AMD APU Quad-Core A6-6310 vs Intel Pentium N3540


Aug 11, 2015
Hello everyone,

I wanted to gather some opinions on these two mobile CPU. I'm shopping for a new laptop for my mother and have narrow it down to two, pretty much identical, laptop. Dell Inspiron i3551-2600 and i3541-2001, both around $300. The main different between the two is the CPU. One has an Intel Pentium N3540 and the other has an AMD APU A6-6310 Quad-Core respectively.

I have search google, looked at benchmark tests, and read reviews but got mix results between these to CPU. The laptop will primarily be use to stream online video and web browsing. (That's all, I try talking her into a netbook but a 15.6" screen and good audio quality was the focus.) The spec is what's throwing me off. Reading the spec between the two such as clock speed, the Pentium appears be better but the overall ratings all favor the AMD.

Also, do integrated graphic makes a different to streaming video quality? (Youtube, etc.) It's Radeon R4 6310 vs Intel HD Graphics Mobile (Ivy Bridge?).

I may be just splitting hair between the two. I just want to get the better of the two if there's a different. Thanks.



Either one should be fine for your mom since the things she wants to do is really not intensive at all.

In terms of CPU processing performance, the AMD A6 will probably edge out the Intel Pentium by a small margin. However, in term of graphics performance the AMD APU is definitely more powerful. The Radeon R4 is probably about as powerful as the Intel HD 4000 / Intel HD 4200 whereas the Intel HD (Bay Trail) graphics core is less powerful than the Intel HD 2000. However, both will have no problems playing back streaming video. If she was going to play games, then that would be a different issue.

Does integrated graphics makes a difference in video quality? Yes, it can but it depends on how it is designed rather than how powerful it is and drivers can also come into play. The LCD screen also can have major impact on video quality as well. You would need to have both laptops in front of you to do a detailed analysis to determine which offers better looking video... assuming you can tell the difference.

The Pentium consumes less power so technically that means it can have better battery life. If you cannot make a choice, then just flip a coin.


Dec 15, 2013
A6-6310 has my vote. I am assuming you're looking at acer's website on windows 7/8 laptop specials. Like jaguar said, pretty much the same, but I think one might come with a dvd while the other doesn't. That may help you decide.
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