Acer Iconia W510 Micro HDMI port won't recognize anything


Apr 22, 2012
We have an Acer Iconia W510 Windows 8 32 bit pc/tablet hybrid in my house which we often connect to a TV through a Micro HDMI to VGA adapter as the tablet uses Micro HDMI and the TV uses VGA.

However, since two days ago upon trying to connect the tablet to the TV the tablet won't react to the adapter and no image comes to the TV screen. Simply nothing happens no matter what we do. We thought perhaps it was the adapter being broken so we had them ship us a new, but it didn't fix it.

So we're kind of worried that perhaps something has broken within the tablet. Or maybe there just a setting gone wrong somewhere?

Any thoughts on what's wrong and how to fix it are much appreciated.


VP, Global Community
Jan 5, 2010
Try a hard reset, and see if that rectifies the issue.

Hold Volume Up, Turn on Power, then switch Lock On/Off back and forth with the Volume Up held continually. This initiates the hard reset. Wait for 20 seconds (it takes a bit).

Hope this helps!