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  1. H

    Keyboard Replacement on Acer Aspire V5-123

    Hi , Can anybody help me , I'm trying to replace the keyboard on my Acer aspire v5 - 123 but there isn't any edge I can take the keyboard out of. The keyboard is embedded into the case. I have tried looking for instructions online but can't find any. Thanks.
  2. U

    Please Assist in Reconciling Missing Post

    Hi, a recent post I put up seems to have been removed, as its link now only results in a 404; for reference: Could someone tell me: -If it was removed because of some inconsistency with posting regulation...
  3. P

    I'm AMAZED at you guys. This is TOM's GUIDE, for Pete's sake. WILL YOU FORGET ABOUT THE SWITCH ON THE ADAPTER. WE ***ALL** KNO

  4. P

    TV purchase help

    Please help me choose the best out of these TV's (I'm open for other suggestions but it has to be at least 48", Smart TV, and under $500) Sony KDL48R510C Sharp LC-48LE653U Philips 49PFL4609/F7 Thanks.
  5. J

    Can i add apps or files to my SD card and still run them even though they are in the card?

    Im about to buy a new Samsung Galaxy S5 that has 16 GB of storage and with that an SD card that has 32 GB of storage. Now i heard that even though the SD card is on the device it does not add the storage into the phone but lets you move the app or file into it but not run them not until you...
  6. D

    4K TV with old laptop

    I am planning to buy this and i own this can i connect these through a VGA cable or otherwise. if not then...
  7. F

    Laptop Battery Problem?

    I have a ASUS A45D, and i have battery problem since 1 year ago the problem is when i connect the battery without the charger it starts up for 1 second and suddenly shutdown if i connect the charger while im using the battery it stuck on the ASUS logo but if i remove the battery and only use the...
  8. T

    Samsung S Duos(GT-7562) not working after Factory restore

    ??????Recently I factory restored my phone because there were many junk/unwanted apps. When I switch the phone on after factory restoring it, It went to the following screens: 1. Select Language 2. SIM Setup 3. WiFi Setup 4. Date and Time Setup 5. Black screen with only top bar working. (I...
  9. newfiedog95

    Tom's Guide Account Help

    I am in the process of completing my account for this website and noticed that I cant edit my signature or computer setup it there a reason for this? or do i need to just wait?
  10. J

    Laptop getting crashed frequently and make beep sounds

    Hello friends, I have Dell Inspiron 7520(15R SE) Laptop which I bought 2 years ago.It never had any problem before. But for last few days the laptop crashes frequently.7 out of 10 times it dies immediately after pushing power button.Sometimes it makes continues 7 beep sound. Sometimes it...
  11. tomsguideUS

    Win an Apple Watch from Tom's Guide!

    Smartwatches are the next big thing, and your wrist deserves the best. We got our hands on an Apple Watch, the most anticipated smartwatch of them all! We could wear it around ourselves, but we want to give it to a member of the Tom's Guide Community! Curious about how to win? Read on for...
  12. T

    Laptop mousepad notworking properly.

    My little brother dropped some water (less than a teaspoon) on the touchpad, so he swiped it, and now it's not behaving properly. It's movement isn't fluid, it often gets stuck while and tapping doesn't even work. The right and left mouse buttons still work. I've even tried using different...
  13. I

    Is it possible?

    I have 2 laptops. The laptop that i'm using at the moment has a display adapter of AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250, and its processors are AMD Athlon II P340 Dual-Core Processor. Laptop #2 has a display adapter which is AMD Radeon HD 6620G and processors AMD A8-3510MX APU with Radeon...
  14. T

    Does the Asus Xonar U3 have Dolby Surround Sound...??

    Does it make a stereo Headphone into a Surround Sound Headphone...? If no/yes... Any other Suggestions...? Has to be USB...not PCI-e....! Thanks Guys...!!
  15. I

    connecting a computer to an older TV

    I would like to connect my computer to an older TV it is so old it does not have the typical red yellow and white slots nor an s video slot just a pin slot to connect the anenna. is their some way to connect it?
  16. X

    how i can connect a blue ray player a dvd player cable box a hdtv to an old receiver

    I have a blue ray player Samsung bd-f5900 , a dvd player toshiba sd-3890 , a cable box cisco Explorer 464hdc , a Samsung hdtv series 610 and an old Pioneer vsx-9700s receiver . I'd like to connect all of them to receiver to listen through the stereo system speakers I already have a digital...
  17. VedranMik

    Gaming headsets around 20$

    I found a few models on Ebay, such as or perhaps these Getting a pair for my younger brother, gaming mostly...
  18. AndrewFreedman

    Ask Me Anything - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

    Tom's Community Ask Me Anything – Electronic Frontier Foundation Many of our AMA's have been with OEM's. They're great! They make cool stuff! But this time we're doing something different, allowing our community to discuss news and policy with experts. It's a chance to get educated and discuss...
  19. Mounty_078

