Asus vivobook external keyboard not working


Jan 4, 2013
Almost brand new Asus Vivo book and the external keyboard stopped working. I emailed support and instructions were too confusing. I was told to reboot, wait for Asus Logo and hit F2. It never worked. Links for replacement drivers never worked. I called support. Was told to hit F2 before Asus Logo and install defaults, save &exit. Downloaded drivers ATKPackage_Win7_Win8_Z100025 and KBFilter_Win8_64_Z1005 and installed. Keyboard still dead. It works at logon to enter password but not once windows loads.

Do I return it?
I would return it as long as it is within the typical 15 days - 30 days period that stores or e-tailers allows for recent purchases. If you like it overall, then buy another one and fully test it.

Since you said "external keyboard" I assume you mean the Asus VivoTab tablet with an attachable keyboard. The Asus VivoBook is an ultrabook (laptop).