Toshiba Satellite A305 Reset Factory Settings Question



I have a Toshiba Satellite A305 and I'd like to reset it to factory settings. My OS is Windows Vista 64bit Service Pack 2. I know that Toshiba doesn't give you recovery disks, so I tried to create some using the Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator. However, I don't have this recovery disk creator installed and there is no option to install it from the Toshiba website.

If I don't have the ability to create a recovery disk, how can I reset my computer back to factory default settings? I also know about turning the laptop off and 'pressing zero' option that erases everything on the C drive and is supposed to restore it back to factory settings, but I'm not sure if my laptop even has a recovery partition on the hard drive at all. I basically don't want to do that option because if there's no recovery data it would end up ruining my computer. Is there a way to tell if my laptop has a recovery partition? Help?


Sep 5, 2011
Turn the computer off. Hold down the F8 key and turn the computer on.
The advanced boot options should appear. Use the cursor keys to select "repair my computer" and follow the on-screen instructions.

see if it will give you the Toshiba restore


Apr 16, 2013
The situation you're in is precarious. I agree, you do not want to start the recovery process to find out later that you cant do it, then your PC is frozen in an unusable state.

You need the recovery disk for the computer. Do not use the recovery disk creator that came with the computer. This will copy over all the random bugs and issues that you had before and you'll be in the same exact predicament as you are now. The disk creator program just copies off the partitions onto the disc and uses that to try and re-install the OS. The problem comes when you have problems on the partition. I've only seen that recovery partition work 1-2 times in 7 years of working on computers. We NEVER use it.

The best thing to do is to get the recovery disk from the manufacturer or from a third party. In your particular situation I would suggest purchasing it from a third party that we use. They take a few days to mail it to you, but other than that very easy to use and comes with directions.

Just fill in the information with your model number and you'll be able to process the order. When you get the CD's post back here and we will help you install them. They have instructions and are really easy.
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