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  1. J

    quad lnb connecting

    can anyone tell me the correct way to connect quad lnb cables
  2. P

    Que procesador sería más rápido?

    Quiero saber q será más rapido.. un procesador Core quad con SSD O UN CORE i3 con HDD
  3. I

    Looking to Upgrade i7-2670QM in My HP DV6t Quad Ed

    I'm right on the verge of needing to build a new PC in order to keep of with the demands of 4K video editing. Previously my setup (Intel i7-2670QM, 2GB AMD Radeon HD 7690M XT, 500GB 840EVO SSD, 8GB DDR3, Samsung S34E790C) has been enough to handle 1080p editing. However, 4K is really taxing on...
  4. Leonel_3

    TOSLINK vs RCA with 24-bit files. What should I use?

    Good day fellow users. I currently have the Logitech Z906 connected to my PC through the Sound Blaster Z's TOSLINK port. I just recently got my hands on some sweet material; Rush's 2112 and Jethro Tull's Aqualung on 24-bit; for each, I have the stereo, quad and surround (5.1) files. My...
  5. P

    which processor is the best

    Is the AMD A4-3300M APU with radeon HD graphics 1.9 ghz better than Intel Core to Quad 2.4 GHz
  6. M

    Laptop under 30k

    Is AMD- quad processor is better than i5 processor for coding purpose ?? I want a laptop under 30 or 35 k and I am having a shortlist of them as well But I got stuck at point that which processor will be better
  7. K

    Gatewayeg70 cpu upgrade

    I have a gateway eg70 4 quad 16gb 1tb and want to what would be the upgrade for ram cpu. Thank you
  8. I

    win10 install problem

    ok i h win10 install problem, my install is not seeing my partishons. have a gigabyte mobord, amd quad 4g prossor
  9. S

    Laptop Sleeps with high usage

    I have an HP Envy 15t Slim Quad laptop which has a GTX 950M. I've had it since last November and didn't run into this issue until recently (about a month ago). Whenever I run something using the GTX the laptop sleeps within 2-5 minutes. It is especially weird since it even does this in a game...
  10. protox01

    Youtube playback problems 360p only

    "SSF4 [Quad Epic Battle].mp4" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xUmJFEWfGQ "SSF4 [Rival Schooled].mp4" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e79O3pQ0-bE one can't play the other can't play at quality i uploaded it at i only see 360p
  11. X

    I need a laptop !!!

    I need the lowest price for a laptop that can run league of legends, csgo, wow at ultra settings and the laptop must be at least quad core and 8GB ram and it must be available in the united arab emirates
  12. I

    i5 vs quad i7 for photoedit

    For amateur photo edit in Lr&Ps, what to choose i5 with ssd and 7200 rpm hdd or quad i7 with ssd and 5400 rpm. Thanks
  13. T

    How can I get a good yet cheap laptop?

    The last good yet cheap laptop that I have had was an ASUS K55N I bought on eBay for 300$. It was a great laptop, but unfortunately, today I happened to drop it down some stairs... I now need a replacement.. Are there any good yet cheap laptops such as the one I have... well used to have? Can...
  14. A

    Sansui quad receiver

    I have a sansui quad receiver that I want to try out with 2 B&W CDM 7SE for the front and 2 CDM 1 SE for the rear. The sansui is rated at 25 watts per channel into 4 speakers and these B&W's are rated at 30 watts minimum. can this set up cause damage to the speakers and how could I get more...
  15. E

    Lenovo Z51-70 - 80K6002QUS or HP Envy - 15t Slim Quad Laptop?

    I've been looking for some systems for a few days now, and I've narrowed it down to these two, since my budget is in the $700 - $1000 range. In all, I'm not 100% sure what I should get, but I need to act fast before that Lenovo goes back to it's original pricing. I'm looking at these systems for...
  16. D

    4th Gen quad Ci5 or 5th gen Dual Ci5?

    I am going for an HP gaming laptop. Reading all the post in the forum, I am in a total dilemma whether to go for the dual core 5th gen i5 or the 4th gen i5 with quad core. Though the performance speed has increased by 4%. Will the clock speed or the no of cores matter for gaming? Should I wait...
  17. B

    Quad connection 33/405

    Hello, can someone help me please I just acuired a fine set Quad 33 with a Quad 405 amp, The 405 has no power on switch , how can I operate i safely for my speakers Thank you Patrick
  18. A

    Marantz 4240 bulb change

    Does anyone know what the procedure is to change the lamp bulbs on a Marantz 4240 Quad receiver ? Do you need to remove the faceplate? Thanks Alnicomag
  19. D

    1.0 ghz quad vs 1.5 ghz dual

    I'm looking at two laptops currently, debating on which to get. Main difference between two is the cpu. I was just wondering would the 1.0 ghz quad core have an advantage over the 1.5 ghz dual.
  20. BustedSpleen

    Good Smart Phone Specs?

