Asus Windows 10 Laptop Stuck on Loading Screen without the spinny dot circles under it


Nov 28, 2017
Hello! I really need someone's help, I just got my laptop back from the repair shop like today and when I turned it on my laptop refuses to load past the start up screen but there isn't the spinning dots underneath it at all which is worrying so I tried pressing the F2 and power button at the time as I was googling about it trying to find answers still nothing just keeps constantly rebooting itself and it's worrying I really can't afford a new laptop and I'm hoping someone can help come up with a good answer.

Oh I can't seem to find a way to take my battery out either of my laptop I've looked at the bottom of it and there's no access point too it, just someone please help me :( I really need my laptop due to my job, I don't mind having to completely clean slate it as I have an external with everything I need on it I just need my laptop working again properly.