Acer Laptop help not working. Black screen after load up Acer screen.


Aug 29, 2016
My laptop has had problems being very very slow in the past. And I got the same pop up about memory and how I was low. I ignored it of course and at a point Windows became too awful to use I tried to factory restart my computer (from setting) it got to about 7% before I was told their was an error. I left it alone for the night but coming back to it and trying to start it up I'm met with the Acer screen than a black screen. And it keeps repeating. I can't get into any of the f keys and when I get into f10 I'm met with "choose your language keyboard" and then the repeating of the black screen starts again. I don't know barely anything about laptops so this is a really hard time for me. I own an Acer Aspire e5-521-23kh and I'd appreciate any help given to me!! (I truly don't know anything about computers to bare with me.)
It sounds like you may have had something unwanted on the device.

If the computer is not loading at all (no sounds from fan(s), hard drive, etc.) then I would suggest a clean install of Windows. You will need a CD/DVD (if you have a drive for it) or a USB with the OS burned onto it. Then you can use it to do the clean install.

Now if there are background noises when you turn it on, just no screen, the problem may be with the display and not the laptop as a whole.


Oct 8, 2016
Question from jaxgd03 : "Acer Aspire E5-521 loads the Acer start up screen but then goes black and starts it again?"

Problem started a few months ago so I left it alone until now.
Before the problem, I should mention I attempted to do a factory reset that failed and left me with this problem, if that means anything.

Anyways, It's done the same thing as before. It will turn on, work perfect, but as the Acer load up screen starts it'll stay for at least 30 seconds before going to black and repeating it over again. Is there anything I personally can do to fix it? I'd rather not spend money if I can do it myself. Thank you.

Also, I can enter BIOS. Nothing else though.


Mar 4, 2017

how exactly do you do that?
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