Aragon 8008bb click


Feb 18, 2012

I have an Aragon 8008bb amp, and for some reason it keeps clicking, and either the bass cuts out, everything else cuts out, or the sound only plays out of one speaker. Does anyone know why? I have checked the connections for everything, they are all fine. Even when everything is off except the amp it still clicks.
It sounds like the protection circuit in the amp in cutting it out. Disconnect the speakers and input from the amp and if it still happens then the amp will need to be repaired. If it doesn't happen then reconnect only the speakers and try it again. If it now happens then either the speaker wire or speakers need to be looked at. If it doesn't happen then the preamp is sending something into the amp to trigger the protection circuit. If only one channel is affected you can reverse the left and right to determine which channel is at fault.
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