    Cheap gaming headset with good mic

    Hello, I need to buy a Gaming Headset for pretty cheap. The one I was planning on buying was the Sharkoon Shark Zone H10 which is actually a really damn good headset for it's price (24,90 euros (30 dollars)) with good sound and a good mic with a nice design. However I wanted to know if there's...
  20. G

    Best gaming headset

    I want to buy a gaming headset for under a 100 bucks with a surround system and these are the best ones i could find. Which one of them is the best when it comes to comfort, crystal clear sound and a good mice? Which one should i buy ? These are my choices: 1. Kingston Hyperx 2. Razer Kraken...
  21. S

    Laptop / hybrid with a digitizer

    Hi there community. Looking for some advice please. I currently have a decent home computer which i do a lot of 3d work on and sculpting via zbrush and the occasional bit of gaming (Lol, WoW) etc. I travel a lot around the UK and my current laptop which I've had for about 6 years now is getting...
  22. jpishgar

    Introductions & Welcome to Tom's Guide!

    Welcome, welcome to Tom’s Guide! We're incredibly glad to have you with us, and we hope you'll enjoy your visit to the premier community for tech support questions and answers, product recommendations, and tutorials! To help get us all better acquainted with one another, we've set up this...
  23. B

    two samsung tv's in same room with Directv- 2 remotes that conflict with each other supposedly because Samsung has universal r

    Wife just purchased Samsung smart tv with direct tv std receiver. Other Samsung tv has dvr with HDMI dvr receiver. According to Directv techs they have no clue. Samsung techs have different opinions. One says "cannot use to Samsungs in same room, move to another place". My wife suggests the...
  24. X

    I3 3110m bottleneck to gt650m? Here is the image while playing nba 2k15 at 18 fps average. My friend with 840m and i7-4710 has no problem running it.
  25. B

    Have you ever been ignored by tom's guide?

    Hi, I know tom's guide offers a platform for developers to upload their app. Have you ever successfully uploaded your app to the platform? Especially those individual developers. I have this doubt cuz I have contacted them for over three time for the app submission request over last two months...
  26. Titillating

    Tom's Guide Readers' Choice 2014: Gaming Keyboards

    Keyboards have come a long way in the years since they were first created, and the emergence of competitive PC gaming has birthed a new trend: gaming keyboards. Gaming keyboards differ from your average keyboards by offering additional functionality that many gaming enthusiasts find helpful...
  27. B

    G12 raw problem

    Saturday 25 October 2014 Tom's Guide: I had a Canon G11 camera and replaced it with a used Canon G12. I shoot in both RAW and .jpeg. I use PS CS6 and LR5 for editing. The raw converter in my LR3 and LR5 worked fine with my G11 but when I try to open CR2 RAW files from my G12 I get a message...
  28. A

    Please Suggest the laptop

    Please suggest if Hp-pavilion 15-p077tx is worth for money or not...
  29. Spellbreak

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 memory card slot

    Hello everyone, I hope I'm in the right section and I don't have much knowledge about nowadays mobile phones and tables, so question might be stupid :) I've just bought Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and looking for a memory card. The information I get from the internet is kinda strange because most of the...
  30. N

    Acer problems help!!

    So I bought a new acer laptop and it won't go into play store or download the new updates or go on the Internet or anything. What do I do?
  31. R

    i have the same problem with 1080p videos too

    i dont get full screen on my lg 3d tv with 1080p movies also. makes no sense. i put it in zoom but theres a huge border still
  32. P

    Chromecast device not playing through Samsung HT4500

    I can't get Chromcast audio to play through my Samsung HT4500. The sound only plays through the TV as usual. The Chromcast HDMI connection is attached to the TV. All else is working fine or so it seems. Is it possible to connect Chromcast to the home entertainment center? We use it for our...
  33. R

    stolen Asus serial number

    My Asus laptop was stolen in a burglary. Is there a way for the company or LE to locate it? It would leave to a massive burglary if possible.
  34. N

    Disabling cellphone cameras

    Hi everyone, With cellphones these days and the cameras attached to them, we all pretty much lost our privacy. People can take a picture of us at any time, anywhere with or without us knowing about it. My question is, is it possible to do something about it? Building some kind of a device to...
  35. S

    Which should I choose? or I don't know anything about computers so I really need help choosing a good gaming laptop or...
  36. L

    root my gt-s7500

    Can you guys help me by giving advice....???please..
  37. K

    confused with chose and dont know what to do !!