    Is 512mb RAM, quad 1.2ghz processor good for a smart phone? I'd be using it for everyday use. I will watch YouTube vids occasionally as well as some games (mostly 2d).
  21. A

    Please tell me your opinion about this laptop.

    Hello, I'm looking for a laptop that costs up to $1K, for doing general stuff. I did some research, and the HP Envy 15t-j100 Quad Edition seems to be interesting to me... The following customization costs $950 after using a coupon: Is there currently a laptop that's better than the one above...
  22. Pandarian

    HP ENVY 15t-j100 Quad Edition - Is it possible to upgrade GPU by my self

    Hi, I'm going to buy this notebook. It comes with integrated Intel® HD Graphics. It gives me the option to upgrade the GPU to NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 740M Graphics with 2048MB of dedicated video memory for $85. I'm thinking of buying the notebook without dedicated GPU if its possible to upgrade it...
  23. A

    cortex A7 quad vs cortex A9 quad vs Dual core Krait

    With Motorola releasing the Moto G, I'm wondering which would be more powerful as far the CPU goes : the Moto G with its 1.2GHz quad core cortex A7, the older HTC One X with its 1.5GHz quad core cortex A9, or the dual core Krait phones like the Xperia L or the older HTC One S.. This is just a...
  24. AoS312

    HP Envy 15t-j000 Quad Edition or HP Envy 15z-j000?

    So I am planning to buy a new laptop for college and I want it to be able to run games at decent graphics well. I found the HP Envy 15 series and it suited my wants but I am not sure which one to get, the 15t-j000 Quad Edition or the 15z-j000. Which laptop will give me better performance and/or...
  25. G

    Gigabyte GA-M56S-S3 CPU Unlock

    Can the Gigabyte GA-M56S-S3 Unlock Tri-Cores to Quad-cores Because im Thinking of getting a tri core than unlocking
  26. S

    I have 2.4G wireless 4 cameras, one monitor,where to find that 4ch quad?

    I'm tring to hook these up to my tv or laptop. The instruction shows a 4ch quad to break it down to 1 outlet, to 1 monitor. Can't find one.
  27. P

    Discontinued HP ENVY dv6t-7300 Quad Edition

    As of today, HP discontinued the laptop I was planning to buy. I confirmed it via the website-chat system. But, I don't understand why they would do this, as it seemed to be their best selling laptop. Anyone know anything? Will the dv6 be coming back?
  28. B

    should i get a new system or upgrade the current one - opinions wanted

    i currently have this Phenom 2 555 - can unlock to quad no bother asrock 790gx pro 4gb corsair 2tb hd nvidia 9800gt both 17" sony trinitron and 28" samsung lcd northq 380w psu it works well for me as i use the 17" crt and don't ever go over 1024x768 in games. the only trouble is the...
  29. J

    Are there laptops around that use triple/quad channel RAM?

    Hi, I'm just wondering if there are any laptops yet that use triple/quad-channel RAM. I haven't seen any around, but that doesn't mean they don't exist... at least not yet. Does anyone know know, if they're not around yet, approximately when they might be around? Thanks. -J
  30. B

    Ram choice on clevo p150EM 1600 vs 1866 8gb vs 16gb Dual vs Quad for gaming

    Hi would like to get everyone's opinion on ram choice for Clevo p150em. Question: 1600 vs 1866 8gb vs 16gb Dual or Quad CH Price list 8GB (2 x 4GB) , PC3-14900, 1866MHz SODIMM 16GB (2 x 8GB) , PC3-12800, 1600MHz SODIMM +$34.50 16GB (4 x 4GB) , PC3-14900, 1866MHz SODIMM Quad-core...
  31. C

    Upgrading Vid Card on HP ENVY dv7t-7200 Quad

    It's running Windows 8 Pro. Apparently this is the reason why HP didn't have any options above the 650m available. So I'm taking this to mean that the mobo will support a 670m/7950 etc.?? pwease halp me?
  32. T

    Llano Quad Versus Trinity Dual

    I would like to know which of these AMD APUs are better: The Llano-based A6-3420 1.5Ghz, or the Trinity-based A6-4400 2.7Ghz? The Llano part is a quad core boasting 4MB L2, while the Trinity part is a dual core with only 1MB L2. The conditions under which these two processors would be running...
  33. P

    How to install server 2003 in dv7t quad edition

    Hi I would like to install server 2003 in my HP laptop ( HP Pavilion dv7t-6c00 CTO Quad Edition Entertainment Notebook PC) i7 processor. with Win 7 OS. Please help me.
  34. F

    HP Pavillion dv7t Quad Ed: Problems running Diablo 3 and Graphics in general

    Hello, I bought a HP dv7 quad edition laptop last summer, and now am noticing its having difficulty running games it should have no problems running. Things my old desktop can run better with 4 year old parts. Laptop stats are below: dv7t Quad Ed • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit...
  35. P

    Ivy Bridge laptop

    Hello, With ivy bridge mobile quad cores launching next monday ( 23rd of April), i was wondering when the first laptops using those new CPU's would be available for purchase. Would it take a few days or more like a few weeks / months?
  36. D

