Apps disappearing from my smartphone.


Aug 18, 2012
I have Galaxy S4 Mini.I recently noticed that after a hard reset, two of my applications disappear - Play Movies and Play Books.They first appear for a couple of seconds, but when I try to click on them, they disappear and never show again.After my last hard reset, they still haven't disappeared after almost a whole day.They are phone integrated apps and are not on my SD Card, so I think the issue isn't there.Any idea what the problem might be?Thanks.

Edit:I noticed that the problem occurs when I open Google PlayStore for the first time after a hard reset.When I do it, it opens for 1 second, then throws me to the homescreen.After I go to the apps menu, the two mentioned applications are gone forever(until a new hard reset).Any ideas what the problem is?


Sep 11, 2010
Play movies, and Play books are part of play store now, integrated. You wouldn't need separate app for that.
Once you open play store, it updates, and removes the Play Books and Play Movies.

Once you hard reset, the apps comes back, because it was there out of the box. Hope you understood.