Klipsch Promedia 5.1 weird sounds, please help


Oct 15, 2012
Hello all I have an old set of Klipsch promedia 5.1 for around 5+ years now. To start off with, listening to music and videos most of the time is no problem, no weird sounds or anything an the speakers/subs work properly. The problem is when my computer doesn't play any sounds, thats when my subs/amp starts making weird sounds. First off the subs starting making some loud scratching/static/grinding sounds, before you ask I did push evenly on the subs and no rubbing no grinding nothing they are smooth. Also these sounds are not regular, they will go days without making any sounds but then the next always make these sounds. I have a audio clip of it. I have tried disconnecting the subs and checking the cables from the amp to the subs. I have tried removing the cable from the amp to the sub nothing seams to help. Finally today I completely removed the amp from the box and disconnected the subs and was just listening to music through my satalights. Then today the amp itself started making some weird sounds, which i recorded, but now as I am writing this their not making any sound. I have tried switching outlets for the power cord of my amp and tbh i dont know what else I can do. I think it has to do with the power board in the amp but idk. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, I love these speakers and tbh i dont have money to buy a new set.


sounds like an electrical problem to me. do you see any scorched cards? sometimes a card blows but can be $50 to replace one. in any case i would say something definitely needs repair or replacement. likely it is not the speakers.

there are at least a few "for parts" amplifier assemblies on ebay so it looks like its quite a common occurance for this issue and others and it centers around the amp not the speakers or actual subwoofer. you could search google for "promedia 5.1 bad amp" or similar to see if you can find a guide or help on repairing it.

in a worst case scenario you could always salvage the speakers and use them with a home theater 5.1 amplifier and just get a new sub. probably going to cost you the same amount as you would spend repairing the sub anyways (considering part cost and repair shop costs).