    I3, i5 vs. Amd A6, A8

    Which procceser would be better for gaming i3, i5 vs. Amd A6 (quad), A8 (quad)?
  37. B

    Is hp pavilion dv6z quad edition good for engineering?

    is hp pavilion dv6z quad edition good for engineering?
  38. T

    Amd a8 quad vs intel i5

    Hello, Where can I purchase a great laptop for a reasonable price?
  39. mrcheeps

    Solved! Intel i7 quad vs dual

    Hello, Let's say that I get a pc game that requires a 2.4 ghz cpu. Would it be better to get a laptop with a 2.66 ghz dual core, or a 2.2 ghz quad core, and why?
  40. H

    Quad 6950's

    I want to know if Quad 6950's would be good. They would be these, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127575 which can unlock to 6970 so it would be like quad 6970's. it's either this or Dual gts 580's. Thanks! :hello:
  41. J

    Solved! Quad a6 vs. core i3

    Hello,what is the difference between AMD quad-core A6 vs. core I3?? thank you
  42. B

    Need Sansui Quad Receiver/Amp repair

    Hello, Is there anyone out there that can repair a Sansui Quadraphonic Amplifier QRX-9001
  43. P

    Solved! Core i7 vs core 2 quad or duo notebooks

    The difference between Core i7 vs core 2 quad or duo
  44. E

    Solved! I3 380m with GT540m OR N970 with 6650m? (gaming)

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834115986 This has a dual core i3 380m, but has a GT540M. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834215037 This on the other hand has a more powerful quad N970, but a less powerful 6650m. My question is, which is better for...
  45. musical marv

    Quad 57 speakers

    Looking to buy a pair of Quad 57 speakers.Must be in good condition and reasonable price. Greatest midrange speaker ever made.Thanks
  46. exfileme

    Next Nintendo Console With Blu-ray, Quad CPU?

    Nintendo may reveal the Wii successor this June. Next Nintendo Console With Blu-ray, Quad CPU? : Read more
  47. G

    Why do i need apre-amp & what does it do?

    Hi hope someone can help please? Why do i need a pre-amp for my quad 405 & what does it do? thanks julian.
  48. F

    What CPU?

    I can`t choose between Athlon II X4 640 and Phenom II X2 555. What do you think should i buy Athlon (quad) or Phenom and then try to unlock it to quad. What are chances that I unlock Phenom? I will use pc for gaming and other stuff like surfing the internet, but most time for gaming. I want a...
  49. T

    Need remote control for quad 66 cd

    Having recently inherited a quad 66 cd player and a pair of ESL63s it frustrating to find that one of the ESLs is faulty and you need a remote to operate the 66. Does anyone have a remote for sale or know if another make will operate it. Someone suggested that because the 66 is based on a...
  50. G

    HP Pavilion dv8t problems

    Hello, What problems have you encountered with the HP Pavilion dv8t Quad Edition series
  51. 6

    Solved! Core2 quad vs i7

    Hello, Which one is better/faster between i7 720Qm 1.6Ghz or Core 2 Quad Q9000 2.0Ghz??
  52. M

    My proplem with phenom X2 550

    hello i have phenom x2 550 be i try to unlock the cores to make quad but when i did restart everything was good but not boot to my windows i dont know whay i have before phenom x3 720 and i maked quad but now phenom 550 not work
  53. M

    Phenom II X2 550 unlock problem

    hello i have phenom x2 550 be i try to unlock the cores to make quad but when i did restart everything was good but not boot to my windows i dont know whay i have before phenom x3 720 and i maked quad but now phenom 550 not work
  54. M

    Sound Card in HP DV6t

    Does anyone know what sound card is in the HP dv6t quad edition?
  55. E

    Solved! Intel i7 vs core 2 quad/duo

    Does a laptop really need such an intensive processor (the intel i7) or would the core 2 quad/duo suffice? I don't want to spend the extra money for an intel i7 laptop if the core 2 duo can sufficiently meet my needs. I have 3 laptops in mind atm...
  56. mjohnson24

    Which - Core 2 duo or Core 2 Quad?

    Below links are 2 laptops im looking at getting. Which one would i benefit from better? i will be using it For playing like World of Warcraft on it but mainly stuff like Photoshop and Premiere Pro CS4. Laptop #1...
  57. A


  58. K

    Dual X9100 vs Quad Q9100 in 15" Laptop

    I have a similar problem to Zeriah on this thread.. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/page-49752_19_0.html I'm perplexed. I want to purchase a new laptop. I travel weekly with my work, battery time is of no concern. Im always plugged in anyhow and dont enjoy working in airports. I want a...
  59. G

    Westinghouse Upgrades $50,000 Quad HD LCD

    Las Vegas (NV) - Westinghouse has increased the size of its Quad HD LCD and slightly increased its price tag. Westinghouse Upgrades $50,000 Quad HD LCD : Read more