2D stuff is broken while 3D is untouched on my laptop


Jan 4, 2018
First time im posting here, i bought a (used) laptop off of NewEgg and 3D games work fine but when I go into google chrome 1/3 of the screen has a black flickering box top left has a black square and middle of the screen has a black line, switching to Firefox fixed that but the lettering would flicker/disappear and re-appear when hovered over and scrolling. When starting up dead island definitive the 2D cutscene in the beginning and the main menu have a snowflake effect (white pixel most shaped like -> : that jumped around the screen) but once in game, everything was fine, no fps drop ran at highest settings. Then later I try to run the game Skullgirls (2D fighting game) and there are artifacts all over the sprites (background had some).

I have an HDD and SSD in this laptop with a gtx 1060 6gb, may I also mention that the laptop wasn't properly reset when i got it (doing it right now as we speak) but i tried clean installs of the nvidia drivers. Now another question is, the laptop i am using to type this support thread utilizes both intel HD and an nvidia graphics card but on the new laptop intel HD is no where to be seen, no control panel, nothing in video adapters.

If there are any questions to what i just typed please let me know, I really want to get this laptop up and working

P.S advertisements would also have the snowflake effect but youtube videos are untouched by glitches
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