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  1. K

    Recovery disk for L505D-LS5007

    I am trying to figure out how to backup the current hard drive for my Toshiba laptop model L505D-LS5007. The hard drive is full and I need to install a new one but have never done it before
  2. T

    acer aspire v5-572p 4429 laptop hard drive stopped working

    Need help, my laptop hard drive just stopped working after I dropped it. I bought a new hard drive but how do I restore windows since I have no restore CDs? When I bought it it didn't bring any CDs to restore, I really don't want to buy a new laptop can anyone help me restore my laptop? It's a...
  3. I

    how to restore a toshiba c655 laptop to factory settings without a recovery disk

    i have a Toshiba Satellite C655 that i need to reset to factory settings, but i am unable to find my disk. is there any way that i can reset it without the disk?
  4. F

    Hard drive crashed on Toshiba satellite L755D. I have a new hard drive. Can I reinstall with recovery disk?

    I have a Toshiba laptop with a bad hd so I replaced the hd. I want to reinstall windows but obviously have no hidden partition left. They have recovery disk for $30 but I want to make sure I can reinstall from these before spending the money.
  5. N

    toshiba satellite L550 recovery disk

    hi i was looking for a recovery disk fro my Toshiba satellite L550 vista 32bit
  6. G

    Put in a new battery in my toshiba lap top, it now wants a password and I don't have the recovery disk

    Replaced the battery in my toshiba lap top now it wants a password. I don't know it nor do I have any recovery disks. Any suggestions?
  7. E

    toshiba satillite ,laptop

    Toshiba satellite c855d-s5950 looking for recovery disk for windows 8.
  8. W

    how to get recovery disk for sony vaio sve15114fxs

    I need someone to help me get recovery disk for sony vaio sve15114fxs...Please send me a rar file to my I realy need laptop is in realy bad shape.
  9. G

    how do you use the recovery disk

    Somehow my computer hd has . Been erased. I noticed it has a y drive. Where do I go from here? All help is very much appreciated! Im running windows 8
  10. M

    recovery disk for sony vaio series T

    I purchased a SONY VAIO in the US 2 years ago model SVT13116FXS its a series T which is only available in the US. MY hard drive crashed and is now in RAW state and Im in another country right now. I bought a new HD but the recovery disks from SONY are not available to download and can only be...
  11. J

    create bootable install usb

    Hello, I have a Gateway netbook (no disk drive, only USB) which I'd like to restore to factory settings. The manufacturer (Acer) sent me "Recovery *Disks*". Yes, disks. Three of them. They do appear to contain the reinstall files I need. However, how do I get the files from the disks onto...
  12. M

    Factory reset without the disk

    I tried to do a factory restore. My system would only read 3% of the disk. How can I do a factory default reset without the disk. The Alt F10 does not work either. sorry my system is the Acer Aspire 5517
  13. tomsguideUS

    How to Create a Recovery Disk for a Dell Laptop Running Windows 8

    If you own a Dell laptop running Windows 8 and decide to replace your hard drive or start fresh, you will need a copy of the recovery media. A built-in Dell Backup and Recovery application helps you to create the recovery disk. There are two ways to create a recovery disc. They're similar, but...
  14. tomsguideUS

    Create a Recovery Disk for Lenovo Windows 8 Laptop

    If you ever find yourself in a situation where your Lenovo laptop’s operating system is compromised or damaged, you can probably recover it just by restoring the PC to factory settings. It is wise to create a recovery disk to do this, so you can restore your laptop from a USB drive even if you...
  15. tomsguideUS

    Create a Recovery Disk for Acer Windows 8 Laptop

    You never know when you are going to need to recover the system on your Acer Windows 8 laptop or if you will have access to the Windows operating system when you need to do so. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to take the following steps as a precautionary measure right when you get your Acer...
  16. G

    free toshiba recovery disk A105-S4094

    need a recovery disk for a toshiba A105-S4094 Satellite laptop
  17. L

    Resetting Acer Aspire one without recovery disk or pressing ALT and F10

    I am trying to reset my Acer Aspire netbook to it's factory setting, but when I turn off and re boot and press ALT and F10 nothing happens, also my laptop beeps for ages before it fully boots up, the beeps do eventually stop, it is 5 years old.
  18. W

