acer aspire one notebook wont restart or reboot

Jason Weeks32

Nov 28, 2011
my acer aspire one turns on and printed on bottom says setup service or something close to that, then a white light flashes for a minute and it says was unable to set up windows, to set up windows restart computer or windows will be set up when you restart computer. There is a box to click ok and one to close this message, no matter what I choose it doesn't set up or load windows. I can access all the boot up options with <F10> & <F2>. What can I do? cant put in a disc there is no disc drive!


Jun 14, 2011
go get yourself an external DVD drive, or DVD drive with USB adapter, and load up BartPE with some diagnostic software to test the HDD and see if it is bad. If it is complaining about 'setting up' windows then it means that teh computer is trying to reinstall windows, which is obviously not normal.

How long ago did you buy it? Has it suffered any major falls/abbuse? Did you try running the recovery partition?

Try calling Acer as well. I know they don't have the best customer service, but they are far from the worst out there.