Question ASUS Q503AU /REFUSES/ TO START. Help, please!

Jun 20, 2019
Hello, I recently got an ASUS Q503AU as a gift back in October. Before this, I loved the VIAO series of laptops - but the ASUS took it too a whole new level. It's the absolute BEST laptop I've ever owned, and I genuinely don't want to have to turn to eBay for a cheap replacement. Especially since I love the tablet feature, and use it to draw ALL the time.

Anyhow, it started with a loose charger. I had to jiggle it to get it to charge. After that, I noticed this humming sound coming from the charging port after my laptop died (ran out of power), while plugged in. The charging light would blink then shut off. And the thinking LED (The one that blinks white when it's trying to process something) stopped turning on. I could hear the hard drive trying to start up only to shut off literally a second or two later.
As it stands, it refuses to start at all.

I bought a new charger from Walmart - same voltage and all - but - nothing? No LEDs, the power button does nothing. Completely unresponsive. I disconnected the internal battery and held down the power button to try and rid it of any residual charge. But this did nothing.

If there is anything. ANYTHING that could probably help, I would really appreciate hearing it. Because, as I mentioned, I use it for drawing. I'm an artist and do commissions, and am kind of screwed if I cannot resolve this. So any and all advice is welcome, and appreciated.

1) The laptop power LED, and charging LED would turn on at the same time - even if the computer was off, when first plugged in.
2)The hard drive would click on for a split second, then click off.
3) When disconnecting the internal battery to rid it of any residual charge, I checked the mother boardover. No scoarch marks, no burnt microchip smell (I am familiar with the smell due to years of subpar VHS players.)
4)As it stands, with the replacement charger - nothing happens. No LEDs turn on. (At ALL), the power button does nothing. And the keybord - which can also turn the computer on, has no effect.

Model: ASUS Q503AU
If this is a new device (not used) then it should be still under warranty. I would suggest you contact the manufacturer.

Additionally, in regard to the charger replacement, it is not wise to go with parts that aren't OEM. They often lead to further issues.
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