Asus k50ij motherboard too hot


Apr 18, 2013
I have an Asus K50IJ laptop. My power jack and power adapter broke down. I had to replace them. So, I had to disassemble the heat sink. I cleaned it up and the fan from dust. I cleaned the cpu and I put new gold thermal paste. And everything works fine. However, now, I check, through Speedfan and other programs, that the motherboard works always at around 45 to 48 º C in idle, reaching 60 to 63 degrees under load. Interestingly the CPU runs between 28 and 43 degrees Celsius under load !!! So I put an new layer of thermal paste. But the problem remains. How can motherboard heat more than the processor ?!!! Strange, no ? I always knew this computer from being cool. Is it a problem of thermal paste ? Power adapter problem ? But power adapter doesn't heat !! So... How to solve the problem ? Replacing the heat sink ? A better thermal paste ? Can someone give me an idea because I've never seen this computer so hot ? Has anyone the same laptop and can tell me what are the temperatures at which it works ?




That's normal. ASUS laptops do tend to get pretty heated, but it's nothing to really worry about. I suggest buying a laptop cooling pad such as this one: