ASUS N71JA laptop Wifi driver problem

Mar 20, 2018
Hi there.

After a motherboard replacement the laptop was installed with N71JQ motherboard which is compatible with N71JA model.

I've tried download wifi drivers for both N71JA & N71JQ however none of them works.
I've tried Azurewave NB290 Wireless LAN Driver and Utility from N71JQ asus page

I've also tried Intel(R) 1000 WiFi Wireless LAN Driver from both N71JA & N71JQ driver pages, however I am unable to install this one at all. Despite having windows 7, after trying to run the setup.exe I get "the version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running" but I am running windows 7 Home 64-bit and the driver is for the proper model and for windows 7 version, I am completely clueless why I cannot get wifi networking to work. I also tried to setup.exe as admin and then I get "setup.exe path cannot be found"

Does anyone have any ideas?

PS: Asus official drivers only support windows 7, so I am stuck with windows 7 OS.

Mar 20, 2018

Hi there. I've tried doing so, then I installed "Azurewave NB290 Wireless LAN Driver and Utility" from however it still doesn't work.

I've also tried to install Intel(R) 1000 WiFi Wireless LAN Driver ( which I think is the one I need) but that one won't install at all, I get an error on setup.exe that the file version is not compatible, despite it running on exactly the requried OS. I already sent a message to Asus support regarding that one.

Some pictures of my Wifi card:

Any other driver I should try installing? Or perhaps buy a new wifi card and if yes which one should I get?

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