    I was going to get laptop one was toshiba satellite pro c50-a-1k9 and other is toshiba satellite c70-b-10e. c50-a-1k9 has i5-3230M Processor, 6 gb ddr3 ram and GT 740M max batt life is 4h and it is 15.6inc c70-b-10e has i5-4200U processor, 6 gb ddr3l ram , Radeon R7 M260 Graphics max batt...
  38. T

    Looking for a good laptop carrying bag for IT work

    Hello everyone, not sure where to ask this question but I guess I'll start here. I'm looking for a decent size laptop carrying case that also has some storage to put my tools in. This fall I'll be going to school and would like to get a case that's large enough to hold at least a 15 inch laptop...
  39. S

    Which notebook / ultrabook ? ASUS S56CM-xx130h vs Acer Aspire 7740

    Hi, Iam considering buying a notebook/ultrabook for school, However i seem to have these options: Acer Aspire 7740 for $250 17.3" LED intel core i5 2.25ghz quadcore 6gb ram 320gb hdd samsung sprintpoint ATI radeon 5650 1GB + Will have to buy a new battery for $70 OR Asus S56C-XX130H for...
  40. R

    Need help with transfering text message from phone to pc!!!!ASAP

    I need to learn how to transfer text message conversations from my HTC Sprint G4 phone (not sure if you need other info. thats realy all I know) to my PC or if I can email them to my self. Can anyone help me?
  41. L

    Google Chrome Cast

    I used this website for installation of my chrome cast and you all helped enormously! New issue is this; I changed my wi-fi network and now my chrome cast won't work. Question; how do I switch it over?
  42. M

    13 inch gaming laptop under 600$

    I'm searching for a 13 inch gaming laptop.My requirements GPU : GT 740,730,720,630,640 or radeon Hd 8750,8650 Ram 6-8 Min 5 hours of battery Cpu : I5,i7 or amd a10 from 2ghz to 3ghz Good battery is important for me . 11.6 inch will be ok too
  43. C

    What program will accept Outlook Express Email? It is much easier to use than windows live email.

    What program can I put in my laptop in order to use Outlook Express? Windows live sucks!
  44. S

    Samsung 32" LCD Ghosty display

    Hi All, I have a Samsung 32" LCD series 550 which goes weird after 1 hour of usage. I am getting ghosty overlapping images and vertical lines. They disappear when I put it on rest for 4 to 5hrs and again shows up after an hour of usage. The TV is currently out of warranty and the Samsung agent...
  45. L

    tv home theater

    I can't get my rca home theater sound to play through lg tv I dnt see output I hve bought hdmi and audio Cable .
  46. P

    when playing dvd there is brillaant picture but no sound . what could be wrong

    looking for advice as when i play a dvd there is picture but no sound
  47. B

    TV sound doesn't play through home theater system. What's wrong?

    I have a Samsung TV and a Samsung Home Theater system. I want the sound from my TV to run through the HT. * I do not have cable or satellite. The only things on the system are the TV and the HT. * I have an HDMI cable connecting my TV to my HT in the second HDMI port. * I have a Chromecast...
  48. N

    Surround Sound Help

    I have a Sony LED EX645 Internet TV and a Sony PS3 to watch Blu-ray. Here's my question, I also have the Bose 3·2·1® GS Series II DVD home entertainment system. When I am watching Blu-ray, the Bose speakers do not project noise/music. What do I have to do to make the connections work please...
  49. V

    LCD HDTV advise

    Hi! I have a little problem with my TV. I am curious what is this black spot with a red dot in the center? I know that red dot is a stuck pixel, but why I have a black spot around it? Thank you!!! I do NOT see it when I put the white picture on screen...
  50. S

    samsung colour issues

    hi, I have a sumsung t370hw02, its been excellent for 4 years, came back off holiday, the screen is magenta, there is no cyan or black or yellow, tried everything, connections, settings etc..., factory reset,nothing. please help?
  51. T

    Help me please

    I can't get a signal on my hdmi input on my tv from my laptop
  52. G

    Why does my laptop write protect flash drives?

    When I attach my flash drive to my laptop, the flash drive starts to become write protected. I can't delete and rename files. But when attach it to another laptop, its normal. So my laptop is the real problem. I start searching for solutions to this problem but nothing works. Is there anyone...
  53. X

    Touchpad on Laptop Broken?

    So, I got a old laptop from around my house, fixed it up, (deleting old files, getting rid of cookies, etc.) and whenever I plug my charger in to charge it while using it, the mouse goes haywire on me. I don't know what the problem with it is, or what. Also, it won't charge while I'm using it...
  54. K

    can my surround sound wotk thru my regular tv channels

    How can I get my surround sound to play the audio playing on reuglar tv channels..ive tried a fiber optic cord from the tv to the surround sound reviever but it didnt do anything.
  55. D

    Tv repair question

    I have an AOC L26W861 TV and I had a red line in the center of the screen. After the TV was on for awhile the line would disappear. About a month ago the TV screen went black. When I plug in the cord I get a red light and when I turn it on I get a blue light but no picture. I open it up and...
  56. M

    I regret, Bought a LG 55LM860V 3D LED TV

    Hi, friends, I am living in Turkey. I bought a LG 55LM860V 3D Smart LED TV but I am regret now. Middle bottom of the panel have a manufacturing defect, the panel curve to inward. Now at this week panel give new faults on the top of the panel left right and middle positions have a lot of...
  57. G


    Hi, I am wondering ifany one can help me about the following. I have a HP Media center PC. and Samsung latest TV. I like to have internet TV and see it on my TV. My Connection is Broad band 5GB down load speed. Can any one tell me what I have to do toget good picture on my TV. What type of...