3 Monitor Audio Desync

Oct 30, 2018
I have 3 monitors.

Main: Asus VG248QE 144hz - Display Port
Secondary: Acer 60hz - DVI
Tertiary: RCA TV - HDMI

Every time I watch a video, stream, anything, if it is long enough the sound eventually starts to play before the actual video. I have looked up a lot of things online but can't find a solution.

My GPU is a EVGA 1080. I had a 970 with no problems. Once I put in the 1080 I started getting the desync.

I have shut down VLC player after the desync begun and reloaded it but the desync was still there. So restarting doesn't seem to help in that situation for some reason.

The TV is a shitty tv. I have barely no options to change. No game mode, nothing. So there isn't anything I can do about that.

The desync also happens on my main monitor. Every monitor suffers with it. It happens with videos through VLC, streams, youtube. Anything.
Oct 30, 2018

Just regular bose speakers plugged in with 3.5mm cable. Also, sometimes I use the sound coming out of the tv when i want to watch something on the tv. (The tv wasnt plugged in until recently and the sound issues happened before the tv was plugged in)
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