ARGENT problem with my tablet INTERNAL SD card

Jack Mostafa

Oct 13, 2013
i got the UNISCOM MZ82 MID tablet and it was working so awesome with me .. i realized that the internal SD memory was getting too low until there was about 18 MB of 8 GB free on mine so i googled the problem and solved it by deleting the LOST.DIR files by plugging my tablet and deleting it .. the problem i'm currently facing is when i tried to mount my tblet on my PC it worked like the usual then my AVAST security suddenly blocked every single file and folder in my SD data saying that it has a trojan .. i tried to restore them by it was like HELL cuz it says "TROJAN Blocked" and this thing.. whatever i ejected my tablet and now there's NO INTERNAL SD CARD mounted .. plz guyz Tell me what do i do ASAP
It sounds like Avast has quarantined them all which would mean it relocated them all to the quarantine folder. Reconnect the mid and restore the files.