Asus MeMo Pad HD 7 or Dell Venue 8 (not the pro version)


Nov 19, 2013
I am trying to find a budget tablet for my 9-year-old. Which do you think would be better? She will be using it mainly for Netflix, playing apps, etc. She will not be doing any serious gaming on it. Or if anyone has a better suggestion for a 7 to 8 inch tablet in the 160 range I would be all ears!!

Thanks for any info, I am at a total loss with this stuff.


Nov 10, 2011
the Asus Memo Pad is way more powerful than the Dell Venue,But if you can get the Nexus 7 2nd gen,or Kindle HDX on Ebay or Craigslist around your budget,they are the most powerful tablets right now preferably the Nexus.
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