Alienware m15x cannot install Windows


Oct 18, 2013
Here is my problem i have an Alinware M15x laptop and after 1 year the HDD was broken and i bought a new one installed the Windows from Original DVD Windows 7 64 bit perfectlly. Now i had some blue Screen of death issues so i decided to reinstall Windows 7 but the DVD driver wont read the DVD i tried with another windows 7 DVD and dont read it. the funny thing is that the DVD driver read other CD. I tried installing windows with external Dvd driver it start installin end give some error at 0% extracting files. Finally i made a ghost copy of an other HDD and copied it to my hdd the Laptop works well exept it is a 32 Bit win 7 not a 64 Bit so some drivers were only for 64 bit Windows 7 i tried install the windows from an Usb with the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool but when i tried to boot it said : ror loading operating system. Any Idea how to install the Windows 7 64 Bit thanks in advance :)