    Recovery Partition Lost/doesn't appear

    Good afternoon. I bought a new Toshiba L55-A5284, and I didn't create the recovery disk.Trying to partitionate my HDD, I had problems with that, and after this, my Recovery Partition doesn't appear. I have installed Windows 7 on my laptop, to keep using it. I would like to know if there is yet a...
  19. J

    How do I get to the file on my hard drive to rnstore back to the factory settings without a recovery disk

    My manual states that the program to recover back to the original settings is on my hard drive and I do not need a disk. I have a T61p 6460-67U thinkpad with Windows 7. When I go through the restore program it tells me to insert a recovery disk. My manual says that I do not need a disk. Its on...
  20. xaephod

    Emachines E525 Windows Version?

    Hi folks, I have an Emachines E525, purchased new. I made a recovery disk package (3 disks) a while ago, but turns out I am missing one of the disks. I tried to just install 7 from another source and use the serial # on the bottom of the laptop but it doesn't want to work. What version of...
  21. N

    Free Toshiba Recovery disk

    I have a toshiba satellite a665-s6100x that the hdd has got hit with the grim reapers touch and died & it's out of warranty & recovery disk are no where to be found can someone make me a recovery disk for free plz
  22. S

    l300 toshiba recovery disk

    I want to reinstall Vista
  23. N

    System recover manager not start on boot up with recovery disk

    I have new set of HP recovery disk disk 1 in DVD player shut down system to reboot but recovery manager didn't start. I repeated procedure, but upon start up pushed esc to get to Startup menu vs windows, but unsure how to proceed! Options given are F1. System info F2 sys diagnostics F9 boot...
  24. P

    driver recovery/re-install disk

    I recently purchased a refurbished Dell XPS 15 L521X notebook PC. It came with a re-install disk for its Windows 7 OS, but no recovery disk for its drivers. How can I make a recovery/re-install disk for the PC's drivers? The Dell site allows downloading of drivers, but I think the downloads...
  25. G

    Toshiba Satellite A305 Reset Factory Settings Question

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A305 and I'd like to reset it to factory settings. My OS is Windows Vista 64bit Service Pack 2. I know that Toshiba doesn't give you recovery disks, so I tried to create some using the Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator. However, I don't have this recovery disk creator...
  26. J

    FREE toshiba recovery disk for satellite L775-S7307 with win 7 home premium

  27. J

    how to get a recovery disk for sony vaio pcc7-61611l

    need recovery disk for pcc7-61611l before my daughter drives me crazy
  28. R

    Error loading operating system Windows 7

    I accidentally dropped my ASUS laptop (from bedside table onto carpeted floor) that's using Windows 7 as OS. It was running at the time and after the fall, it froze up, making a funny noise. I then restarted it and now it says error loading operating system. Unfortunately, I did not create any...
  29. A

    Recovery Disks for Toshiba Satellite A100

    i need a recovery disk for a Toshiba Satellite A100-PSAA9A to set it up as factory again
  30. S

    recovery disc needed for toshiba satellite u500 1DR

    recovery disk needed for toshiba satellite u500 1dr.
  31. C

    Sony vaio laptop recovery disk

    My vaio recovery disk is faulty and pressing at boot f10 no vaio menu coming up, I can see a hidden partition. How can I restore my laptop to factory settings please?
  32. R

    recovery disk toshiba satellite a660-0qe

    looking for the recovery / repair cd for a toshiba satellite a660-oqe
  33. D

    recovery 2 disk toshiba a205

    I CAN'T FIND recovery disk toshiba a205 s6808
  34. C

    I need arecovery disk

    I have an acer 5734z and I am in need of a recovery disk for it. Do you know where I can find one to download? Thank you Crystal
  35. D

    my toshiba satellite l305 laptop will not reset to factory settings for no reason please help

    I have tried everything do not have a recovery disk
  36. M

    Vista to Windows 8?

