python and the 2015 and 2012 versions of Visual Studio. Afterwards I installed npm through node. I'd now like to uninstall all of these, my problem is that using the 'sudo' commands which are shown on others websites...
  21. T

    Python 3.4.1 Keyword Encryption Challenge Help

    Hey, I need help with programming this certain bit of code. I literally just started using Python a few months ago and am a novice at this. This is the description of the challenge: A more secure method of encryption would be to use a keyword. A keyword is the information needed in order to...
  22. O

    Portable Laptop School $500

    1. What is your budget? $500; not much wiggle room. Would love for it to be less though. The less expensive the better! Willing to buy refurbished to save. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? For portability, I think 13 inch is perfect. I will consider 11 and 15 inch...
  23. B

    Certain parts of python scipt not being executed

    Under the choose option 2 part. If the input is bread the rest of that part won't run. The script just ends there. What is wrong can someone tell me? I don't get any error message the script just stops. Other than that everything works bread = 44 lettuce = 21 meat = 21 cheese = 23 sandwich =...
  24. R

    Newbie Python QT Question

    Just making a simple app that needs to display answers after user input. The documentation is great so I'm progressing quite well but wondering what would be the best idea to show the results within the qt app window. If I just needed to show a few results I would just use qlabel but I may...
  25. D

    Help with Basic Python Coding

    Hello, i am a beginner programer using python, how can i make python understand multiple passwords, here is an example of what i mean: password = input ("Enter Password to " \ "enter terminal: ") if password == "Cyndi": -------here is where i need it to understand...
  26. G

    Best book for getting started with Python?

    So I'm looking to get into programming, and python seems to be a simpler place to start. I'm trying to decide between several books on Amazon. This one: Many...
  27. T

    Which laptop is right for me?

    Hi, I've been looking at some laptops on eBay, and I don't really know which one to get. Purpose of the laptop: School Work Programming (Python, Java) Watching Netflix (regularly) Simple Multitasking Now here is the list of laptops I have gathered up, all with their prices from ebay. ASUS...
  28. shoob0x

    Is it worth learning Python?

    Is it worth it? It's an easy fun language from what I know.
  29. Computerchap

    Python Invalid Syntax Error.

    Recently, on Python (Turtle) my when I try to run something a Syntax error will come up on the 2 in 3.2 in Python 3.2 (r32:88445, Feb 20 2011, 21:29:02) [MSC v.1500 32 bit (Intel)] on win32 Type "copyright", "credits" or "license()" for more information. If I delete it it does it for the 3...
  30. FauxFox

    Learning a new coding language? (need help)

    Hello fellow forum members! I am a 13 year old boy, and I want to learn code. I had a friend's parent recommend Scratch to "Get my mind thinking about how code works" Well...I can surely say that after about a week of screwing around with Scratch, I understand it well. :) My ultimate goal is...
  31. skyline4727

    C++, C#, Java, and Python

    I'm a computer science major and I'm currently learning C++. I would like to get into video game design and mobile app development so I want to learn Python since I heard a lot of games use python and Java is used in mobile devices. I also want to learn C# for Windows development. Since both C++...
  32. G

    Python: Reading from file, strings never equal

    Hello! I'm having an issue with reading from a file and then comparing it to a string (Python 2.7.3). For the sake of the issue, I'm cutting out some specifics; I'm more interested in why potentially a string I'm reading in from a file is NEVER equal to a string I'm comparing it with. I am...
  33. gman24

    Top Resources for Learning Python???

    Hey guys, I'm a college student taking an Intro Computer Science class based in Python. What are some of the best resources for learning Python? Beside, by resources I mean books, websites/forums, Video channel/series, etc. It's kind of information overload, I don't know...
  34. L

    Suggest me the appropriate book guyz ????

    Help me out guyz,i want to learn about python and object oriented programming in java help me out with the reference of the best books guyz
  35. Blorp Kola

    Starting with Python

    Hey guys, I have recently started learning python in school at GCSE level. I would like to get into programming and start to put time into it outside of school and I was wondering if anyone here knew any decent books. I have never learnt a programming language before so it need to be a book...
  36. A

    Python problem

    i'm new to python when I run this script import wap import speech speech.say("Awaiting Command") question = speech.input("Awaiting Command") appid = '3HA463-A3RT78PEA8' # Use your app id waeo = wap.WolframAlphaEngine(appid) waeq = wap.WolframAlphaQuery(question, appid) waeq.ScanTimeout = '3.0'...
  37. The Stealthinator

    Best python compiler

    What is the best .py to standalone .exe compiler for python?
  38. R

    Many DB reads

    Hello all, I have some python scripts which reads some large txt files and for each line of these files do some DB table read (MySQL database). The scripts are added to crontab and there are several of them and the files are really huge so the DB has a really great number of reads each minute...
  39. XmortisX

    Python for first time...

    :bounce: AND I LIKE IT!! Its fun, really is! I wanna get into this more much more any help guys? thinking about going to collage and taking up some classes with this. I was always a hardware junkie but this is definitely fun. Ok how long it usually takes to learn all the coding? AND is there...
  40. J

    Best non-classroom way to learn to program?

    Hey, guys and/or girls, I need to know the best and most efficient way to learn C++, Java, or Python. I've always wanted to learn to program and I almost have no experience with any language aside from some "tutorials" I've been reading which haven't really been doing too well. If you could give...
  41. alexcheng

    What is Microsoft Visual Studio??

    Hi guys! I'm interested in programming and have been trying to teach myself Python (and I find it to be impossible, there's so many things I don't understand and the book doesn't tell, any advices on teaching myself Python would be greatly appreciated also...). I came across a website which...
  42. ben52646

    Python HELP ?!

    I am very new to python. How do I located a file on my computer (Mac) in a python program. Here is the program I am trying to run (I know its not done yet): bif="bg.jpg" mif="ball.png" import pygame, sys from pygame.locals import * pygame.init() screen=pygame.display.set_mode ((420,280),0,32)...
  43. natesgotgrapes

    Python Programming

    I am trying to get the IDLE text editor that specifically helps with Python programming. Does anyone know where i can find this download?
  44. M

    Python on Toshiba A30-514

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) I want to run python on my Toshiba A30-514 (windows XP-SP2). I was unable to install the windows version ''the installation package was not supported by your vendor'' was displayed. Version of python 2.4.1.ia64. Any suggestions. Should I just...