Solved! Asus UX430U - no power, no charging, laptop otherwise functioning

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Feb 18, 2019
Hallo everybody,
Apologies if this has been discussed before - I found similar threads but none that fully describes my issues with this laptop.
I bought it second-hand (so no warranty left) and was very happy with it until one day it powered off after low battery and Netflix streaming. I tried to charge it but failed. Initially the orange "charge" lamp lit up but when pressing the power button nothing happened, apart from the airplane mode key on the keyboard flickering. Eventually this stopped, too, and the laptop was totally dead.
I decided to dismantle it and replaced the battery with a new one I had bought online. In another thread about a different zen book, somebody had said that this, together with unplugging the SSD, helped fix the issue which seemed to be linked to the unique specifications of the battery. Anyway, after installing the new battery - it booted up. Seemed to function just fine. However, instead of charging, even when switched off, the battery drained energy. In fact, I had the impression the battery tried to charge the charger (if that makes sense). The laptop went down to 0% and then died.
Thinking it may be the charger, I brought it to a shop but to no avail.
Now I'm thinking it may be the jack - or...? Any suggestions what to do? It's definitely not a fried Mainboard or the like.
Many thanks for your suggestions
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