    Can I install a Toshiba Windows 8 recovery disk on a Gateway Vista 64 bit laptop? My son's new Toshiba Satellite S-70 laptop came with Windows 7 pre-installed and (4) Windows 8 Pro Recovery DVD's for when he wants to upgrade, which will be never. Can I somehow use these to upgrade a Gateway...
  37. M

    REcovery disk for Toshiba Satelite

    I have a Toshiba Satelite L450 D-128 and require a recovery disk. Can you help?
  38. G

    How To: Build Your Own Windows Rescue Disc

    A quick tutorial for building your own Windows Rescue Disc. How To: Build Your Own Windows Rescue Disc : Read more
  39. B

    need a free recovery disk download

    I lost my recovery disk for a Toshiba satellite p745 it has windows 7 intel core i3 can someone plz help
  40. V

    Download recovery disk for toshiba laptop c855d-s540- how?

    how to download recovery disc for toshiba satellite laptop c855d-s540
  41. M

    recovery cd needed

    need recovery disk for Toshiba Satellite Pro C850-1CW, any help please,puts it back to windows 8 64bit and all other toshiba software etc
  42. S

    I need a recovery disk for satellite C655-S5132

    We never received a recovery disk with our laptop and now its asking for us to put one in. Please help
  43. T

    recovery download for toshiba satellie l30-101

    Hi anybody know where can download a recovery disk did a kill disk and i have lost my restore cd?
  44. G

    Packard Bell recovery disk

    I am looking for a recovery disk for a Packard Bell model ARES GP2W
  45. P

    [Solved] Acer aspire 5742z recovery disk download

    my laptop says no le device--insert boot disk and press any key ..... can someone help me plz
  46. B

    Hard drive deleted trying to restore laptop

    Hello, I received an error message,on my Toshiba satellite laptop, NTLDR is missing. I used the recovery disk that came with the computer, that didnt work.... I then deleted the hard driver and now Im getting missing operating system. Help me restore
  47. M

    Acer aspire 5315 laptop recovery disk

    yes i have an acer aspire and it does not want to show any thing on the screen i have tried safe mode and all and i get the safe mode or normal etc screen but when i ckick on any of them it starts to load and then nothing but the cursor any help or ideas as to how to fix this...
  48. B

    Download toshiba satellite recovery disk free

  49. J

    Acer aspire 5742g recovery disk download

    Hello, hi im need disk recovery for acer aspire 5742
  50. J

    Acer aspire 5742g recovery disk download

    Hello, hi im need disk recovery for acer aspire 5742
  51. D

    Toshiba recovery disk l775-s7111

    I am looking for a recovery disk for a Toshiba Satellite L775-s7111 Any suggestions? You can contact me at Thanks! Mark
  52. R

    Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5110 recovery disk?

    I made a horrible mistake today trying to get Windows 7 on my laptop as opposed to Windows 8. I did a fresh install of Windows 7 over the old Windows 8 partition. I can't install any of the old drivers so my laptop is no where near useful. The only partition on my C855D-S5110 now is the one...
  53. R

    Acer aspire recovery disk windows 7 for aspire 5534

    I need help recovering my system back to factory settings. I accidentally installed the wrong OS recovery CD on my laptop. Please help me, restore my laptop back to factory settings!
  54. J

    How to run recovery disk on tishiba lap top L 755

    can not get into bios to set start up to cd/dvd drive so I can run the 5 restore disk.
  55. H

    Acer 5560 laptop recovery disk download

    Is there a way that i can restore my laptop to factory. I did make a recovery disk when i got it. I took it to a computer store where they wiped the hard drive i gave them the recovery disk's & they said they put them on. However it does not have half of the programs installed, this computer is...
  56. W

    Recovery disk

    HI Folks Can anyone help me please I tried to restore my acer aspire D255E to factory setings and it wiped out my data. is there a recovery disk for this or what can I do Cheers Pete
  57. M

    Toshiba satillite recovery disk

    how can a downloada toshiba series A215-PSAEGU recovery disk to my PC? i need to take one to best buy to fix my laptop
  58. K

    Free toshiba recovery disk download for L775D-S7135

    I'm looking for a free toshiba recovery disk download for my L775D-S7135 laptop.
  59. J

    Recovery disk for toshiba a 660 series

    Need to get a recovery disk for my satellite Toshiba please help. My laptop is down
  60. A


    Please help me!! I have toshiba L505-gs6002,and i lost recovery may anyone can give me link to download recovery disk regards