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    Help Im stuck on the Passcode screen On my Kyocera E6790

    Kyocera DuraForce XD (E6790) How do i get to the booot screen from being locked out on safemode
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    Get into safemode without password

    Can't get into laptop , don't know my password! Im not the administrator. Screen stays on "enter password" screen
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    Solved! Can we decrypt GandCrab 5.0.3 Encryption? [Help]

    GandCrab 5.0.3 ransomware infected my pc now i have removed it in safemode but my pictures and other files are encrypted, so i need to know is decrypting is possible or not?
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    For karbonn aura power 4g

    I cannot disable safemode in my phone karbonn aura power 4g
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    there isnt a safemode on this nextbook tablet

    My nextbook tablet is stuck on the nextbook logo and will not go any further. I have tried to factory reset, but it will not complet the reset for some reason and there is no safe mode on this model
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    Acer stuck safemode

    I have a Acer Sky Blue 11.6" R11 R3-131T-C1Y win 10 that i made win8.1. My hdmi port and my touch pad drivers not installed.. my friend put laptop in safemode and i cant get it out..i need help getting out of safe mode and help installing my missing drivers .help thx shelley
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    Help! My computer is freezing in safemode

    I have a vaio laptop model svf15nb1gl running windows 8.1. I've only had it for about 2 years. I was experiencing 100% disk space problems and I followed instructions on other threads on this site (turned off windows search, ITS, adjusted the virtual memory, etc.) these things would help...
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    Solved! Broken screen safemode

    Stuck in safe mode
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    How can get out of safe mode on my Acer ?

    Window 10 update.
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    Laptop Stuck on Loading Screen, Cant Access BIOS, Safemode Doesnt Work (Win 7)

    Hi, I had a problem with startups from before. I made a thread but didnt get much help. Link below: So basically all these months I turn my laptop on from hibernate and let it just sit...
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    How do I connect external monitor from safemode in windows 7?

    My screen is black in normal mode, but in safemode it's fine. The computer starts with no problem, the windows logo comes up, but after that the screen goes black, I can type my password and hear the computer log in, but theres no visual of it. My current plan is to reset the computer to an...
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    Toshiba Satellite I can only get to my desktop through safe mode.

    My Toshiba will only show the desktop in safe mode otherwise the screen will be black. I have to re-start the computer in safe mode, do a system restore, and then I will be able to see the desktop. Each time I have to start the computer this way regardless of the system restore every time.
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    How do I get my android out of safemode

    How do I get my android out of safemode
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    Laptop boots to black screen with mouse cursor - how to confirm OS?

    Hi all, My wife's Lenovo laptop boots through to the usual safemode options (normal, safemode, safemode with networking etc) But no matter which option you select after that it goes to a black screen with the mouse cursor visible and loading circle occasionally flashing up beneath it. You can...
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    How do I get safe mode to work on my external monitor [tv] with hdmi, my laptop monitor is broken

    I've been looking for answers for hours and I can't find anything. I recently was stuck in Safe mode after I typed in msconfig and clicked automatically start in safe mode. My laptop monitor is completely broken, I can't see anything at all on it. So I've been using my tv as an external monitor...
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    my toshiba laptop has a blue screen and I cannot get it to go into safe mode

    My toshiba laptop malware remover updated a driver I don't have and I got a blue screen and it won't let in safemode at all ,if I could get in safemode I could fix the problem.
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    disable of safemode

    how to disable safemode in lenovo G510 lap..plz help me....
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    Alienware forgotten password

    I forgot my Alienware x14 Laptop's Password. I tried going into safemode and resetting but I'm the only user so I needed to put in my password (forgotten) I am very confused and I really need help. Someone help?
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    Laptop unresponsive after startup in menu

    Hello, My laptop becomes unresponsive after its starts up in the menu. It doesnt connect to wifi (in safemode it does which is weird) it doesn't respond to whatever I click eg. start menu its like it ignores my command. In safemode it works fine and has no problems. I honestly don't know whats...
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    Java - Not even in safemode...

    Any ideas on why I can't get java to install? It says it installed, but then when I go to and test it, the system freezes (control alt delete, then close firefox). I tried this on multiple browsers, and even in safemode. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Toshiba Laptop switches off while charging, but works fine in safemode

    Toshiba Laptop switches off while charging, but works fine in safe mode. OS is windows vista, laptop model - Toshiba satellite A305 series Please anyone help me on this.
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    How to reset my aspire one laptop

    i have to use safemode because my little cousint whent to change the appearence of your background and now i cant see the screen its in black only i can see it is if i use the compu in safemode wich really anoys me please help!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can i reset it so everything goes back to normal
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    FCCABY.dll / ljggde.dll Removal.

    Hello. My second computer has been infected with a "Win32/Kryptik.DOX". My Nod32 keeps blocking the file ljggde.dll (which is located in Windows/System32). Nod32 deletes the file, but the file gets recopied there by something (And Nod32 deletes it again). I restarted my PC on safemode. deleting...
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    Solved! How to access safemode on dell mini laptop

    Hello, i have a mini dell laptop & need to get into safe mode. how do i do it? i see the f8 on the k key but nothing happens