AMD Dual Graphics help


Oct 14, 2013
So I got the Acer v5 552g-x852 and it has AMD's dual graphics: HD 8650G + HD 8750M. I was wondering if someone can point me to a guide or something to figure out how to set it all up. Every time I install a new app I get this annoying popup telling me there is no profile set for it and yeah, it is a little confusing trying to change all the settings when I have no idea how the dual graphics even works. Help is appreciated. :)


Nov 6, 2007
If it's a brand new laptop there is nothing to setup. All the drivers should be installed for it to function properly. All the dual graphics is is that when you're computer just running normally it'll only use the HD 8650G, but when you use more graphically intensive applications it'll switch HD 8750M for better performance.

Please explain in more detail this message you get about "no profile set."


Oct 14, 2013
Yeah I understand that all the drivers and software is all setup, but well, here's what the notifications say:

The application "whatever.exe" use 3D graphics and/or video but is not currently associated with a specific graphics processor.
To select a processor for the application, click "Configure".

When I click configure it shows most apps as "Not assigned" for the graphics settings. It lets me choose between power saving, high performance, and based on power source. I don't know what exactly what settings come along with those profiles, although I assume it has something to do with how it decides whether it uses integrated or dedicated graphics. I really just wanna know how to tweak specific settings, but when I go through the different tabs in the AMD Vision Control Center it is all kinda confusing since I am new to this dual graphics thing.
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