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    Solved! Laptop Asus UX305F cannot turn on for a while after switched off, sleep or hibernate.

    My laptop will function as usual when it is able to switch on. But if it is switched off, sleep or hibernated, I have to wait at least a day for it to be able to switch on again. When I tried to switch on after a recent off, the screen will stay black, the lights on the power button, laptop...
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    Question I have some questions about laptop LCD cables.

    First, for some background, I'll copy my message from a different forum here. That will make my reasons for the questions clearer: "My laptop's screen won't turn on while the laptop itself does. I don't know how relevent it is, but my model is a toshiba qosmio. It started when a portion of...
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    Question LG 55GA6400-UD technical troubleshooting questions.

    I have a LG 55ga6400-ud. I don't see a standby light on the tv. The LG logo would illuminate when power button pressed a second or two later the LG logo goes off. It does not appear to blink though it does seem to fade and brighten but no apparent pattern to it. I've tried numerous outlets. I...
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    Solved! MSI laptop crashed and no longer boots, help?

    I was playing fallout 4 VR on my MSI laptop and it got slightly laggy so I decided to save. As I was trying to do this, steam vr froze and was accompanied by a buzzing of the current sounds repeating rapidly. I took off my headset and to my dismay, the ':( sorry your computer has encountered...
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    Ragnarok Arena Pop Up is Wrecking Me, Please Help!

    Hey Everyone, Yesterday I started getting a strange self opening tab on my Chrome browser. It would begin to go to a random site then be redirected to theragnarokarena(dot)com. With a little research I learned that this can be pretty nasty. At first it was an annoying popup in Chrome, but within...
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    Headset mic moved to other part of headset? UPDATE: Fixed. Dumb mistake

    Okay, so I have a chinese knockoff headset "Kotion each model G1000". It was working fine about a week ago, but all of a sudden, the mic stopped working. It did make a sound when I flipped the mic switch on the headset. After checking all the settings and restarting my computer, I noticed the...
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    Marantz SR6010 doesn't recognize subwoofer

    Hi, I have a problem with my new Marantz SR6010, it won't recognize my older UniQue JWS A8 Active Subwoofer, it won't even get me a test tone from the sub. It shouldn't be anything wrong with the sub since it works fine when I plug it into my old TEAC DR-H300 receiver. I've tried all the...
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    How to hook up an N64 to a Sanyo GXBJ television?

    The Nintendo 64 uses the red, yellow, and white RCA plugs. My Sanyo GXBJ has ports for red, yellow, white, blue, and green, and I have no clue what to do. I don't have (or know of) any kind of converter. The "channels" on the TV consist of: Videos 1,2,3, HDMI 1,2, PC, C-03, C-04, DC-03-1. The...
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    "How is this laptop still running?"

    A client drops off a couple archaic laptops and explains that he only needs one of them with WiFi and to run programming software for his modified cars. His needs are by no means demanding, so I chose the highest quality laptop which happens to be a Japanese-made Toshiba tablet PC with a 1.33...
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    DEAD LENOVO G500 ???? help please if poss

    Hi all , really hope you can help me out here , im stumped lol had to replace the lower housing on my nephews lenovo g500 few days ago , but when ive turned the machine back on after re-assembly its total fubar symptons: - power and battery light come on - screen stays blank - HDD and fan...
  11. M

    Lenovo G710 shutting down randomly

    Hello there So today I suddenly started having an issue with my laptop randomly shutting down. Then instantly, it turns on again. It's fairly hot, but it shouldn't turn on again if it was because of an emergency shutdown. I have plenty of battery left every time it has happened, and the power...
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    Google + and Photos app crash after changing gmail accounts mail?

    Hi, I've been using my mothers mail for my gmail account, after changing it on my laptop (and doing the verifications and such) I went into the settings of my phone and removed the account with my mothers email and added mine and went to sleep, the next day I tried looking at my photos but it...
  13. ribpeal

    Computer to TV HDMI not working

    Hey guys, I am trying to attach my laptop to an HDTV. I know it isn't the cable or laptop at fault, since they both work on other HDTVs. So, what is wrong with the TV? It is 1366x768, and 23". The model is Toshiba 23HLV84. Thank you!
  14. dnlhern

    Is my laptop graphics card going bad?

    Hello everyone! A while back (in January this year), I bought an ASUS X750JB-DB71 off Amazon. It's been working very good for me for quite a while, until recently. About a few weeks ago, I was experiencing stuttering and then crashing in games like TF2, and when it crashed, it would also bring...
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1 weird sounds, please help

    Hello all I have an old set of Klipsch promedia 5.1 for around 5+ years now. To start off with, listening to music and videos most of the time is no problem, no weird sounds or anything an the speakers/subs work properly. The problem is when my computer doesn't play any sounds, thats when my...
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    Trying to connect a Dynex HDTV to Philips soundbar

    So I have a Dynex 720p HDTV Model #:DX-32L221A12 And a Philips soundbar #: HTL2101/F7 I tried connecting the red/white aux audio cables to both and turned down the volume along with muting the TV. The remote on the soundbar works as I can see the lights lighting up when I try upping the volume...