Oct 25, 2014
Saturday 25 October 2014

Tom's Guide:

I had a Canon G11 camera and replaced it with a used Canon G12. I shoot in both RAW and
.jpeg. I use PS CS6 and LR5 for editing. The raw converter in my LR3 and LR5 worked fine
with my G11 but when I try to open CR2 RAW files from my G12 I get a message that the
camera is not supported. In error I shot the first 484 photos with the G12 only in RAW but I can see the photos in the camera monitor so the files are there.

Is the non-loading of the CR2 files a LR5 problem of a problem with the G12 camera? I have been using LR since version 1 and have never had this problem with the RAW converter. Can it be fixed and if so how? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

San Francisco, CA

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