Astro a40s Sound Issue


Nov 13, 2013
I recently got a pair of astro a40s with it's mixamp, and am having a frustrating time setting them up to use them. To start, the 3.5 mm jack that runs from the headset to the mixamp is plugged into the correct headphone input on the mixamp. Coming into the back of the mixamp is a USB cable meant for power, which is plugged into a USB 3.0 on my computer. There is then an optical cable that plugs into my S/PDIF optical cable slot on my motherboard. When I try and select an audio device, a device known as "Astro MixAmp Pro" shows up, but upon setting it as the audio device, there is no sound. Upon further investigation, it's showing up as a "USB audio device" which is not the desired output. There is a separate audio device known as S/PDIF Digital Audio, and when selecting it as the default device it doesn't work either.

My motherboard is an ASUS Maximus VII Hero.

Please help!