Asus zenbook UX305CA minor water spill, turns on, no display


Nov 16, 2010
So I bought a broken asus ux305ca just for parts but I was wondering if there is a way to revive it. It would be great if I had the schematic for this as I have the tools for testing. But anyways, here's what going on. The battery seems fine, the m.2 ssd is fine as well. The motherboard doesn't have any corrosion from whatever water spill got on there except to the display connector which had minor corrosion from where the water seeped in. When connected to the battery, pushing the power button the laptop turns on, well the light turns on the keyboard so I assume it's booting, but I can't verify because the external hdmi doesn't show anything either. From the power jack side of the motherboard the audio smc is the only component that is heating up upon booting which I assume where something is being shorted. If there are some tests I can do with a multi meter when the battery is plugged in, let me know, thanks

Would be great to get someone with experience with this, it's not a big deal. I mainly bought it for parts anyways. The image below shows the motherboard. The circle bit is where a hint of corrosion got into the display plug, about 3 pins from the right side were dark. The red square shows the ALC326 Realtek audio smc. I'm just wondering is there anyway I can bypass that smc so I can test if the motherboard is still good. What coils should I be checking from the power side to check if the motherboard is fine and will only require some smc components to be replaced


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