Solved! Asus battery wont charge, and cuts out after few minutes of direct power from charger

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Dec 1, 2018
Hi Guys,

I have an Asus laptop that has decided to stop charging. As its a backup laptop, I decided not to worry too much about the battery not charging as long as the laptop works with direct charge. However, now it starts cutting off after a few minutes when on direct charge too.

From a laymans perspective I am thinking that maybe there laptop is requesting too much electric and as soon as it does this and the charger is not able to supply this power, it cuts out - although surely the power is being supplied directly so I am lost for fixes.

Can anyone point me in the right direction.

1) Is there a way I can reset the battery, as I am hoping its more of a hardware settings issue.

2) As a short term fix to 1), can some advise why laptop keeps cutting off on direct charge, and is there a quick fix please?

Btw, the laptop does show "plugged in charging" but battery remains on 0% charge.

I am tempted to remove the battery altogether, will that make a difference?

Well, removing the battery may not help. Some devices will not work without a battery in.

You are likely either looking at a bad battery that needs to be replaced, a charger that is going bad and needs to be replaced, or both.
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