Question Asus Starting automatic repair black screen

Feb 13, 2019
I have an ASUS Model NSK-USA2M. I can't afford Geek Squad I need my computer :( When I turn it on it all of a sudden says ASUS loading then starting automatic repair then black screen. I have tried FIN F5 nothing. Tried pressing F9 nothing just stays black. PLEASE help. New information The computer actually went to a blue screen and said " pc RAN INTO A PROBLEM AND NEEDS TO RESTART WE WILL RESTART IT" Stop Code unmountable boot volume
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You are going to need a DVD/CD/USB with the original OS installation on it and see if you can try a few different repairs, listed below.

You are going to want to choose the "Repair Your Computer" option (for each of the following).

1. Try using chkdsk... you will need to access command prompt and then type in ...
"chkdsk /r c:" (without the quotes).

2. Try fixing the master boot record... Should #1 not work, then you can try again going to command prompt and this time type in... "bootrec /fixboot" (again, no quotes).

3. Try using the "automatic repair" option... Go to "Troubleshoot" and then "Advanced Options". From here choose "Automatic Repair" and then "Next".

If none of these fix your problem, then you may well have to have it looked at.
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